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Make Up Mistakes

5-makeup-mistakesMake Up Mistakes


… we all make them! Whether it’s a noticeable smudge of mascara or an old photograph where you’re left thinking ‘who let me leave the house looking like that’! Here are some of the most common make up mistakes, if you agree with some of them, or find this helpful in any way then make sure to check out more of our blog posts!

Mistake No.1: Lip Liner…

Lip Liner is a debateable subject. Some believe it should have stayed in the eighties while others think it is one of the most important make up products! The problem is, when wearing lip liner you need to be very careful with matching the colour of the lip liner itself with your lipstick. A common make up mistake is to use a dark liner and a light lipstick. For example: A dark red lip liner and a light pink lipstick. To avoid this mistake, choose a liner shade close to your natural lip colour then apply a similar shade of lipstick. This creates a more natural look and doesn’t look ‘over the top’.


Mistake No.2: Mascara…

Getting your mascara right can be pretty difficult. Especially when you want those long, lush-looking lashes and all you’re getting is an aching hand and ruined eye shadow! A well-known myth is ‘the more mascara you put on the better it looks’. This is never usually the case! The more you apply, the clumpier it will in fact turn out! To avoid getting claggy lashes simply follow these steps. First wipe the mascara wand against the opening of the tube to get rid of any excess mascara. Next move the wand from side to side, from the base of your lashes to the tips, (this sound messy but really isn’t). Lastly, before the mascara fully dries, comb through your lashes with an eyelash comb to separate them. Enjoy your no-clump mascara!

Mistake No.3: Foundation…

Finding the perfect shade of foundation to match your skin tone is such a hard thing! It can take you soooo long to find! Different brands can often share the same names of shades yet can be completely different to each other! There is nothing worse than searching for ‘the right light’ to do your make up under and just as you think you’ve found the best lightning in the house, you leave for work and have big orange lines separating your face from your neck! It’s happened to every girl at least once, if you say ‘not to me’ you’re lying! So how do you avoid this? I’ll tell you exactly how… Firstly determine the undertone of your skin (pink, brown, peach etc.) Next purchase a foundation with the same undertone as your own. The ‘vein test’ is a great way of finding this out. Perhaps the easiest way to discern skin’s undertone, although it doesn’t always work for everyone, is to check the color of your veins. Once you apply a small blob of foundation to your wrist if your veins look blue, you have a cool undertone, if they look green you have a warm undertone and if you can’t tell, you’re neutral.

Mistake No.4: Blusher…

What seems like such an easy make up application, is actually very hard! A lot of make up users assume that if you suck in your cheeks, your cheek bones pop out and you apply upward strokes and it looks fine. Applying blusher correctly depends on your face shape! If you go too high you can look like a Barbie doll, if you go to low it can make your skin look aged. How do we fix this? Well firstly, we discover your face shape. Templates can be found anywhere just simply ‘face shapes’ or even tying your hair up and looking in the mirror, you can discover it yourself! Usually, if you have a round/oval-shaped face, applying blusher beneath the cheekbones gives your face a lift. If your face shape is more squared or triangular, put it directly onto your cheekbones for an instant POP of colour!

Mistake No.5: Eyeliner…

Eyeliner is defiantly one of the hardest products to apply! Mastering your techniques and ‘wings’ takes time and is most defiantly a talent! One of the most common mistakes is too much excess. If you apply eyeliner around your whole eye (upper and lower lids) you are unintentionally making your eyes appear smaller. If your eyes are already small, this can overwhelm your eyes and can make them look even smaller! You should be applying eyeliner on the outer part of your upper lash line, avoiding the lower lash entirely. If you do want to have eyeliner on your lower lids, apply it to your waterline starting from the outer part of your eye. Applying ONLY to the top also makes your eyes appear bigger and more awake!

Mistake No.6: Contour…

Not everyone contours, but contouring really is becoming a big deal. It is difficult to contour without ‘over doing’ it. Those lines that appear smooth and flawless can appear too harsh in different lightning! To avoid this mistake, stick to a subtle cheekbone contour. However, if you really want to go that extra mile and look dramatic without looking too defined simply look at contouring templates that match your face shape! If you have a round face shape, focus on your temples/side of your head as well as contouring the sides of your face starting from the ear downwards. For square face shapes, contour your temples and sides of your forehead as well as focusing on the sides of your face by starting just below the ear tracing down the jawline towards the chin. For a  heart shaped face, contour the forehead area only beginning at the temples moving up to the sides of the forehead along the hairline. Contour to perfection!


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29 Apr
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