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Could red wine help you lose weight?

red wineSome women insist that a nightly glass of red wine can help them lose weight, but could this actually be true? Or is it just a coincidence? A 47 year old women named Lisa Monk has lost 6 lbs in the last 3 weeks, and believes it is all down to a glass of full-bodied red wine every night. But how would this help with weight loss? The NHS claim a glass of wine contains the same amount of calories as a slice of cake. Lisa says the glass of wine cuts out her craving for sugar on a night, and therefore stops her from eating rubbish and gaining weight.

Lisa isn’t the only person to feel that wine helps her with weight loss, 51 year old, Joanna Kingston, has swapped chocolate for a small glass of wine, as its healthier. She claims to feel “more in control” than she did eating chocolate. 40 year old Samantha Merrit also believes a glass of wine has helped her lose a stone and a half.

But why should we treat the calories in wine any different to those in chocolate, sweets or cake? It’s all the same? Right? Growing studies are showing that wine isn’t actually making us fat, as old studies show, but in fact, could be the answer to staying slim!

Wine studies

Harvard University carried out a 13 year study into the weight loss properties of drinking wine, in this they included 20,000 women. The results show that those who drink half a bottle of wine, daily, have a 70% less chance of obesity compared to those who don’t drink. Half a bottle of wine daily is clearly to much, but the results are something to think about. Drinking 1 glass every night isn’t harmful to you and could help you lose weight.

How do you feel about this? Would you cut out treats like chocolate and replace them with a glass of wine? Let us know your opinion. Leave a comment down below or use #SlimmingSolutions on Twitter. Hope to hear your opinions soon!


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11 May
slimming solutions product range

4 thoughts on “Could red wine help you lose weight?”

  1. Cynthia Close says:

    This is an interesting study and I’d like to know more. Does the consumption of wine really increase weight loss, or does it just fill you up so you’re not hungry anymore? Maybe the test subjects were so
    tipsy by the end of the day that they forgot to eat. Whatever the case, I’ve heard time and time again that a little wine at dinner is good for you, as long as you don’t over do it..

    1. Harry says:

      Something to think about! Studies show that a glass of wine a night is good for you, but honestly I don’t know the reasoning!

  2. Ann Abbitz says:

    Wow, drinking half a bottle….I’d be sloshed! This may be something I could try, and it may help me to sleep also. But I’m one who doesn’t like wine, I only like the Smirnoffs or drinks with cream in it. :/

    1. Harry says:

      It is highly recommended, why not give it a go? Hmm, I doubt the same benefits apply when drinking smirnoffs, although I’m not sure!

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