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slimming solutions product range



Ann Chery is ahead on fashion, technological improvement and design.  It is a Colombian Company which was founded in 1982 to create exclusive garments and is dedicated to the beauty of the body under the post-surgical, weight-loss and body modelling scheme to form a slim figure.

Shapewear garments have existed for centuries.  They used to be worn all of the time under those fabulous dresses of the 18th century.  Today’s technological advances have propelled these body shapers back to unprecedented popularity and design sophistication.

Ann Chery is known for producing the highest quality Shapewear and Waist Training Corsets.  Using its organisational resources to fully satisfy it’s clients needs/requirements.  With team work, design technology and the high quality goods.  They are of exceptional quality and fabulous designs to fit all needs.  They have worked on hiding seams and contours of their garments so they are not visible to the naked eye which means you would have to be scrutinised to see if you were wearing one.

Lose inches instantly with the latex waist cinched, top quality Ann Chery Waist Training Corset. Don’t be fooled by others. Wear 8-10 hours per day to see results within weeks. Not only does it slim the mid section, the cincher uplifts the bust and helps improve posture.

Waist trainers are worn by Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner & Nicki Minaj to name but a few.

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15 Feb
slimming solutions product range