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Weight loss wife saves husband’s life

Weight loss wife saves husband's lifeA woman has helped to save the life of her husband by embarking on a weight loss regimen so she could donate an organ.

When her partner Tim required a kidney transplant, doctors found that, by a remarkable coincide, Tracy Jennings was a match, and would be able to give him one of her kidneys.

However, she was so overweight at the time that a successful operation was impossible, and so Tracy set about slimming down to a healthy size.

With her husband’s life at stake, she embarked on an exercise and healthy eating plan which saw her trim from 15 stone to¬†10 stone, and she is now set to donate her kidney in a procedure next month.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Tracy said: “As soon as I knew I could save his life that was it, I was going to slim. It means the world to be able to this for him.”

A grateful Tim added: “I’m very proud of her and grateful. I can’t think of a more special thing a wife can do for her husband.”

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20 Jun
slimming solutions product range