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Weight loss ‘can reduce high blood pressure in children’

Weight loss 'can reduce high blood pressure in children'Children with a higher than normal body mass index (BMI) can reduce their risk of developing high blood pressure by losing weight, a study has suggested.

Researchers from the Hospital Clinico Universitario Santiago in Spain studied the effects of BMI increases in both overweight children and those of a normal weight.

They found that a BMI increase in already overweight children creates the risk of a far greater rise in blood pressure than the same increase in BMI would cause in normal-weight children.

"It is very important for everyone … to understand the significant cardiovascular risk caused by childhood obesity, and the simple fact that weight reduction and exercise can have a major and positive impact," said Professor Jose Ramon Gonzales-Juanatey from the Hospital Clinico Universitario Santiago.

Food scientists at the Florida State University recently revealed that watermelon, as well as being a good low-calorie snack for those on a diet, can reduce blood pressure in prehypertensive people.

Is your child overweight? If so, how are you going to go about tackling this problem? 

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18 Oct
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