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Walking ‘offers a good way to lose weight’

Obese people seeking to lose weight without having to engage in strenuous exercise sessions at the gym should just try walking more, Walking for Health has suggested.

Moira Halstead, communications manager at the organisation, said that over two thirds of women aged 55 to 74 are overweight or obese but that walking can help to combat this.

“Anyone can do it and the people that are sedentary are often the people that benefit most from walking,” she added.

Ms Halstead went on to suggest that walking is a great exercise as it is free of charge, can be done all year round and does not require any technical equipment, “just a pair of comfortable walking shoes, a raincoat [and] maybe a bottle of water”.

Her comments follow the publication of research from Harvard, which found that women who walk quickly reduce their risk of having a stroke by 37 per cent.

The study also revealed that those who walk two or more hours a week cut their risk by 30 per cent.

Could you cut down on your car use and walk more instead?

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9 Apr
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One thought on “Walking ‘offers a good way to lose weight’”

  1. Laura says:

    i dont own a car, but do walk to work and get public transport inbetween. i enjoy walking and its a bonus known that im doing a little bit of exercise each day thats not strenuous. and its good to read that it can reduce strokes aswell. good article!!!!!

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