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The Ice Diet

ice-cubeJust in time for summer, there’s a new diet book available – The Ice Diet by Dr Brian Weiner. The whole idea of this ‘diet’ is to increase your basal metabolic rate by consuming ice every day.

The author explains: “While eating ice, you are serving two purposes. You are burning calories and not eating positive-calorie foods.”

How The Ice Diet started

When he decided to lose some weight, Brian decided to change his eating and exercise regimes. And one of the first changes he made was to give up his beloved ice cream. Aiming for something lighter, he switched to Italian ices. However, he came to the conclusion that the calories in the ices were actually lower than what was listed on the nutrition label.

His rationale was that in order for us to digest frozen foods, our body uses its own energy to warm the ice to body temperature, and these additional calories that are being burned weren’t being considered.

After some research, he concluded that consuming one litre of ice would burn around 160 calories – the same amount of energy you would use for running one mile – while also making you feel fuller.

It’s only a supplement

Don’t worry, you’re not going to replace all your meals with ice! The daily ice consumption is meant as a supplement to the overall diet and lifestyle choices that go into maintaining a healthy physical form.

You can eat the ice in any form – cubed, shaved, crushed etc. As long as you’re having around one litre every day.

The Ice Diet book by Dr Brian Weiner is available to download for free as an e-book. You can get it at www.theicediet.com.  

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23 Jun
slimming solutions product range

4 thoughts on “The Ice Diet”

  1. Julie says:

    I don’t believe this is a diet to lose weight. Its like eating in place of snack and burning the calories instead of gaining them. Its actually very easy to eat ice rather than chips or crackers. He didn’t mean to have you eat ice all day or substitute meals. But if youre sitting in the office and you want something to munch on, pebble ice is awesome and you don’t have to worry about gaining those unwanted lbs.

  2. Monica says:

    One liter of ice is quite a bit of ice though. Not sure how practical this is, but I find it very interesting.

  3. Christine says:

    That seems like an awful lot of ice to eat for just burning 160 calories! Can’t see that this can be that successful, you would have to be eating ice all day to burn a significant amount of calories to contribute to any weight loss.

  4. Jonathan Clark says:

    What a load of nonsense! Aside from Polar bears and Penguins, I don’t think we are one of the species on the planet that is meant to eat ice

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