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Swimming four times a week ‘helps achieve weight loss goals’

Those looking to lose weight quickly should put on their swimming costumes and head down to the local pool at least four times a week, an expert has claimed.

Swimming can burn 750 calories an hour or more, Stew Smith, a former Navy Seal told Men’s Fitness magazine.

He has devised a water-based workout that will help fat to drop off if done for 30 to 45 minutes at a time, four or five times a week.

“You may not even have to diet. You should drop at least a couple of pounds per week,” he added.

He recommends beginners start by treading water for three minutes, then stretching their muscles on a mat next to the pool.

They should then swim ten 50-metre lengths, resting for 30 to 45 seconds after each lap.

“Beginners should try to add 100 or 200 metres every week,” Mr Smith told the magazine.

Earlier this week, a national survey conducted by YouGov on the behalf of Slimming World found that 73 per cent of women dread the thought of donning their swimming costumes in public.

When was the last time you went swimming?

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4 Jun
slimming solutions product range

5 thoughts on “Swimming four times a week ‘helps achieve weight loss goals’”

  1. Biggirl43 says:

    I love swimming but I never seem to have the time. should really get myself back along to the pool. Definately an incentive to lose that little bit weight for my holidays.

  2. Yasmin says:

    great article. i love swimming and do a few lenghts when im at the pool. i go to the pool to get fit but known that it can also help me lose a few pounds is a bonus.

  3. ann-marie says:

    This would be great it I could actually swim lol 🙂 great article though!!

  4. Missy113 says:

    I have not been properly swimming for years!! The only time I swim is on holiday and then that isn’t laps back and forth it’s just messing about with the kids

  5. Denise says:

    The last time i went swimming was a few month back. i used to go four times a week but now i just cant seem to be bothered lol. Might try and find the time to take it up again sometime.

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