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Sugary drinks ‘do not cause weight gain’

Sugary drinks 'do not cause weight gain'Women trying to lose weight after pregnancy do not have to give up sugary drinks, a study has suggested.

Research published in the August issue of the journal Appetite reveals that, when consumed in moderate quantities, these beverages do not promote weight gain.

They also do not create carbohydrate cravings or adverse mood effects in overweight women when they do not know whether they are drinking a sugary or artificially sweetened drink.

As part of the study, one group was given sucrose-sweetened beverages to consume for four weeks and the other was given aspartame-sweetened alternatives.

Some women in both groups lost weight and some gained weight, but it was found that there was no consistent trend for sucrose to influence this.

Earlier this month, singer Katy Perry's personal trainer Harley Pasternak told RadarOnline.com that the star had been drinking sugar-free beverages in an attempt to slim down in time for her impending wedding.

Do you drink a lot of sugary beverages?

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13 Aug
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4 thoughts on “Sugary drinks ‘do not cause weight gain’”

  1. jem says:

    i try not to drink many sugary drinks, however when i am out and need a drink i always go for a coke or fanta.

  2. pol says:

    i do try not to consume as many sugary drinks, i prefer dilutee anyway

  3. Claire says:

    I dont drink too much sugar drinks but I knew that there bad for you with the amount of sugar that they contain, they may not cause weight gain, but they can damage your teeth if not cared for.

  4. Samantha_G says:

    I usually just drink Diet Coke, does that contain as much sugar?

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