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Small changes ‘lead to big weight loss’

Small changes 'lead to big weight loss'People only need to make small changes in order to achieve their weight loss goals, a super-slimmer has claimed.

Tracey Burley had reached a size-24 by the time she was 39 after giving birth to her two sons and adding to her baby weight rather than shedding it, the South Wales Echo reports.

She decided to join a slimming group after seeing an advert on TV for WeightWatchers that claimed she could lose weight but still eat food that she enjoyed.

Ms Burley weighed in at 16st 6lbs at the first meeting she attended but lost 4.5lbs in just one week after making small changes such as swapping full-fat Coke for a diet alternative.

She eventually got down to 12st and has set up her own slimming group so that she can help other people to meet their weight loss goals too.

Earlier this week, Boots pharmacist Sarah Cameron suggested to the Daily Telegraph that those who are serious about losing weight should create and stick to a detailed diet and exercise plan.

Do you have a detailed weight loss plan?

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20 Oct
slimming solutions product range

3 thoughts on “Small changes ‘lead to big weight loss’”

  1. Rabab Kamal says:

    right you are , small changes and mixing and matching food is very important , building a life style so that you can continue loosing weight without feeling deprivation ….. I lost 53 pounds in 6 months and still going … down from 263.6 to 210 this morning , I do not feel tired …. I eat omelets if I want with no bread … sometimes I need something sugary so I eat fresh fruits ….it is mixing and matching at the end of the day … no Aerobics , I just walk a lot , I did lower carbs but if my body craves it I’d go for a portion of pasta or steamed rice / potatoes …. the most important thing is that you enjoy food , do not think of diet foods as a medication that tastes bad . I have read many diet theories , not following one in specific…but rather created a life style of my own …. My goal is to reach 160 pounds …. taking it step by step and enjoying how small changes can make a big dramatic change 🙂

    1. Hi Rabab Kamal,

      Thank you for sharing this with us. Congratulations on your weight loss so far and do keep us posted along the way! 🙂

  2. Lou says:

    I have no weight loss plan at all. I say that I am going to do this and that but then when it comes down to it, I don’t do it.

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