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slimming solutions product range

Overweight women ‘can struggle to find flattering clothing’

Overweight women 'can struggle to find flattering clothing'Larger women can find it difficult to get clothes that fit but also look glamorous, Slimming World has suggested, which could provide them with the motivation to lose weight.

A spokesperson for the weight loss company said that unflattering plus-sized clothes can make women feel bad about themselves.

She said: "The overweight carry two burdens, the first is excess weight and the second is the far heavier burden of guilt, self-criticism and poor self-esteem."

The spokesperson went on to suggest that well-fitting and stylish clothes can make women feel more confident and perhaps more motivated to lose weight and keep it off.

Back in February of this year, Debenhams became the first department store in the UK to use plus-size mannequins in its shop-front displays.

The chain launched the size-16 mannequins in its flagship shop on London's Oxford Street and they then appeared in selected Debenhams outlets across the nation.

How many dress sizes would you like to lose?

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18 Aug
slimming solutions product range