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Overweight kids ‘are at risk of heart disease in later life’

Overweight kids 'are at risk of heart disease in later life'Many people who are overweight pass their bad lifestyle habits onto their children, who then develop high body mass indices (BMIs) themselves.

Recent research conducted by the University of Bristol could give these parents the motivation to lose weight themselves and help to reduce their children’s BMIs too.

The scientists found that children aged between nine and 12 who have a high BMI are more likely to have high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood insulin levels by the time they reach adolescence.

These health problems are all risk factors for developing heart disease.

“Our findings highlight the need to shift the whole childhood population distribution of adiposity [body fat] downwards and to develop interventions that safely and effectively reduce weight and improve cardiovascular risk factors in overweight/obese children,” the researchers claim.

Last month, a study conducted by the University of Liverpool concluded that adverts aired during children’s TV viewing hours for unhealthy foods should be more tightly regulated as young people are more susceptible to advertising than adults.

Do you have children? Are they a healthy weight?

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26 Nov
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