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New Year Detox

Recently there has been a lot of criticism towards detoxing and sometimes with good reason. The key is not to go to over the top. If you’re planning a detox make sure you do it safely and focus on vitality, health and fitness.

A detox is a digestive rest period. In this day and age we tend to overload on alcohol, caffeine, sugar and food additives while consuming diets that are high in fat, refined carbohydrates and protein. So sometimes it is good to redress the balance.

Make sure you do not invest a detox with more powers than it really has. The detox will not change your life nor will it make you lose weight overnight. What it will do, however, is give you a spring in your step, and set you off on the road to trimming off a pound or two! When you start a detox you may experience headaches, if you are a caffeine lover these headaches will usually be down to caffeine withdrawal. You may also experience a furry tongue; this is because your digestive system throws off toxic compounds.

Finally you should not feel hungry whilst on the detox; you should feel digestively ‘lighter ‘and if you are following a sensible plan you should never feel unwell.

Over the course of the detox your urine may change color but if you make sure you are drinking at least 2 litres of water a day then it should be pale straw color  You may find you have changes in your bowel movements for the better. You should never attempt a radical detox if you are diabetic, pregnant, have an eating disorder or have a diagnosed medical condition. The following weekend detox plan is really just a healthy eating regime focusing on light, fresh foods.

Start your weekend on Friday evening after work and plan to take it easy over the weekend. Take a reasonably brisk half hour walk each day rather than an intense workout in the gym. Eat as much as you want to satisfy your hunger but only from the recommended foods. Make sure you also get eight hours sleep each night, and take the time to pamper yourself or learn a new technique such as meditation.

This weekend you will be eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, getting your proteins from pulses, beans, nuts, seeds and fresh fish, enjoying wheat-free grains and live yogurts By doing this you won’t really miss the caffeine, alcohol, red meat, gluten grains and high-fat dairy products. Some of the food mentioned, such as roast barley coffee substitute or nut butters, can be found in good health food shops rather than supermarkets.

Friday evening


Fruit and 10-15 unsalted almonds/walnuts

Main meal-

A glass of water before your meal

Fresh vegetable soup low in salt Steamed or grilled fish, flavoured with ginger, garlic and fresh coriander, and lots of steamed vegetables dressed with two teaspoons of sesame oil Herb tea such as mint or camomile

Before bed-

Live plain yoghurt, a teaspoon of honey and a banana


Cup of hot water and lemon on rising


A generous bowl of unsweetened organic rice puff cereal, served with rice or soya milk and fresh strawberries

A small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice

A cup of coffee substitute such as Bambu made with soya milk


A generous handful of dried blueberries (or other dried fruit) and an oatcake


A glass of water before your meal

A main meal salad consisting of varied green leaves, dressed with lemon and balsamic vinegar, grilled asparagus, grapes, cherry tomatoes, flakes of fresh grilled tuna or tined tuna in spring water if fresh is not available, topped with a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds


A couple of Rye crackers spread with nut butter or 100% fruit jam

An apple

Evening meal-

A glass of water before your meal

Lentil soup with lemon Falafel and roasted Mediterranean vegetables, red onion, tomatoes, aubergine, red and yellow peppers, sprinkled with olives and baked for half an hour in a little olive oil.

Herb tea

Before bed-

Apricot and plain live yoghurt puree


Cup of hot water and lemon rising


Bowl of porridge made with soya or rice milk.  Serve with a sliced banana and a tablespoon of pine nuts

A cup of coffee substitute made with soya milk.


Watermelon and apple juice Place a generous amount of water melon flesh, including the seeds which are mineral-rich, in a blender on high speed, and add high quality cloudy apple juice or pass an apple through the juicer.


A glass of water before your meal Chicken breast fillet with no skin and pan-fried in one teaspoon of olive oil with lots of garlic and mixed herbs, serve with minted salad Herb tea Snack- Vegetable sticks with hummus

Evening meal-

Tomato and spring onion salad dress with lemon Corn pasta with pesto, green salad Herbal tea

Before bed-

Rice crackers with avocado slices


What next? It’s back to work on Monday and you should feel refreshed and revitalised. Before sinking back into old habits see what positive benefits you can take forward with you into the week. After all, the point of this detox is to act as a springboard to healthy eating.

Aim to snack on fresh fruit, nuts and seeds instead of chocolate or biscuits. Keep drinking the herbal tea and coffee substitutes. Make at least one meal a day vegetarian based on beans, salads and pulses, without too much cheese butter and meat featuring in your day. And vary your grains from wheat to incorporate other grains such as oats, barley, rice and rye.

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18 Jan
slimming solutions product range