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Jim Carrey achieves dramatic weight loss with tomato juice diet

Funny-man Jim Carrey has revealed that he embarked on an extreme tomato juice diet in order to lose weight for his role in the new film I Love You Philip Morris.

Carrey plays Steven Russell in the film – a conman who breaks out of prison several times in order to be free with a man he fell in love with while incarcerated.

“In the last week or so [of filming] I was literally having this little tomato drink once in a while and I had water and supplements so I could stay alive, but there was really nothing of substance,” the 48-year-old explained.

This diet is extremely unhealthy and a much more sensible way of losing weight, according to the NHS, would be to ensure five portions of fruit and veg are included in each day’s food intake and to reduce portion sizes of other foods.

It explains that one portion is the equivalent of two pieces of small fruit, such as plums, but one piece of medium-sized fruit, such as a banana.

Does tomato juice feature in your diet?

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18 Mar
slimming solutions product range

One thought on “Jim Carrey achieves dramatic weight loss with tomato juice diet”

  1. Demi says:

    i drink tomato juice and love the taste but i wouldnt use it to lose weight. Jim Carrey great actor though 🙂

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