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Jennifer Aniston – the latest baby food diet convert

Jennifer Aniston is the latest celebrity to convert to the increasingly popular baby food diet.

The ex-Friends actress is working with personal trainer Tracy Anderson, who devised the diet, in an attempt to lose weight quickly.

Jen has reportedly lost half a stone already by sticking to the eating regime, which allows 14 portions of pureed food to be consumed a day, as well as one healthy non-pureed meal.

Speaking to Hollyscoop.com, Ms Anderson said: “I developed a cleanse where you can still eat and it’s a lot of puree foods. I was very careful about the foods I chose to put in it.”

Earlier this week, it was reported that Lady Gaga had also embarked on the baby food diet, but friends told Hat magazine that they were worried about the Pokerface singer.

The magazine claimed that the diet was affecting the star’s ability to perform her physically demanding dance routines.

Would you try the baby food diet to get a body like Jen’s?

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6 May
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6 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston – the latest baby food diet convert”

  1. Hannah says:

    I agree with Gemma- would feel awkward and silly buying it and also if you were having guests over etc- would be a but weird sitting at the table with a bowl/jar of baby food. lol

  2. Frank says:

    This just sounds wrong- how can you absorb all the nutrients a adult needs by just eating baby foods??

  3. diane says:

    dont know how she can handle just eating baby food, to me it looks to much like sick 🙁 I couldnt eat it for every meal. will definately be trying one of your diets posted in your diet news section.

  4. Germaine says:

    I totally agree, eating baby food would not give you all the nutrients that an adult body needs!!

  5. Dreamgirl says:

    absolutely no way would i do a baby food diet! surely you cant get what your adult body needs from baby food. I dont believe it anyway.

  6. gemma j says:

    wow i cannot believe she has lost half a stone by eating baby food. i am not to sure if i could stomach it and would feel very stupid buying a lot of it in a supermarket especially if i see people i know and they know i dont have a baby lol

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