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Jemma Kidd is in no hurry to lose her baby weight

Make-up artist Jemma Kidd has a remarkably sensible approach to losing her baby weight.

The 35-year-old who gave birth to twins Mae Madeline and Arthur Darcy in January has revealed that she has no intention on joining the list of celebrity mums who slimmed down within weeks of giving birth.

“I’ve never been stressed about being a tiny size – I’ve never been a size zero, it would be too exhausting”, Jemma told the Daily Mail.

The sister of ex model Jodie Kidd made an appearance at the Newbury Races Ladies Day showing her curvy post pregnancy figure.

“I’ve always been a ten to twelve and happy with it. I didn’t want to put pressure on myself after giving birth. I’ve just done it slowly and it’s taken about seven months until I’m happy with the way I look”, adds Kidd.

Jemma appeared at racecourse in her role as ambassador for the third annual Ladies Day and explains how her family show a mutual interest in horses.

“I’m from such a horsey, equestrian family so anything to do with horses make me want to get involved”, she said.

However Jemma has admitted that her children, with husband Arthur Wellesley, are yet to adopt their parents’ love of horses but plans to buy a foal to ride when they are all grown up.

“They’re surrounded by horses. We go down every day and feed them and they come and watch me ride”.

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17 Aug
slimming solutions product range

4 thoughts on “Jemma Kidd is in no hurry to lose her baby weight”

  1. azam says:

    its great to hear about celebs that are embracing motherhood rather than wondering what they look like. well done jemma!

  2. Kay-F says:

    Jemma looks good for being pregnant with twins. I think more celebs should take time in losing baby weight rather then seeing how fast they can lose it, it’s as if they think theres a prize for whoever loses it fastest!!

  3. Tina says:

    Its great to hear of SOME celebs that don’t want to hurry to lose weight and would much rather spend time raising there children than focusing on how they look.

  4. Cara says:

    In what way did she lose the weight??

    She looks great 🙂

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