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How to get Jennifer Lopez’s figure

Jennifer Lopez has revealed how she keeps her killer curves.

The actress and singer told Marie Claire magazine that she has never looked at herself in a negative way and has always been comfortable in her own skin.

However, diet is one of the most important things in maintaining her famous figure. She explained: “Just like anybody, I try to watch what I eat. There’s no big science to it, which is what sucks.”

The mum-of-two suggested to the magazine that she very much relies on husband Marc Anthony, explaining that, from the very start of their relationship, she knew that she could call him for help and he would always be there.

Last month, Lopez told Us Weekly that she was left with excess weight for eight months after she gave birth to her twins.

She said that her motivation for losing the weight was the desire for her children to see her in the shape she was in pre-pregnancy.

What are your best weight loss tips?

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5 May
slimming solutions product range

3 thoughts on “How to get Jennifer Lopez’s figure”

  1. ANNA says:


  2. Grace says:

    Jennifer has a fantastic body and doesnt really need to see any negatives with her body as she has curves in all the right places as well as them being in proportion to her body. I usually just eat small portions of food throughout the week as well as doing exercises and then I allow myself to have a treat at the weekend! It works for keeping me in shape and im not giving up any of my much loved foods 🙂

  3. Beth says:

    I think Jennifer Lopez has a great body, but when you have a personal trainer and an in-house chef you would want to look your very best!!

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