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How Katie Price lost 2 stone in 6 weeks

How Jordan (Katie Price) lost 2 stones in just 6 weeks.Just six weeks after she gave birth to son Junior, Jordan looked amazing. The new mum lost an incredible two stone in just six weeks and has a figure that any new mother would be proud of. But the weight didn’t fall off as quickly as it did with her first child, three-year-old Harvey.

A source revealed: “After Harvey was born, her tummy snapped back into shape with no effort. This time around, it’s proving much harder.”

Nevertheless, she still managed to lose the weight in an incredibly short six weeks. Jordan puts her speedy weight-loss down to swapping some meals with vitamin packed juices which she makes at home. She said: “I’m eating avocados, pineapple, spinach and celery sticks, all mixed together. It sounds revolting but it’s delicious.”

She drinks the juice twice a day and then eats chicken or fish with vegetables or salad in the evening. She’s also stopped eating carbs which has helped to shift the pounds. Jordan’s combined her ‘juice diet’ with plenty of exercise and works out with a trainer three times a week.

As well as helping her to lose weight, she believes the juicing has helped banish any signs of orange-peel skin. And it’s not only Jordan that’s been losing weight for the wedding. Having got Peter to ‘comfort eat’ with her during her pregnancy, she’s now got him to join in her health kick. She said: “Pete’s been working out with me. He’s lost a stone and half.”


She did the workout not only in the gym, but at home too. “I was going to the gym or working with my trainer about 3 or 4 times before the wedding and then to get in shape for the DVD. Even though I felt pressure I didn’t want to get too thin. There are a lot of American girls like Nicole Richie and Teri Hatcher who look really thin and gaunt – it’s not nice.”

Katie says at home she just wears Pete’s old t-shirts to work out in. “I wear just a baggy tracksuit, baseball cap and wear no make-up! I put my headphones on with 80’s dance music and go for it. I want to see sweat – if I don’t then I’ve not done a good job!”

Jordan’s Juice Diet Smoothie Recipe

¼ cucumber, 1 stick of celery, ½ small pineapple (peeled and chopped), handful of spinach leaves, ¼ lime (peeled), 4 apples (chopped), flesh of ½ ripe avocado, and a small handful of ice.

How to make the smoothie
Juice the cucumber, celery, pineapple, spinach, lime and 3 1/2 apples. Place the avocado and remaining 1/2 apple in a blender, together with the juice mixture and ice. Give a good whiz for 45 seconds. Pour into a glass and serve.

How to follow the diet
Prepare the juices daily – if you follow the instructions above you will have enough juice for breakfast and lunch.  Your evening meal should be well balanced – Jordan was choosing either a chicken salad or fish and vegetables.

Why it’s good for you
It is loaded with the 6 essential dietary needs. The avocado provides fibre, good fat and protein. The smoothie is packed with loads of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants to nourish your body.

If all that sounds like too much hard work, why not try one of our Detox Diets?

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9 Feb
slimming solutions product range

559 thoughts on “How Katie Price lost 2 stone in 6 weeks”

  1. Cynthia Close says:

    Wow, she looks great. I remember being in this situation. After my first baby everything just went right back into place and I could almost wear my regular jeans home from the hospital – minus the top buttons – but when the second baby came along and it was another story – lots of working out this time, and juicing. It works!

  2. Ann Abbitz says:

    Very inspiring! And I’ve done juicing before, and loved it. As long as you’re getting all the needed nutrients, it’s a very good way to lose and maintain weight.

  3. Kerry says:

    back on the this juice diet and I love it! It only takes about 2 days before I can really feel the benefits of juicing, and the weight loss is a great side effect.

  4. Hi Hellie,

    We are pleased you enjoyed following the diet 🙂

  5. Kelly says:

    Started this on Monday so three days ago lost 5lb already! Very pleased!! Not hard to stick to either but have had a headache today. Not sure if its related or not though to the diet. would appreciate ideas for evening meal though.

    Will update again soon

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Congratulations on your weight loss so far 🙂

      Do keep us posted!

    2. Hi Kelly,

      Congratulations on your weight loss so far 🙂

      Do keep us posted!

  6. Hellie says:

    Started the diet yesterday and could not help weighing myself today – lost 3 lb! Very happy.

    1. Hi Hellie,

      We are pleased you enjoyed following the diet 🙂

  7. Hi newlywed

    Juice the cucumber, celery, pineapple, spinach, lime and 3 1/2 apples. Place the avocado and remaining 1/2 apple in a blender, together with the juice mixture and ice. Give a good whiz for 45 seconds. Pour into a glass and serve.

    If you follow the instructions above you will have enough juice for breakfast and lunch, so it really depends on how much juice is made from using all of the above. If it makes a pint you would have half a pint at breakfast and half a pint at lunch.

    I hope this helps.

  8. newlywed says:

    this says it makes up enough for breakfast and lunch, so roughly how much do u have each serving like perhaps a pint glass each serving?

  9. Cath says:

    Im trying this diet now…four days in i’m not losing weight…I think im a bit bigger…Do you need high impact exercise to go with this diet? Im having the breakfast and lunch shakes and no carb dinner :/ Or is it too early?

    1. Hi Cath,

      As mentioned in the article above, Katie was exercising 3 to 4 times a per week. We would always recommend a little gentle exercise with any diet.

      Hope this helps.

  10. Lesley says:

    Hi there
    Can I use a blender for this diet also could I make up the night before

    1. Hi Lesley,

      Yes you can use a blender for this diet and make up the smoothie’s the night before.

      Hope this helps.

  11. Noodles says:

    Just come across this and I can’t wait to try it. Need a kick start to dieting and I think this could work but the first weeks going to be the hardest:-/

  12. Noodles says:

    Just come across this and I can’t wait to try it. Need a kick start to dieting and I think this could work but the first weeks going to be the hardest:-/

    1. Hi Noodles,

      We wish you every success whilst following the diet.
      Do keep us posted with your results 🙂

  13. Amber6 says:

    Hi Does it still work if you shake for breakfast, eat at lunch then shake for tea?

    1. Hi Amber6,

      We recommend that you follow the diet as stated for optimum results.

      I hope this helps.

      1. amber1 says:

        are you allowed to eat other fruit throughout the day?

        1. Hi Amber6,

          As previously stated, we recommend that you follow the diet as instructed to achieve optimum results.

      2. amber1 says:

        are you allowed to eat other fruit throughout the day?

  14. Juicing is very interesting!

  15. krista says:

    hi, dying to start, bought all my ingredients today, but then thought, i only have a smoothie maker, not a juicer, is that ok? thanks x

    1. Simming Solutions Admin says:

      Hi Krista,

      A smoothie maker is perfectly fine to use.

      I hope this helps.

      If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Kind Regards,
      Slimming Solutions LTD

  16. Hayley says:

    Hello me again I had my first juice this morning
    It was ok but quite thick it took me a while to drink
    I feel a bit peckish but going to have my other juice for lunch soon,
    Is it ok to have either tea or coffee?
    I weighed myself this morning and I weigh
    10 stone 10 🙁 so will report back next week and serif I have lost
    Any 🙂

  17. Hayley says:

    Hi there I’m going to start the juice diet tomorrow,
    I have found the reviews really helpful so I will report
    Back about how I’m getting on, I had a baby 2 weeks ago
    And want to lose a stone and a half, I’ve got an event on
    In 3 weeks so I want to see how much I can lose in that time,
    I’m really excited fingers crossed I can see it through and can
    Resist the chocolate ha ha!! 🙂

    1. Slimming Solutions Admin says:

      Hi Hayley,

      We wouldn’t recommend you drink tea or coffee. We advise you just drink the juice and water.

      I hope this helps.

      Good luck following the diet and keep us posted on your weight loss results.

      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Kind Regards,
      Slimming Solutions LTD

  18. Slimming Solutions Admin says:

    Hi Rach,

    It will eventually get easier and it sounds like you are doing so well to resist snacking.

    Keep it up and good luck!

    Let us know how you get on 😀

    Kind Regards,
    Slimming Solutions LTD

  19. Rach says:

    Hi it’s my 2nd day doing the juice diet and I’m struggling! Im finding it the hardest at lunch time when i have to make my kids lunch, no snacks have been stated and iv not had any since i started just keep drinking water, does it eventually get easier?

  20. Slimming Solutions Admin says:

    Hi Kerry,

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far and thank you for sharing your results so far!

    Good luck continuing with the diet and we look forward to hearing from you again.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards,
    Slimming Solutions LTD

  21. Kerry says:

    Well didn’t report last wed because I had a bad week 🙁 But was back on track this week and got weighed today and lost 5 lb!! So heres how the three weeks have been on this diet so far:
    Start weight 11st
    WEEK 1: lost 4lb nd lost 2 inch overall
    WEEK 2: gained 2lb nd gained 1/2 inch ( but had ate too much junk)
    WEEK 3: lost 5lb nd lost 2 and half inces overall!

    So after 3 weeks I’m half a stone lighter and have lost 4 1/2 inches!!
    Going to keep going and hopefully can loose another half stone or more before my hol in 3 weeks!

  22. Slimming Solutions Admin says:

    Hi Nelly,

    The smoothie would only keep for one day as we recommend you prepare a new batch of the smoothie daily.

    I hope this helps.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards,
    Slimming Solutions LTD

  23. Nelly says:

    Once I’ve made the smoothie how long will it keep for?

  24. Slimming Solutions Admin says:

    Hi Pennymac,

    Good luck following the diet and with quitting smoking!

    Keep us posted on your weight loss results too.

    If you have any questions whilst following the diet please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards,
    Slimming Solutions LTD

  25. Slimming Solutions Admin says:

    Hi Kerry!

    Wow! Congratulations on your weight loss!!

    Thank you for sharing your story and tips with us and keep us posted on your results.

    As the diet does not state any snack ideas, if you do need to snack, we would recommend you eat fruit or raw vegetables.

    I hope this helps.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards,
    Slimming Solutions LTD

  26. Kerry says:

    Well after 1 week of doing this diet, which resulted in 4 good days and 3 bad days as It was new year so had things I shouldn’t of for those 3 days I was very surprised to find that I have lost 4lb!!!!!! And 2 inch overall!!!!!!! and I don’t go back to gym till next week so that was without exercise too!! Gonna keep going nd will post next weeks results! Still looking for ideas on snacks tho if anyone has any as not sure what I can nd can’t eat inbetween so have mainly been going without, oh and I swapped my tea and coffe for lemon with warm water and green tea so now only have 1 coffee per day instead of 20 haha 🙂

  27. pennymac says:

    i have just bought all the fruit and Veg for my juice and i start on the first of Jan… Am also quitting smoking at the same time :/… I am 5.2ft and weigh 11stone i want to go back to my normal weight 8stone… So i have 3stone to loose and its my 21st birthday on Jan 19th… So i will let you all know how it goes on Jan 18th (fingers crossed i get into my birthday outfit) 🙂 xXx

  28. Kerry says:

    Hi thanks for the response! Does anyone have any ideas on snacks as I notice the diet doesn’t state any? Coming to the end of day 2 now and have been snacking on oranges but I know once I go back to gym next week I’ll probs get more hungry in between!

  29. Slimming Solutions Admin says:

    Hi Kerry,

    Small amounts of Tea and coffee will not be a problem to drink, but we do recommend that you try not to drink too much as this may affect your results.

    I hope this helps.

    Keep us posted on your weight loss results and good luck!

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards,
    Slimming Solutions LTD

  30. Kerry says:

    Oh and does anyone know if tea and coffee are allowed? I use skimmed milk anyway and don’t use sugar 🙂

  31. Kerry says:

    Started this diet this morning and the juice is delicious. I was previously doing slimming world but fell off the wagon for the last 3 weeks 🙁 but gonna give this a try and see how I get on will also b getting weighed this morning! And will take some measurements! Will keep posted on what happens, hopefully this works as going on holiday in 8 weeks!

  32. Slimming Solutions Admin says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for sharing your weight loss with us.

    Its great to hear that you found the smoothie very easy to prepare, that it made you feel full and reduced your chocolate cravings! Plus its brilliant that you did not put on any weight when you stopped followingthe diet.

    Keep us posted when you follow this diet again and good luck!

    Kind Regards,
    Slimming Solutions LTD

  33. Slimming Solutions Ltd says:

    Hi Veroneeq,

    Good luck sticking to this diet and keep us posted on how you are getting on.

    Kind Regards,
    Slimming Solutions LTD

  34. Jessica Ellis says:

    I did the diet about 6 weeks ago and got on brilliantly. I cant stick to diets but this is amazing. It kept me full and i never craved chocolate (which i my worst downfall) and the weight fell off. I lost 12 pounds in 2 and a bit weeks and i only stopped so soon after because it was my birthday and i couldnt not have a treat on my birthday 🙂 but im now about to start again with a friend because winter ball is approaching and i would like to get off another chunk of weight. But even after stopping the shake i didnt gain any weight and i was eating as usual. The shakes are so easy to make in the mornings but even if i had to make them the night before they always kept well to the following day. Hopefully next time i write i will have got off another stone. Good luck everyone xxx

  35. Alice says:

    Literally sat here with my first glass now, having to use a spoon rather than drinking normally because it’s SO thick-will be time for Lunch by the time i’ve finnished it.

  36. Veroneeq says:

    Starting again (already tried it once this year in January and I lasted 3 days (lost 3 lbs)). I find healthy lifestyle and 30 minutes of exercise a day a better solution but jordan’s diet has something to it – detoxing and kick start. Try to stick to it a bit longer this time around as I have a holiday in a month. I have 3 stones to lose. lol

  37. Slimming Solutions Admin says:

    Hi Emma,

    It is probably best to blend rather than juice. If you juice you will lose most of the goodness from the fruit and vegetables.

    Good luck with the diet 🙂

    Kind Regards,
    Slimming Solutions LTD

  38. Slimming Solutions Admin says:

    Hi AnnaMarie,

    Its great to hear that you enjoyed your first shake and your meal sounded very tasty! You will definately see greater weight loss results combining this juice diet with the amount of exercise you have been doing.

    Good luck following the diet and let us know if you have any questions.

    Kind Regards,
    Slimming Solutions LTD

  39. annamarie says:

    ok started the juice diet today when i woke up i did my first shake it tasted good, then i went and did a walk run, and took a yoga class a couple hours later, felt a bit nausios after that, prob because i had done a lot and didnt have time to grab my second shake, i went to the health food store and bought a chicken breast and some peppers mushrooms and goat cheese, i cooked the chicken breast with a little goat cheese andthe red peppers, and had some mushrooms sauteed in a pan with fat free cooking spray and garlic, had a cup of chamomile tea, and going to have the last shake for my last meal of the day, didnt know if this was ok, also didnt know if the little bit of goat cheese was ok with my meal, other then that feeling better and no cheats!:)

  40. annamarie says:

    just bought all my ingredients, quit smoking started a new birth control and got breast implants 7 months ago put on about 15 1bs been watching what i eat and working out lost a few 1bs know i gained ssome muscle, look a lot slimmer but i want to get back down to my 117:(

  41. emma says:

    is it best to juice it or blend it?

  42. zara says:

    I followed this diet for two weeks and lost 7lbs , however it all goes straight back on as soon as you start eating regular balanced meals probably not good for long term weight loss but a good pre-holiday blitz.

  43. katie says:

    best of luck its great u hav your sis for support

  44. lisa f says:

    hi im startin the diet 2mra headin to tesco now to do the shoppin hope i can stick to it ive soooooooooo much weight to loose 3 stone help….. any tips my man is lookin so hot at the mo i realy need to get the weight off

  45. mychaela says:

    can u drink fizzy jice oan ths diet ie diet coke and can u have as much veg and chickn for dinner as u like x

  46. emma says:

    hi , i did this diet after the birth of my son a couple of yrs ago and it realy did work, im nw going to start the diet again as over the years i have gained a few poundz soo here goes 😛 whish me luck

  47. katie says:

    starting the juice diet with my sister today! wish me luck 🙂

  48. jen says:

    i done this diet before and got down to just under 7stone very tiny.a little while last year i got down to 7 and a half stone which i would like to get to again.
    my skin hair and eveything was glowing and i felt really healthy eventhough i was tiny i was getting right vitamins.
    im on it again for the summer but as usual my main problem is at night time i feel hungry any suggestions?partner has moved out so why the weight gain due to night time eating. when i was into the diet i had a small pot of cottage cheese and crudities to eat which done the trick i guess as people have said its the 1st few days that are the hardest! good luck everyone.i combined this programe with jordans dvd every other day and yogalates or yoga on the other days.

  49. Shannon says:

    Hi guys,

    Well I did struggle at the very start with this and kept falling off it as my downfall is chocolate and sweet things so last week I went on it again and did the juice twice a day but instead of having the protein meal in the evening I opted for porridge with milk and some fruit mixed in along with 3 litres of water. I did prefer this much better and the first week I lost 12lbs which I was delighted with. I didn’t add the avocado’ though because I couldn’t get any that was ripe enough. I also did exercising 3 times a week. The first few days my head was killing me but after that I actually feel quite full.

    Also make sure and take your measurements as you never know you might lose one week and not the next.

    How has everyone else been doing?

    This is my second week so far so good.

    Shannon xx

  50. Terri says:

    Kerry- Hi, i failed the diet after just one day, my problem is i love junk food and its really hard to stick to this juice. I will try again tomorrow and give weekly updates of my progress, fingers crossed.

    Another question i have, is it true that when you finished with this juice diet you will gain back all the weight plus more?

  51. kerry says:

    shannon and teri, hows it going? ive just started this again today, did it a couple of years ago and lost 7lb in 7 days so it does work, i didnt notice any sagging skin or anything but….i found out i was pregnant 2 weeks in so i had to come off it! i was also very small anyway at the time (approx 8.5 stone) but noticed weight gain, started it and then the pregnancy explained the weight gain lol. im aiming to lose min of a stone this time round as ive put quite a bit on so fingers crossed and hope its working for you so far!

  52. Terri says:

    Hi everyone, im new to this diet started tuesday but been naughty. lol

    anyway im gonna start again 2mos as i have 3 stone to lose.

    anyway just wanted to know with the diet and exercise combined together is there any sagging skin once your goals have been achieved.

    please could someone answer the question who has lost quite abit of weight

    thanks. xx

  53. Shannon says:

    I have just got all my ingredients today for this and will be starting tomorrow. How is everyone else doing on this? I would love to hear from some of the guys that have been on it for a few weeks now and lost some weight.


  54. louise says:

    Hi everyone, I have started this diet yesterday have had the two juices and then a main healthy meal last night. I have had two juices today and I feel fine. I dont feel hungry or have had headaches. Ive never really dieted before! I think this is soo easy. I do a lot of running and exercise but the last bit of weight I am holding will not budge so Im hoping this will work! Ive always enjoyed my food and so far dont feel like im going without!! Ill keep you posted on my sucess. Im 10 stone exactly at the moment so will let you know how much I weigh on Monday 21st Feb. If i havent ost anything then i will stop! but if i have then it will be enough to keep me at it!! Good luck everyone. Definately use a juicer!!!!

  55. Sara says:

    I brought everything to go on this but i just couldn’t stick to it, it tasted horrible and i was always hungry! Joined slimming world beginning of Jan 2011 and its now beginning of Feb 2011 and already lost 1 stone 4lbs so think this is so not worth the hunger pains and dodgy stomachs lol

  56. Lisa says:

    Also make sure your ice gets crushed in the blender, and blend until it’s a smooth consistency otherwise you’ll end up with thick lumpy juice. I also add a little flax seed to mine, drink it as soon as it’s made bcoz the vitamins start going str8 away, and if you do make it in advance invest in a quality sealed flask to keep the vitamins sealed inside

  57. Lisa says:


    I did this just juice for detoxing, it does work, although for great results do not use the pineapple! As the only fruit you can add to veg juices is apples. I use the celery, avocados, lime, cucumber,apples, I switched spinach 4 watercress as I’m hypothyroidism

  58. Veroneeq says:

    My first day of the diet. I switched the pineapple for mango but you can’t really juice mango! And I forgot about the ice so I felt a bit sick when drinking the juice altough the consistency was ok, I will blend it for a bit longer as I do not like the bits. Hope that this will work. I have a gym sesion today too and after the gym, dinner! Veg with chicken on tomatoes!

  59. Veroneeq says:

    I found an equivalent to pineapple sa I can die if I eat it! Mango is very simillar in vitamins and minerals. I am not sure how much the weight loss will be but I will give it a go and keep you up do date!

  60. Veroneeq says:

    By the way, for the dinner part: chicken with salad, fish with veg…prawns are very low in calories and pretty much most of the seafood…turkey maybe…lean cuts of course…stir fry with prawns ( a health one though!). I like tofu!

  61. Veroneeq says:


    I will be trying this diet soon. Thanks for the ideas. I think the best time to start it is a Saturday as I defintely don’t need a headache at work.

    I am allergic to pineapple though…any suggestions how to replace it or shall I just leave it out? I don’t want to lose any nutritions though.

    Help please??

  62. kylie says:

    hi thank you to the comment below was much help… i started it today and the drink doesn’t smell the best but it tastes pretty dam good and as for people saying about the thickness mine was fine , you honestly cant do without a juicer.

    Does anyone else have any other recipes for the dinner part? as i only eat chicken but i dont really want to eat that every day for 6 week or how ever long it takes to lose the weight

  63. sema says:

    hi all i am thinking of starting this next week and i just wantted to know if anyone has eatting somethink diffrent for just chicken salad or fish and veg if so did if still work the same thanks wish me luck xx

  64. Rachel from Slimming Solutions says:

    Hi Kylie,

    You would just add the spinach to the juicer and will produce a thick green liquid which will be mixed together with the other ingredients.

    As you may be able to see from customer comments below, many have tried this diet and have noticed great results.

    I hope this has helped and if you need any more information, please email me at rachel@slimmingsolutions.co.uk or call on 0845 874 0200

  65. kylie says:

    how do you juice the spinach??

    does it really work?

  66. Fam says:

    Hey all you people who are complainig that it is too thick ,,, if you read carefully all the ingredients have to be put through an electric juicer except for the avocado & half an apple ,,, then the juice and these two have to be blended ,,, its just the right consistency !

    awsome drink ,, see if it works !

  67. chloe says:

    going to go buy the ingredients and start tomoro! all these reviews make it sound great so hopefully it will work for me and i can stick to it! wish me luck =) and keep updating everyone x

  68. cheryl h says:

    do you have to use cucumber and spinach? can;t stand either of them. Would give it a go tho

  69. Tinkerbell says:

    i live in the middle east and i have just tried this it was awful..
    so thick i could not drink it it was more like slop!!

    and i had to blend before i put it all in the juicer…

    any hints on where i went wrong??

  70. amy says:

    is it supposed to be so thick its taking me ages to drink?

  71. Sharon says:

    Hey you guys…. made to start this deit it looks really good better than someother ones around jst wonder what ye are eating as distinst to a dinner…??

  72. jenna says:

    hi i started this diet today and iv had a rele bad head ache all day. stil going to persist with it and see if i feel any better in the days to come.

  73. ema says:

    hiya i did this diet 3yrs ago after the bith of my son and i lost 2 stone as i have gained weight after stoping smoking i have decied to start the diet again seeing as it worked for me the last time round 😛 i will post in nxt week to see hoe i have gone on :)!!!!!!!!

    1. Rachel says:

      Good luck ema, well done on losing 2 stones 3 years ago, I’m sure you can do it again. Looking fwd to your updates

  74. Sally says:

    I’m heading out today to buy a juicer to start this diet.

    Wish me luck.

  75. victoria says:

    i started this 3days ago i had a really bad headace first day but feeling great now im not feeling as tiard as i have been going to carry on and hopefully see lots more benafits will post i a few more days

  76. ms gggggggggg says:

    Do the smoothies taste nice? I can’t stand cucumber at all, is there anything I could subsitute that with?

    1. Rachel says:

      Hi, I hate cucumber too but you really cant taste it. However, I absolutely HATE celery and removed that from the recipe. The smoothies taste really nice, just make sure you follow the recipe – juice what it says to juice then keep some apple and the avacado and blend that with some ice. You feel sooooooooooo much better after about 2 days.

  77. Abbie says:

    This diet is great! I lost around 8lbs in a week and didn’t exercise 😉 Perfect quick fix before a holiday or special event! And I felt fab, loads more energy and my skin looked great x

  78. Beth says:

    I would really like to start this diet but i dont know if it will work. i really need to lose 2 stone for a dinner and dance that it coming up in october. however my question is do you really have to exercise???? PLEASE HELPPPP!!!! xxx

  79. Helen_Kay says:

    I started this diet today, I feel ok so far, I’ll update you in a few days.

  80. Julie says:

    I’m on the second day of the diet, my head is pounding, I guess this is the toxins leaving my body. I’m so tempted to weigh my self. Of course I’ll wait though.

    jules x

  81. Sal says:

    Jules, i’ve been on this diet for 1 week now and i’ve lost 6lbs 😀
    I love it, not only have i lost the weight my skin feels better, and I feel good in myself know

  82. Julie says:

    I have just ordered all the ingredients on-line. I couldn’t wait for a response haha. I’ll be starting it on Friday. I’ll keep you all up to date to let you know how I get on. Very excited!!

  83. Julie says:

    I am thinking of starting this, I have read all posts, please let me know how you have all got on so far. Thanks

  84. forever_young says:

    I started this diet yesterday, and it was the hardest first day of a diet ever!! Today, I feel much better about it. Think I had the Monday blues and also wanted lots of food haha x

  85. Lou says:

    I’m heading off to asda tonight to get my ingredients for the juice diet woooo

  86. emmaleigh says:

    im thinking of starting the juice diet next week but i dont like any of the things that are in it so …. what does it teast like ?? can you teast different things or does it just tease of one thing thank you if you answer this xx

  87. Toni says:

    Hi all, this is my third day on this diet and I’m feeling great! It may just be me thinking about it but my skin also feels fresher. I’ve not weighed myself yet, I’m waiting a week before I do but so far so good


  88. Toni says:

    I’ve just been to Asda to get the ingredients for this diet, I’m going to start it tomorrow. I’ll let you all know how I get on in a few days

  89. ANNA says:


  90. Mel says:

    Is there another smoothie that works in the same way? I don’t like all the ingredients in this one

  91. Selena says:

    This sounds quite alright. Not too big about mixing pineapples with avacados and spinach but i can only give it a go and see how it goes. it seems to be a hit with other people so it cant be that bad.!!!!!

  92. Kimberley - S says:

    I started this juice diet a week ago and I feel great!! I’ve lost 5lbs so far which I think is very good for me saying as I normally give up after about 2 days, which me luck for the next week or however long I stay on it for! haha

  93. Jenny_K says:

    I’m thinking about giving this diet a go, however, I’m scared that I don’t like it once it’s made because that would be a waste of ingredients!!!

  94. Sarah says:

    Eva…your advice is great, thank you for saying that you just use a hand blender instead of a juicer, I thought I was the only one who used that haha I’m onto day 5 of this diet and I feel great!!

  95. Eva says:

    ny the way everyone. – dont expect to loose weight straight away – Give it 4 weeks and the flab will start falling off!!

  96. Eva says:

    yeah go for it!!
    I’ve recently had a baby, have been pigging out on chocolate and other junk and I HATE excersize and dont have discipline to go to the gym. I went up 1 1/2 dress-size.

    I’ve been taking this smoothy for 2 weeks now and DEFINETLY noticed the diference. Ive had a lot of comments saying ive lost weight and clothes are looser on me. Im going to do it for another 2 weeks now. I have dropped out chocolate and try keep it average on carbs. Ive been having yummy fruit and nuts if ive been hundry during the day so its going realy well. Also have more energy and dont crave so much chocolate anymore. I really recommend it.

    With making the smoothy, I dont have all that fancy equiptment to juice fruit, and my mixer wouldnt mix it at all. so I just chopped everything up, shoved it in a bowl and mixed it with a hand-held blender (10 pounds from Argos) which works really well and its even healthier but just a bit thicker and tastes good!! good luck!!!! just persist with it!!

  97. Lyndsey says:

    How is everyone doing on this diet? I’m thinking about trying this before my holiday in July but would like to know how much weight people are losing.

  98. Ruth says:

    I’ve just started this juice diet today, I thought it wouldn’t taste to good but I love it. Here’s to a thinner me (holding up my cup) lol

  99. Sadie says:

    im not a big fan of Katie Price but this diet sounds quite alright. i am going to follow this diet and see how i get on. 🙂

  100. Charlie.D says:

    After reading most of the comments and being motivated and inspired, I started the juices today!
    I was pleasantly surprised by the taste lol because I expected it to taste revolting, but it was really nice.
    Although I don’t think I left it in the blender long enough as I kept getting chunks of avocado.
    Anyway my starting weight is 13st 10lbs and I shall keep you all posted on my progress.
    Good luck to me! =)

  101. Suzi says:

    Hi all,

    i’m starting this diet tomoz and i’ve just made the smoothie. Thought it would taste awful but it tastes amazing!!!
    Has anyone lost any weight on this? some updates would be nice from some of you who have been on it, see if it really works!

    i will certainly keep you all posted, have to lose at least a stone before hols in July, but would be happier with alot more. fingers crossed!!! xxx

  102. Sascha says:

    Ohhhhh i reallly need to loose 2 stone, i used to be 7,7 stone and ive put on at least 2 stone since then :'( gutted, well im starting this as of tomorrow and ill be in touch 🙂 good luck kiddas 🙂 xxx

  103. Anna says:

    Started this diet yesterday and it killed me having no caffine but woke up this morning feeling great and didnt feel hungry today like yesterday… Cant wait to weigh myself next week and see some results!

  104. emma says:

    hi all
    i have tired this diet before but never stuck to it but as from tomoz i am gona start this diet and hopefully see some positive results i am hoping to lose quite a nit of weight as i had gained so much weight afer having 2 kids so hopefully i can get down to an ideal and healthy weight ill keep ya posted about this xx

  105. DollyDaydream says:

    Started this diet this morning. Took a while to make the juice but it will be worth it. How much do people spend a week on ingredients for this?

  106. Lauren says:

    I have been on this diet for one day! Already I feel loads better and have a lot more energy. Although I have some headaches being a caffeine addict! My trousers felt looser this morning, I need to loose 4 stone!

  107. joanne says:

    im going to get the ingredients and start the diet this week. i want to loose two stone. i had a little boy in october and im finding this last stone hard to shift 🙁 its all healthy stuff so its definatly better than starving myself. good luck everyone. jo

  108. Rachel says:

    Hi, how much are you supposed to have in a glass of this stuff? I am new to this diet and have made up the mixture but it seems to make more than 32oz? Do I split this between to glasses? It fills two half pints with a bit left over. Not sure if this is too much? Please help

  109. emmaB says:

    well been trying this diet on and off since monday. but still been eating crap so put off weighing myself. however weighed myself this morning and iv lost 4 pounds!!!
    seriously iv not stuck to the diet very well at all. im guessing it clears u out

  110. Marilyn says:

    My son recommended this diet to me, and I’ve really enjoyed being on it for the last 2 weeks. And yes, I have lost weight, now 6kgs nearer my ideal weight. If any one wants to do this with some variety, BUY THE BOOK – Juice for Life! You’ll be spoilt for choice. I would also advise buying a book Juicing for health by Caroline Wheater. She details what each fruit & veg has in it (vitamins & minerals) so you can ‘swop’ different fruits or veg if you cant buy the one in the recipe (eg can’t buy beetroot – use red cabbage, or no mangoes use papaya, which is also easier to prepare). Exercise seems to be vital, no tea or coffee, but there are loads of different fruit teas for sale in all supermarkets. Love this ‘Lifestyle Change’ – Jason insists – this is not a diet !

  111. Mum2Billie says:

    Great, healthy weight loss plan. Tried it a while back and you really do feel great if you can get over the first 2 days. Trying Slim Bomb this time and its working great. I dont knock this diet though…:)

  112. stacey says:

    Hi, I have brought all the stuff today and have just made my first one in a juicer for work tomorrow, it actually tasted ok. My moto to keep motivated is “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” I will update if i lose anything but it is defintley better with a juicer as its not so thick

  113. Alison says:

    Hey All,
    I started this diet yesterday (2nd Jan 2010) and the smoothy is really actually nice!!! 🙂

    Im hoping to lost a good stone, maybe stone and a half so….. here goes. If/When I hotice differences in my body i will let you know. I am looking to lose weight from my hips and thighs so I will be going a workout at least 5 days a week also.

    Good luck everyone!!

  114. FEYZA ANIL says:



  115. mya says:

    Hiya this may sounds silly but i really need to lose the weight too asap!!! what apples red or green? and is there other fav’s???

    cos i might just get bored with the 1?

    Tips pls people xx

  116. debbie says:

    hi i juice all the ingredients and it makes about 2 glasses its really thin and not filling iv tried a blender and it doesnt even cut up the veg i have a whole fruit juicer from argos which works brill but theres not much juice and im always starving after! can anyone recomend a smoothie maker brand or certain maker and ive more information on how you do it also the orange is it half a pint per meal or quarter a pint per drink. how many calories is the juice per drink juiced an per drink as a thick smothie with all the pulp and fibre????? im desperate to lose weiht need to lose 6st

  117. hev says:

    hi everyone..i have just read about this diet, went straight over to tesco and bought the stuff, ,made it and drank it. yes it is rather thick i think i will dilute it with orange or apple juice for the next few gos. think i may get bored of the same tate over the next few weeksbut gonna give it a go. i would suggest that leaving out tea and coffe for a while is a good idea …boiled water or fruit tea would be a better option if we are really detoxing here.
    jogging back from school from dropping off my boys helps.
    i have about 2 stone to lose! have put on weight the first two weeks of jogging but feel slimmer lots of people say this is because the muscle weighs heavier than fat so got to believe them hehe!:) next will alternate swimming with jogging as i am getting bored of that too also and need a variety. deternined for that christmas dress to fit though dont want to be stuck in a room full of gorgeous models and me in the corner eating mince pies! good luck everyone!!

  118. Sara says:

    Hi everyone. I just read all your comments about the smoothie. I am very depressed at the moment as i have gained so much wieght in the past year.

    Ive put on about 1st and a half. Its ridiculous because now i feel so fat. I cant wear fitted clothing because my wieght is gaining on my stomache! My thighs have grown too. I feel so big!

    I use to go to the gym but it was turning out to be too expensive for me. So now i have to loose wieght at home. I work about 5-6 days a week and get very tired. so i cant workout. I have no strenght to get on the tredmill at home.

    Will this smoothie really help? I need to shed this weight off. I cant bear it any longer. Is this smoothie really what i need?


  119. Anne says:

    Hi, can anyone tell me if this diet really works? I need to lose 2 stone by Christmas and want to know if this is achievable. Thanks.

  120. Scarlett says:

    Hey, i want to start this diet, but when i stop it, will i put the weight back on. If any one has had this problem could you let me know, thanks.

  121. Boo says:

    I went on this diet to tone up and lose my jelly belly after having 2 kids. I’ve been on it for 10 days and I’ve lost 4 pounds. I do the regular exercise and already feel my belly is firmer and now I can fit into my pre-pregancy jeans. Tried both the juicer and milk shake maker, didn’t like it with the latter.

  122. Lyndsay says:

    I went on the diet for two weeks, I gained a pound but my body fat went down to 11.2 soI am really pleased. I am trying to lose some before my holiday so I have three weeks to go, so fingers crossed I will actually lose a few lbs but I feel great ont he diet a little hungry but great!
    Its not for the faint hearted.

  123. gem says:

    hya can any1 help i dont hav a juicer would jus using the blender b ok and the same effect thro out the diet?thanks

  124. criss says:

    Hi Phillipa, i have been using orange juice and ice with mine to make it less thick but to also give it a bit of a sweeter taste. I dont know what other people have been putting with theirs. But with what i have being doing is working. I havent lost as much weight as i thought with it but i do run also so that builds muscle and muscle weighs alot. But i am now able to get into jeans that i was not able to a month ago. Good luck and maybe give it a go with adding a little orange juice or apple juice

  125. phillippa says:


    I have just made the smoothie up and its quite thick is there anything i can do to thin it down??

  126. susan says:

    does anyone know how many calories is in each drink? and is it ok to drink tea or coffee whilst on the diet? its a week 2day since we started and either of us has lost any weight, do u have to be REALLY strict and not have any snacks in between or is it that were not drinking enough water, can anyone give us answers please? WE WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!!

  127. susan says:

    does anyone know how many calories is in each drink? and is it ok to drink tea or coffee whilst on the diet?

  128. criss says:

    I brought some new scales today and i have lost 4lb, which i am really happy about. So i am going to carry on with the juice as it is working and i feel great.

  129. criss says:

    Hi Kerry,
    Yes i have been having the juice twice a day and then eating healthy later on. I have been eating either fish, chicken with veg. I have also started to go for a run. If i feel hungry in between then i have been eating a piece of fruit. Mind you i think my scales may not be working because i now can wear trousers that i could not get into a few weeks ago, well i could get into them but they were really tight and i was unable to do them up. But now they no longer feel tight. So something is working YAY!!!!. Im going to buy a new set of scales and see what it says. But over all i feel great at the moment with bags of energy.

    I will let you know if i have lost weight when i buy a new set of scales 2moz and if nothing is changing then maybe i could be given some tips on where i am going wrong.

  130. susan says:

    can anyone help? we’ve just started and arnt sure if you replace 2 meals or 3 at the start and what else your aloud to drink and eat along with the diet, and if your aloud tea/coffee???

  131. kerry says:

    hi criss, i would personally say its really unusual not to lose weight in the first week – thats when people usually lose the most. Are you having smoothie breakfast and lunch then a healthy meal in the evening?

  132. criss says:

    Ive been doing this juice for a week and already i feel better, i have energy its great. I havent lost any weight yet but its early day’s. So fingers crossed after my 2nd week i will start to see a few more results. I have 2 stone to loose to be at a healthy weight, so i cant wait to get the results at the end of it. Is it normal to not loose weight in the first week or am i doing something wrong?

  133. Amy says:

    hiya i started the diet 2day and was sick after i had it. not goin 2 carry on with this diet as dnt want it make me ill and weak as i have a child 2 look after. does any1 know any nice 1s i can try? xxxxxxxxx

  134. Amy says:

    I am starting this diet 2mora an made the juice in advance. It looks like bby poo haha, hopefully it dnt taste as bad as it looks. Does any1 no any other juices which taste an look nice 2 drink?
    Write back please xxxxxx

  135. Amy says:

    Hi every1, I am starting the diet on monday and i cant wait 2 start losing weight. I had a baby 8 months ago an jst finished breast feeding but I feel like I need 2 start losing weight now. Does any1 change the ingredents so its not the same all the time?

    Write back Amy xx

  136. Liz says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’ve started this diet today and I think this juice taste great, though I am suffering headaches and am a tad bit hungry:( I would like to lose 3 stones so I have a ways to go. I want to know if anybody knows if you can substitute pineapple w/ canned pineapple? I know fresh is better but canned will last longer in my pantry. And wanted to know if anybody is snacking on anything other than water?

  137. les says:

    I found it better using an exercise dvd as opposed to going to a gym you can have a look at reviews and see which one suits you best I just bought the one that is done by Madonnas trainer which is meant to be good – I just need to get a bit more co ordinated !!, also walking is a really good way to tone up and lose pounds .
    With regards juicing sometimes its easier to start with juicing the easy to drink ones ie carrot & apple you can add ginger etc , eating salads and drinking nettle tea ( I add lemon & honey or ginger ) Also in the evenings have a bath and put in a couple of cups of Epsom salts great for fluid retention you can add essential oils to this . Body brushing is also good .

  138. Bex says:

    hi ashton!iv been doing this diet for 5weeks now and have lost nearly 2stone! and i have done it as a smoothie i make it with half a pint of orange juice so…YES it does work and that was all without any exercise! hope this helps x x

  139. Louise says:

    Ashton blending the fruit / veggies just wont work you will be getting the fibre and that is not the idea. The idea is to clean and rest the digestive sytem so it can boost your metabilsim and detox you at the same time.
    Even if you get a cheap £5 juicer from argos it will make a big difference .
    Good luck

  140. Louise says:

    Hi All ,
    Ive just followed this diet. Jason vales loose 7lb in 7 days and I have lost 8lb. The book tells you to excercise twice a day for 30minutes, I did once a day 30 mins. Now I’ve done my severn days i’ll be having the juices for two of my meals everyday to keep on loosing weifh (1 stone to go) The juice gives you amazing energy.
    Only first day I was hungery and a little on 2nd day. I wish I had found this diet / lifestyle years ago Ive never felt so good.

  141. Ashton says:

    Hi everyone!
    i think i need a little help!
    Im blending the fruit to make a smoothie.. do you think thisa will make a difference! it makes such a lot! how much does it make if you juice it! also does this diet only work really if you juice the fruit as you havent then got the pulp in your stomache? xxx

  142. Bex says:

    hi aymee! iv been doing this diet for 4weeks now and have lost 1 & half stone! and thats without any exercise at all! im now goin 2 the gym tho as i dont want 2 get any saggy flabby bits! i do about an hour altogether on the equipment and then do weights and sit ups! this is the easiest diet eva and happens so quickly! i love the beneifits aswel as loosin weight i have loads more energy never feel sick or bloated! just feel brilliant! cant wait 4 next weigh in! x x

  143. chelle says:

    hi i’m new to this.. but am goin to start the diet today.. hopefully it will work only got 2 stone to loose. and i’m looing so forward to it. i’ll keep all posted.. good luck all!! x

  144. Ashton says:

    Hi Aymee, I do spinning and iv lost half a stone jsut doing that! so mixed with this im hoping for good results! I will worn you tho if you have never done spinning before the first class is TORTURE! after that you get used to it and enjoy it after the third!

    Also im going to just got for slow jogs or brisk walks 2 or 3 times a week! any excersise is better than none!

    Good luck! xxx

  145. aymee says:

    hi,everyone just been on the net looking for a good diet to follow one i will stick to and will work! spent an hour an a half reading all your comments and im so looking forward to starting it! going to the shops now to buy my ingredients! any tips anyone can give me about the best excercise to do i need to loose 5 stones! long way to go but im determind!

  146. Rachel says:

    Yeah it should do, all the ingredients that are in the juice are all good for you and give everything you need. Also, if your having an evening meal you will be getting energy from that too. 🙂

  147. Ashton says:

    Haha! Thankyou! I do a spinning classes at the gym once a week, will this diet give me enough energy to do this?

  148. Rachel says:

    Hi Ashton – you don’t put Rice in the juice drink! I think you may of misread the Ice as Rice, I did when I first read this but then I looked again as it did sound strange lol x

  149. Ashton says:

    Hello everyone,
    im going to start the diet tomorrow, (getting all my ingredients later!)is everyone putting rice in the juice? Is this cooked or raw? seems a little strange! Emma please can i ask how much you weighed at the beggining and then total you lost? Well done … you did soo well!
    i do suffer with bad oily and dry skin 🙁 did any one notice a good change?

    I want to loose a total of 2 stone!

  150. kerry says:

    hi Kayleigh, you can follow joprdans juice diet for as you want -its perfect nutrition, just make sure the evening meal is sensible and you’ll do really well. good luck

  151. Kayleigh says:

    I have just started the diet today the smootie was yummy for breakfast now looking forward to my lunchtime one! i have snacked on a handful of strawberries to keep me going!

    How long are you meant to do the diet for? i suffer with acne so hoping that my skin will improve 😀

  152. Kerry says:

    I’ve had a baby 5 months ago and have been feeling really exhausted. Started Jordans juice diet again last week and I’m starting to get back to my normal self again. The reason I think this is such a good diet is each drink contains all the nutrients you need (including fats). Havent been weighed yet

  153. diya says:

    hi bex

    what are you doing..eating/exc, my weight has stalled after 2 weeks..i dnt get it….althougn i look slimmer…:{

  154. Bex says:

    wow! 5days in2 this diet and i have lost 5 1/2 pounds! cant believe it! iv also lost inches! and hav yet 2 excercise! this has 2 b the easiest diet eva! i love the taste and everythin! x x x

  155. diya says:

    hiya i have lost 14lbs in 2 and half weeks, however im now in 3rd week and weight has stalled, i still weigh the same i did last week, whys that..im very annoyed now…i did have abit too much chicken the other day and i had a big bowl of chickpeas salad with lots of yoghurt and some suace that has lil bt of sugar..couls this be the reason? IM EXC too is my fat turning to muscle..but ive only been on this diet 3 weeks….please help me. thanks

  156. Bex says:

    does the recipe make the portions for both meals breakfast and lunch or just the 1 meal?

  157. Bex says:

    also do u use a whole pineapple? seems alot.

  158. Bex says:

    well i can honestly say i would neva even attempt to do this diet before reading all your comments! i love my food! but i loved what i used to look like before i had my 2children!

    i was a size 10 before giving birth 2 2children in 1year! i then went up 2 a size 16! am now a small 14 6&1/2 months after having my daughter!

    off 2 shops to get everything i need!.

    i have a smoothie maker will this work or do i need 2 blend and get a juicer?

    ill let u no how i get on after my 1st week!

  159. sara says:

    hi emma, are you still losing weight, any updates thanks….

    im thinking of having olive oil once a week in my soup…and isnt avocado a good fat thats in our juices…

    so far am doing 30mins daily….and only an hour twice a wekk…ok need to up it…


  160. Emma says:

    I never had dark circles under my eyes so i couldn’t comment on it sorry
    Sara i always have olive oil with my soup we all need some fat.

  161. Emma says:

    Diya i walk or cycle for a bout an hour a day, 5 days a week and yes i did eat loads of junk on holiday And drank loads too lol. not to mention the chocolate i consumed with my 3 children!

    Sara im no expert but i believe we all need good fat to get rid of bad fat. Thats what all the experts say and it has worked for me.

  162. sara says:

    i just had lentil soup with 2 tbs oilive oil in it;…is that bad?

  163. diya says:

    did anyone develop under eye circles from this diet….im assuming its my lack of sleep causing it but could this diet be effecting it or not? THANKS sorry i know ive posted four posts c=please answer them if thats ok…..thankyou very much….

  164. diya says:

    SORRY FORGOT TO ASK, how much you exc daily or weekly?

  165. diya says:

    did you eat normally once on holiday like bread and come junk too, and you only back on 1lb?

  166. diya says:

    hi emma, thanks. so do you mind me asking how muhc you weighed before and now…and is there any other juice i can do, im fed up of the same celery avocado cuc apples pineapple one…

    my healthy dinner is normally veg or salad with chik or fish.

    lost 5lbs in a week so far.

    please let me know thanks

  167. Emma says:

    Also Diya i suffer from ezcema and that seems to have nearly cleared since i started juicing.

  168. Emma says:

    Diya i can’t comment on how fast you will lose the weight it does seem to vary for everyone. As long as you stick to the diet and excerise sensibly you will lose weight. I can tell you i have lost in total 21lbs in 5 weeks. Just back off holiday and only put on 1lb. Stll would like to lose another 14 so back to it on monday. i was eating a healthy meal once a day alternating between lunch and dinner. Not sure if this helps
    Em x

  169. diya says:

    please someone answer my queriessssssss plssssssssssss

  170. diya says:

    anyone had better skin, or cleared up skin issues such as acne or marks while on this diet..? and is this weight loss so rapid only for pregnant women or just had a baby women……im not preg nor have had a child, will thew eight loss effect me….i want to lose 2 stone in 8 weeks. thanks

  171. Regina says:

    this looks like a good way to lose weight. not sure about putting the celery in it like but i will give it a bash and see how it goes. some good comments just hope it works for me.

  172. diya says:

    anyone had better skin, or cleared up skin issues such as acne or marks while on this diet..?

  173. diya says:

    so when you guys say you been on `this diet` do you mena juicing for 6 weeks or eating the healthy veg and chikcen for dinner…

    and can i eat the veg and chik for lunch instead and have a juice for dinner..so turn the meals around?


  174. Emma says:

    Hiya Jo i have lost 17lbs in total thats just over 4 weeks, although i decided to have last friday until today off. So been eating 3 normal meals and snack….with the odd treat 🙂 Start back juicing tomorrow. Checked my weight today and i haven’t put any weight back on. In terms off juice and recipes i avoid the smoothies im not a fan of dairy and it doesn’t agree with me. i also mix and match all fruits and vegs daily to get the best vitamns etc. I usually have a grapefruit based juice in the morning with maybe carrot and apple/ ginger/celery. Lunch time something like apples/pears/cucumber/lemon i just throw anything in lol. i use brocolli too i just go to the fruit marke and pick up different fruit to try and then an evening meal i love turkey and mango salads and I eat alot of fish like salmon and trout piled high with veg. Hope this helps. Em x

  175. jodie says:

    Hi ya
    Thinking of starting the diet monday, at first didnt really like the sound of the smoothies but im putting on weight so here come the smoothies. im also going to try the fish and chicken of an evening. I wana way about 9st or just under so i will let u no how i get on.

  176. Jo says:

    Hi Emma,

    Are you still losing weight at the same rate? My weight loss has pretty much stalled now and cant seem to budge it. Please can you let me know exactly what you do as in terms of juice recipes etc


  177. Caprice says:

    Im Gonna Try This I Hope It Works Cause I get Bullied Cause Im Fat So I Wish It Works So They Will Stop Bulling Me And I Look Up To Katie Price (Jordan) So I Thought Id Try Her Diet ,x

  178. tania says:

    wow 14lbs !!! well done Emma. will be 1 week tomorow since starting juicing , cant wait to weigh myself!

  179. Emma says:

    Thats me lost a total of 14lbs!!! Checked my calender and it has been 3 weeks this thursday since i started juicing. I only had 2 stone to lose. So fingers crossed the rest comes off as easy. Still exercising 4 days a week now doing 1 hour walking the dog + 15 mins jogging on the treadmill. Feeling great. Jo / Tania thats great! Keep up the good work.

  180. tania says:

    i’ve lost 5 lbs!!! also swapped celery for carrots. tastes a lot better now. still gotta headache but hey who cares when im losing weight !!

  181. Jo says:

    Hi Emma, 12 lbs is a massive weight loss in such a small amount of time, i have only managed 5lbs but only have about a stone to lose, am starting to get down as everyone else seems to be losing more than me and I am not cheating. Its so frustrating!
    keep going every

  182. tania says:

    hiya. got through the first day ! was really hungry though ! i’ve been drinking tea as and noy sure i i should ? made the mistake of blending instead of juicing and the texture was vile so off to buy juicer today. had terrible headache all day yesterday but stomach does not feel bloated like usual. 2nd day today so see how it goes! im gonna weigh myself tomorrow cant wait !!

  183. Emma says:

    Shayla, im not sure whether you can or can’t drink tea and coffe but i do about 3 cups a day. I haven’t any bad effects. Hope this helps.

  184. tania Clark says:

    hiya peeps, i’ve just had my 1st juice . I had a baby 7 weeks ago and am hoping to lose 1 stone, i’ve been doing stomach crunch’s since my baby was 3 weeks old and is slowly going down ! just gotta lot of chubby fat to lose now and exercise alone is not gonna shift it. I’m gonna have my healthy meal at lunch time as i think in the evening it’s just gonna rest on my stomach. i’ve never had to diet before so am really looking forward to see any results! keep ya posted !

  185. Emma says:

    Hi Jo i am mostly juicing but depending on how hungry i am i either have a lunch or an evening meal. Something like steamed chicken/fish and veg or a salad with avocado’s and olives stuff like that. I believe you need a little good fat to shift the bad fat so i have a least one portion of either olives/avocado/ oily fish at least 3 times a week. Its working for me. Thats me lost 12 lbs! Hope this helps. x

  186. shayla says:


    ive just started jordans juice diet…ut wanted to know can i drink tea or coffee…plsss help me some one

  187. Jo says:

    Emma that is great good for you! Are you juicing all day or are you having a meal in the evening?

  188. Emma says:

    Hi all, i started this juicing 4 days ago and have lost 7 lbs already i know most of that will be water but i feel great and am exercising everyday. Just a hour long brisk walk with the dog. I am hoping to lose 1 and a half stone for my holiday in 6 weeks. Wish me luck!!

  189. Nic says:

    Well after one day and a bad night with my little one, I have decided to give it a break. I have realised that whatever I eat directly affects my baby and it is not worth it. She needs to feed from me properly which means I need to eat properly with plenty of carbs and a bit of everything else. So I am going to chilll out and just enjoy being a mum; I will exercise regularly and be moderate (as best I can). I am just grateful that I have a happy and healthy baby and I can concentrate on my weight once I stop breastfeeding. So, if anyone is reading this and contemplating doing this diet; think again if you’re breastfeeding. I was being stupid and desperate.

  190. Nic says:

    Hi – I’ve started doing this juicing recipe today and what a palava to chop all the stuff! Quite hard work when you have two little ones demanding your attention. I need to lost about three stones, but I am breastfeeding my twelve week old daughter and so I am using this as a way to get some extra nutrients etc. I cannot deprive my body of solids until dinner as I might crash and burn, so I plan to have healthy snacks including wholegrain carbs (!) throughtout the day and a sensible dinner. Exercise is the key for me. Take care everyone on this diet, especially when you come off it as it sounds as though you could put the weight straight back on. It’s so hard to be moderate with everything isn’t it!

  191. vicky says:

    hi, i have been reading some of the comments left and they sound great, me and my sister are trying this diet for the first time, starting it on friday. can you get a blender and juicer in one that is reasonably cheap from argos. how much excercise on average in a week do we need to do. has we are a lttle out of that lol. we are getting weighed before we start it at the moment im around 9 and half and my sister is around 12 and a half. so we wll keep you posted about how we are both doing. if anyone has any tips or recipes that would be great. thanx

  192. Laura says:

    I am really struggling with this juice, its tastes fine, but i am feeling really hungry and am starting to feel shacky and just so weak, so i thought that my body needs more, i only do need to loss 10lbs so now thinking should i just join the gym,
    Can anyone advise me, did u also feel as pooh as i am right now

  193. Haz says:

    HI Laura,

    I was doing the diet for the whole 7 days and just having salmon and vegetables for tea. I exercised everyday for at least on hour. I am desperate to get to 8stone (or 7st 13lbs) as that has been my target for so long!I know what you mean about the speed of the wedding coming around, I cant believe its only 3 months away!! Keep me posted on how you are getting on

  194. Laura says:

    Hi there

    Wow that is great news, u keep it up. i havent got any scales,used my parents and i am 8stone 11ibs so looking to get to 8 stone as well, i am only 4ft 11 so i really cant hold the weight, i will keep you updated on how i am getting on, i didnt do to well over the easter hols as decorating my kitchen so was quick simple food, so have u exercised as well? and are you also doing it at wkend as well? we wanted to get married on the 18th July but the venue wasnt avaiable so we are getting married on the 25th July, i cant beleve how quickly it comes around,

  195. Haz says:

    Weighed in today at 8stone 8lbs, so have lost 5lbs, am happy with that. Am hoping to get to 8 stone, so hopefully another couple of weeks and I should be there!!

  196. haz says:

    Hi Laura, I was starting to lose the will with dieting but I really want to get to a size 8 and lose the extra weight before the wedding. Its kind of nice knowing that someone else is in the same boat!! Thanks for the tips on measuring my self too, i didnt even think of that. Please keep me updated on how you are doing as it will encourage me and i will do likewise. What date is your wedding? Mine is the 18th July. Good luck x

  197. Laura says:

    Hi Haz
    Thats is exactly the same as me, and i have found it so hard to loss the weight due to the fact that its only a stone to lose, so thought this would give me a kick start,
    I also tend to measure my waist and thighs then weight myself, have been advised to do this as if ur exercising then muscle is heavier then fat,
    but i will be measuring myself everyweek and then will let you know how i am getting on.

  198. haz says:

    Hi Currently weigh 8st 12oz but want to get to 7st 13oz for my wedding in July. Hope that this works!! Please keep me updated as I find it helps to do this!!

  199. Amy says:

    i’m on my second day and doing fab go me!! haha

    hows everyone doing???

    my scales come tomoro cant wait so i can start seeing if its working for me

    also trying a vibro plate as i hate exercise lol lazy

    Amy xxx

  200. Yana Humphreys says:

    Amy thats a really good idea, I was thinking of giving up on this diet as Im still sooo hungry but i might try that out as water tajes the hungerness away for about 5 mins and thats it and i have a very week bladder and i cant seem to drink lots of water, very uncomfortable when im at work.

  201. Amy says:

    hi all, i’ve started the juice diet today and i feel quite good i’ve had 4 juices and salmon and veg for tea, i know its more juices but i thought it is better than snacking and i will go to the 2 juices as soon as i can, i’m scared of getting really hungry and grabing bread (my fav thing lol)

    got about 7 stone to loose but i havent weighed myself today as my scales are broke but will try and get weighted tomoro

    does anyone know if the veg bags u microwave ok to have?

    Gemma i plan on having frozen fish and veg bags or salad and chicken strips, hope this helps a bit

  202. Gemma..x says:

    Hi, I’ve been looking at this juice diet for a long time now and have decided to start it on Monday and bought a juicer today 😀

    On Jordans DVD she mentions a ‘3-day’ diet which is havin 8oz of juice every 3 hours until 3 hours before you go to bed. I was thinking of doing this for 3 days then doing the 2 juices a day after that, combining this with excercise of course 😀

    Ideally I would like to lose 6 – 7 stone altogether, so I’ll see how I get on, has anyone got any meal ideas for the evening??

    I’ll keep you updated on how I get on 🙂

  203. Laura says:

    I am going to start the diet this wkend, i only need to loss 10lbs but am finding it really hard and need to loss it really soon as getting married in july, has anybody used different apples then golden del, do you think it would make any diff i used diff apples

  204. Jade says:

    the juice you make in the morning you should half in 2, and have half for breakfast, half for lunch. Then your evening meal. You will get hungry, i wouldnt advise fruit inbetween, but its upto you. I find that water fills me up.

  205. Yana Humphreys says:

    Ok im on day 2 of this juice diet, I havnt snacked in between but its now nearly 12 midday and im starvvinnggg!
    Is it okay to snack on fruit in between?

  206. Jade says:

    hey all.

    I have been on this diet for a week, the only diet I have ever been able to stick to! Usually I give up after 2 days. I havent eaten anything else that what is provided with the diet, apart from yesterday I didnt have time to make the juice so had a small plum instead.

    Unfortunatly I didnt weigh myself, i feel very annoyed now. Im going to weigh myself next Sunday and keep you all informed. Today I am ill with a sickness bug, I had my juice in the morning and puked it back up. I hope this doesnt affect it, hopefully will speed my diet up.

    And all those people who say they dont have a juicer, and have been using a blender, i tried just blending the avocado and that was bad enough. I’d advise a juicer!

    The juice really doesnt taste as bad as I thought. The colour is abit iffy, and hard to drink in public lol.

    thanks all, i was thinking about stopping the diet, but after reading all this im deffinatly carrying on!

  207. Yana Humphreys says:

    Im starting this diet on Monday but I am really worried that Im going to feel hungry all the time, i cant see how it would feel you up?

  208. Ems says:

    Hi Starting tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips for a first timmer. Looking at your comments I am really looking forward to it. I only want to lose a stone. Hope it works.

  209. amycslat says:

    Hi, well i’m still sticking to it… have suffered with alot of headaches today.

    It has been quite difficult as I was working 12 hour shift and felt I was struggling a bit with low energy levels… i had an apple and that seemed to do the trick…

    I have decided not to weigh myself until saturday by which time I will be 5 days on it so i can hopefully see a good weight loss….

    hope everyone else is getting…. if its any incentive.. my skin has improved alot even in those few little days!


  210. sara says:

    Hi i’m on 2nd week now, day 3 of 2nd week…dont feel like i’m actually loosin weight where-as i felt like it last week, but i’ll find out on fri when i weigh myself again…I also had quite a few headaches last week and thought it was from this diet, but have been ok this week (touch wood)…

    Hope you manage to stick to it this time round, 6 pound was alot to loose in 2 days, definately gives you more incentive…good luck anyway, keep me informed as i will aswell x

  211. amycslat says:

    Well i started again today…. not doing too bad so far. Am going to weight myself in the morning and report any weight loss. Did it last wk and lost 6 pounds in two days but I am very overweight to I imagine it wouldn’t as quick if you had a lot to lose….

    The only side effect i can report is headaches… but i read that that is related to the withdrawal from sugar and processed foods… am definately going to give it a good go this time…

    Hope everyone is going ok… let us know!

  212. amycslat says:

    Well I started and finished on day two.. i lost six pounds though… Not sure why i stopped.. gluttony got the better of me… anyway have decided to start it again tom as i’m doing 3 nights so it will be easier to stay away from food for the first few days until i’m in the swing of it..

    hope everyone else is gettin on well though!!!

  213. sara says:

    Hi all how is everyone getting on? I’m on day 5 and i’ve lost 4pound, weighed myself on 2nd day then again today…prob wont stick to the diet tommorrow (sunday) but then going to start again monday, with more exercise aswell!

    Good luck x x

  214. sara says:

    Hiya just to let you all know i’m now on day 3, unfortunately i didnt way myself on monday, but i did yesterday and then again this morn, and it says i’ve lost 2lb since yesterday! hope thats really true! 😉

    Quite pleased with that cos that shows in just 1 day, so thats def gonna keep me going again today x

  215. sara says:

    Thanks Jenna and Jen, i’m trying not to have anything else inbetween, havent so far…had 2nd juice about an hour ago and feel fine at mo, was really hungry before that tho…I am tryin to drink water if and when i feel hungry which helps.

    I’m on my monthlys at mo which is prob not helping at all really, probably the wrong time to start the diet, but if i get through today then i’ve managed 2 days which shows i can do it, so will do my best.

    Its great having this site to come on for tips and moral support, really helps. Thank you x

  216. Jenn says:

    The diet doesnt work as well if you snack on fruit etc I lost about 5 pounds a week, I would have my 2 juices and a low cal evening meal, 6-8 glasses of water a day, if there was a day I felt really hungry I would have a 10 calorie soup, or brush my teeth which made me feel full for some reason!

  217. Jenna says:

    I stuck to this diet 3 yrs ago for 6 weeks and lost nearly 2 stone for my sisters wedding, I am about to start it again tomoro, I am hoping that i will be able to stick to it as well as before!! Good luck everybody, before if i felt hungry i would drink water and always made sure had 2 ltrs a day!

  218. sara says:

    Ok i’m now on day 2, yesterday seemed to go fine, although when it came to dinner about 5 i was really hungry! Had juice this morn and feelin a bit hungry at mo, but i’ll see how i go…
    Does anyone know if its ok to snack on anything to help when i’m hungry? even just fruit? Will the diet still work as quick?
    Just bought myself some scales, they’re only cheapy ones but was a bit shocked at what i weigh, so i’m hoping to loose about a stone and a half!

  219. amycslat says:

    I think your right Jenn… I know that fad diets don’t work in the long term but i’m always desperate for a quick fix as i usually don’t leave myself enough time to lose the weight!!

    i did try slimming world but quit after I put on 3 pounds in the first week.. i was gutted.. might consider joining it again though as it does seem to be quite successful, i’m sure i wasn’t following the program correctly…

    Anyway i will keep all posted on my progress. I’m not looking to lose a particular amount of weight, just as much as possible in six weeks!!

    A few quick questions if anyone knows the answers it would be greatly appreciated…

    Should you take any additional supplements or multivitamins on this diet?
    How much water should I be drinking?
    Can i snack on fruit?
    Rougly how much weight loss is expected weekly? i know it differs with everyone but i would love to know how quickly i can expect to lose some….

    Best of luck to everyone trying… best of luck to you in slimming world jenn.. i might be hitting there after this wedding for a more long term solution!!

  220. Jenn says:

    Good luck girls, the juice tastes fab! I lost 1.5 stone last summer on this diet it is a great quick fix if your preparing for a special occasion, but not a good long term diet the weight came back on over 3 months and am now losing it again through slimming world, the best healthy living plan out there! you can eat as much as you want (really!) I joined 2 weeks ago and have already lost 12.5 pounds! If you are looking at a short term weight loss program you should look up the british heart foundation diet, it seems quite a weird combination of food but the pounds fall off!

  221. amycslat says:

    Am on route to Tesco’s to buy ingredients.. have wedding in six weeks time and will be seeing family that I haven’t seen for years… am too many dress sizes larger since then!

    Could anyone let me know if they have a lot of weight to lose or is this diet only suitable for people who only want to shed a few pounds…

    I am going to give it a good go anyhow, i’ve done everything else so why not?

    was just wondering if anyone could let me know if any snacks are permitted between meals.. i.e fruit?

    Thanks for your help

    Good Luck everyone!


  222. sara says:

    Hi Lisa, I started this diet this morning, had my 1st juice for breakie, not really sure it has filled me up so much but we’ll see, i guess the trick is if you feel hungry to drink water??

    Think it is probably alot easier to use a juicer aswell as a blender, as many of the ingredients do need to be juiced before adding them in the blender at the end…

    Let me know how you get on with it today, as i will, and any info or useful tips from anyone else would be great?

    Good luck 😉 x

  223. lisa says:

    Hi all just going to start this juice diet on monday need to lose about 4 stone as am going to be 40 in the summer so want to go on a nice holiday does anyone know if a blender is ok to use? or do you have to juicer and a blender

  224. sara says:

    Hi everyone, I am going to start this diet on monday, going to buy the ingredients tomorrow. Sounds like many of you are doing really well, so well done!
    Havent got any scales and would really like to weigh myself before i start, so might buy some cheap ones tomorrow…am i likely to loose much in the 1st week?

    If i’m totally honest i think i will find it harder to stick to it at weekends, maybe on a saturday but we do often get a take away once at weekends, and sometimes go out on sundays, but am going to try to stick at it on a saturday!

    I’m sure i read somewhere that the remaining ingredients left over in the blender/juicer that usually get thrown away can be rolled up and baked in the oven and used to snack on during the day, does anyone know if this is true? Or has anyone tried it before??

    Fingers crossed anyway, and well done everyone…x x

  225. Gem says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I’ve just been reading through the messages and I have found the motivation I need! I need something to kick start my weight loss, I’ve done the Cambridge diet in the past and I didn’t get hungry- I just missed eating, but this should be easier as I’ll have a healthy evening meal. Has anyone got any ideas for evening meals, other than chicken/fish and vegetables?

    I’ll let you know how I get on. Good luck everyone x

  226. lucie says:

    hi.i have started the juice diet today..would like to loose at least half a stone..but wondered how much are you suppposed to drink..is it a normal glass size?????

  227. Haz says:

    Hi All,
    I am re starting this diet as it has worked for me in tthe past. Lucie i just have a normal size glass (not pint glass). I also have either a handful of nuts or a small peice of fruit in the mornign and afternoon to tide me over.
    Am hoping to lose a stone.

    Good luck

  228. ALISON.D says:

    hi all. well done everyone ! im starting this tomorow.im 4st 7lb over weight at 14st 8lb and tried loads of diets,hope this works for me im so desparate to loose weight.keep up the good work girls.let you know how i get on in 1 week

  229. Suzi says:

    Hi, Started the diet yesterday and initial thoughts are good. When making the smoothie I had my reservations, especially with the smell of it! However the taste is soooo much better than I expected. Wasn’t too hungry yesterday and just had dinner of chicken and rice. At work today and just having my second juice of the day. No hunger pangs as yet and I am normally forever hungry! Let you know how I get on later in the week and if I’ve lost any pounds xx

  230. Jo says:

    Hi all, well started this last thurs but only lasted 2 days!!! Weekends kill me!!! I’m so motivated again to restart this tomorrow – i have read thru everyones comments again and got the motivation i need. i am so desparate to loose weight before my 30th (4 weeks to go) – i have also bought a x trainer as added motivation. Will weigh in next sunday so fingers x’d, although am out in town on fri night (at a italians) – help!!!! any ideas on what to do so that i dont spoil it – apart from the obvious which is to avoid it????
    Keep up the hard work everyone – Well Done xx

  231. bryony says:

    hey im going to try this diet but i was woundering does it only work when u have had a baby n losing the baby weight or does it work if u are wanting 2 lose weight

  232. Jo says:

    hi guys, im so inspired from reading everyones comments – i started ww January 5th and have only lost 3n half pounds,so totally disheartend with that. its my 30th birthday in march and ideally im looking to loose a stone at least if not more – i currently weigh 12st and would like to set my goal at 10 n half, ive battled with my weight all my life but more so since having my children aged 5 and 2. im defo going to try the juice diet, going to go shopping tomorrow – so watch this space ………..
    once again – keep up the blogs because they truely are a lifeline and support network

  233. sara seager says:

    hi guys going to give this diet a go tomorow when got the bits,
    please can someone send me some more juice resipies……let you no in a week how its gone.

  234. liane childs says:

    hi gonna start diet thursday would love to slim down for suumer and just for myself have read loads of great comments will write again in about two weeks to tell you all hou got on xx

  235. NIKKI says:

    hi all. started last wednesday its easier than thought itd b. lost 8lbs avnt really excersised just been on a few brisk walks n walked up an down stairs 4 just minuite a nite. really enjoying juice. skin is much clearer aswell. good luk 2 all xxx

  236. Mia says:

    Hey all… started this diet today and in fact im eating the smoothie right now! I found that the amounts that were givin was a lot for just brekkie and lunch.. So im not eating the whole amount in one day as its just too much. I’m gunna try and keep this up for a long time as i need to lost a stone and i think katie looks fab! Please get back to me and let me know how your all doing! Good luck! 🙂 x

  237. Emma says:

    Hi everyone!! I just thought I would leave some comments, as I have just finished this juicing plan after a week……and it’s fab!! I really do recommend that if you are planning on doing this that you read Jason Vale’s book, 7lbs in 7 days. Guaranteed that this will give you the motivation that you need and various recipes. I have had just juices for the last 7 days and lost 10 lbs!! and this was with no exercise either!! Going to carry on for another few days to reach my target, but needless to say i’m very happy !! x

  238. Chloe says:

    Girls.. ive been doing this diet on and off for a while but am gonna start properly now! Just wondering.. im having no more than 400 calories as my meal. im eating things like low fat ready meals or salad with a breast of chicken.is that okay? Pleaseee get back to me! x and btw good luck, keep goingg. !

  239. NIKKI says:

    Hi everyone just had my first juice it was actually quite nice just gona drink loads of water 2 fill myself up aswell! got alot 2 loose bout 4 stone b4 my 30th in july. will come back in few days n let all knw how am doing. wish me luck!! xx

  240. Katie says:

    Hey everyone! Starting the diet today. I would like to lose the 20lbs that I put on since Aug 08′. Im 5’5′ and 140lbs. I also started going to the gym again and work off about 600 c a night doing a mix of cardo (running/walking uphill/ elliptical/bike) and light weight training to tone. I will let everyone know what happens in a week!

  241. Leah says:

    Said i would start this but i havent yet!, got katies workout so starting the diet and workout on monday definetley 🙂 anyone know how much this roughly costs a week? how are you all doing?
    x x

  242. Haz says:

    hey me again!! I have put a grand total of 5lbs on over Christmas, so am now back on the diet to lose it. Have started today and weigh 8st 13lbs – would ideally like to lose a stone. am uping the exercise as well so will keep you updated on my progress. How are you all doing??

  243. Leah says:

    Hii :), i love katie and she looks amazing so i think i’ll start this diet for the new year ;o, lets just hope it works
    x x

  244. rosalind kirk says:

    hey girls, I find all ur comments really motivating so plz keep writing! I have started this diet today (altho i missed out the avacardo and spinach cus they didnt have any in the shop i went to) Im also taking the husks (had 2 today) and for dinner i had jacket potatoe, beans and a crispy pancake (100 cals in that). Hope this dinner is ok??? Im so hungry so been drinking lots which makes me go tothe toilet lots! How is everyone getting on? I just had a baby 5 months ago and am 5 ft 5 and weigh 11 st.7lbs. want to get to nine stone-do u think it will take me long??? let me know what u think to what ive written xxxxx

  245. Bex P says:

    Hi Everyone, Just wanna say well done to everyone, I find all your comments really motivational. I’ve had 2 children in the last 2 years so I have a little excess weight to get rid of!
    I’m 5′ 2″ and 9st 2 and ideally would like to lose a stone, to look and feel better. Have done this before and it worked so quickly, my skin was amazing and had so much energy, so would like to feel like that again. I’ve started again to night so I’ll keep you posted on how I get on. Best wishes to everyone else. x

  246. Shell says:

    Hello All!

    Well done to everyone who is on the diet and loosing! I am on off etc. But I am starting this back on it 2moro to loose a few pounds for xmas. Then by new year will be totally dedicated ( I am sure I say this evey year, but I am looking to loose 2stone. But I think the key is “exercise” .

    All the best Shell!

  247. Haz says:

    Amy – how is it going? I find that as long as i keep my mind occupied I don’t think about the food, have been on it for just over a week and have lost 5lbs in total now. If you fancy a peice of fruit or some nuts have them. I have been having nuts in the afternoon when i get peckish.

    Let me know how you get on with it 🙂

  248. amy says:

    im starting the detox for 3 days 2moro, if i like im going to keep it up for a few weeks, wish me luck i get very grumpy when dieting! anyone got any tips?

  249. Haz says:

    How is everyone getting on? I haven’t been able to exercise as have put my back out but i still managed to lose 2lbs in 5 days and am just drinking the shakes for breakfast and lunch and then havong salmon and veg in the evenings.


  250. Huma says:


    this diet really works, I have been on it for over 2 weeks and lost 10 pounds, I have to agree the juice doesnt make you hungry, you have to drink it slow but iv been cheating a little bit like putting sugar in my tea and having peanuts and cheddar cheese sometimes. time to get serious from now. I also exercice alot, 1 hour of brisk walking daily, 20 minutes on the bikes and 10 minutes of stepper.

    im 5.8 tall, 70kgs now and want to loose 10 more kilos by 5th december.

    I will come back in 2 weeks and let you know about the weight loss.

    Good luck girls,

  251. Haz says:

    Hey girlies,

    I have been rubbish and have not kept to this diet at all in the past two weeks, but have noticed my clothes are getting tight, so from today Thurs 13th Nov i am re starting and hoping to lose weight before my Christmas do. How are you getting on??? Keep me posted!!

  252. Sarah says:

    I tried this in the past, in 2005 as I bought Katie Price’s Jordan workout DVD and discovered the diet on there. I didn’t stick to it for long as I’m quite an impatient dieter and get bored easily with sticking to foods. But I must say, it tasted delicious and my skin was glowing and I felt much more energetic and awake. No side affects such as digestion or stmoach aches.
    I am going on the diet starting 10th November and sticking to it for as long as I can. I’m currently 13 stone and would love to get down to a ideal weight for my height, which is 10st-11st.
    Quite a target I know, but I’m very determined and I’d love to surprise my boyfriend when he comes home for christmas, I won’t have lost much by that time but I’m going to keep going.

    I am curious though, if anyone can tell me — if you’re at a friends for dinner, you can’t exactly reject the meal – especially if it’s a roast!! So, are you allowed the one off?

    Will keep posted on my progress.
    If I could have a reply, that would be great.

  253. diane says:

    hi there i look aafter a disablesd daughter who anit got long to live and she lives at home with me and she 24 hour care and me and my husbond looks after together and i was just wondering i get depresed and i wont to loose waight AND NO ONE HELPS US do you think you could help me plese thank you

  254. lucy says:

    hey well i started today 30th oct just having my 1st one…its actually very nice and filling which shocked me but i think that was more due to the colour. im going to have baked skinless chicken with steamed veg tonight for dinner. im going to weigh myself 1 week from today (so next thursday to see how im doing. hope your doing ok xx

  255. Haz says:

    Lucy I have restarted this today (Wed 29th Oct) as I had a few meals out this week. Keeo me updated on how you are doing as I have found that it really helps to keep me motivated.
    Hope that your 1st week goes ok 🙂

  256. lucy says:

    hey all well i bought the video november 07 then found out i was pregnant in december . my son was born 6 weeks ago and now as i have 4 stone to loose thought id try this diet as a kickstart. just wondered how everyone was finding it? and what have you been having for you evening meals? im starting this either tomorrow or thursday. lucy x

  257. Haz says:


    I started this last Monday and have lost 3lb so far. I am hoping to get to 8stone in the next month or so. Keep at it as it does work but I fins that I need people to write in this forum as it keeps me going! let me know how you get on 🙂
    Haz x

  258. Kerry says:

    I’m due my baby in january – any advice as to when i can start this juice diet?

  259. Shell says:

    Hello all, I am starting yet again on this diet as I have gained over 2 stone . want to get into a little black dress by xmas. but I cant seem to get motivated.

  260. Haz says:

    After a rough couple of months I am now re starting this juice diet today (13th Oct). I am 9 stone 1lb and would like to get to 8st. Do people still use this forum for motivation??

  261. shauna says:

    Hi, Im thinking of starting to loose half a stone, but am concern it will make me ill? Any advice? And also avacardo are very fattening x

  262. lydia says:

    wow mel! well done!

    if i can get those kind of results i’ll be over the moon!

    i’m on my first day, it hasnt gone too bad i’ve got to say, i’ve had the juice but i’ve been filling up on water. Starting to feel a niggle of hunger at the minute but i’m sure that will go when i have my final juice!

    obviously time will tell if it’s working or not but thats the first day almost out of the way!

    so far so good!

    i’ll keep you informed of any weight loss after day seven!

    keep goin lol


  263. Mel says:

    hey ladies!

    hope ure all doing well, just to let you know i started this diet in march and by the end of april had lost two stone. i then had a break and started it back up in june and although during my break put on a stone i have lost a further 3 and went from a size 16 and am now a 10 so good luck !!

  264. Zoe C says:

    I bought the Jason Vale book months ago, I have a juicer, and I keep looking at Katie, who I really aspire to, on ‘Katie and Peter’ and I have decided that I am going to give it a go. I don’t have a lot to loose, I just want to lose a stone. I am gonna do it and go get the ingredients tomorrow.

    Wish me luck!!

  265. Fi says:

    I started the diet 2 weeks ago and I have lost 10 lb. I have 3 kids and work full time. It has taken a lot of preparation but I have quite enjoyed it and have not been hungry or craved bread, crisps, cakes etc. I don’t have much to lose either I was 10st 1lb and want to lose 1st. I must admit most of the weight loss was in the first week but I will keep going and see if I can gradually lose the rest. Will keep you updated.

  266. tulip says:

    this diet gave me lose skin around my belly and thighs but it does work[the diet]in a month i lost 2 stones with hard exersize….so take it easy and slowly or eles you will end up with lose skin like mine,,,

  267. kelly says:

    Starting this on monday, got 4 stone to lose for january (well as much as possible) going to australia with my bf.im also going to b a bridsemaid next may and june so need look good. wont b able to do the recipe above until end of next week pay day, but will stick to no carb meal and a juice lunch and brekkie,wont use bananas, just carrots and fruit etc. will get back …wish me luck 🙂

  268. Haz says:

    I have managed to put back 3lbs that I lost, but didn’t stick to the diet that well on my 3rd week. I have a hen night on Saturay so will be restarting on Sunday. Steph the recipe at the top of this article is the one that I have used and when you stick to it it does work!.
    I tend to get my fruit from Aldi or Tesco as its cheaper.
    Mary & lydia how are you girls getting on with this diet??
    Keep up the good work all!! 🙂

  269. Emma says:

    hi everyone..just read through all the comments everyone is leaving and i cannot wait to start this diet…although it will be a few months before i can actually start as i am pregnant and due at the end of Oct but i want to lose whatever weight i put on and a lot more after i have my baby, hopefully in time for xmas :D:D
    just bought the 7lbs in 7days book on ebay to read up and prepare myself before i start..i am not one to stick to diets but everyones success stories are definiatly encouraging me and i dont want to be a frumpy mum lol


  270. Haz says:

    Well weigh in number 2 was not as good as number one and have only lost another 2lb this week. Determined to shift at least a stone before I go away on holiday.

    How is everyone else doing??

  271. Haz says:

    Hey Ladies,

    I had my weekly weigh in today and have lost 6lbs in week one. I am so glad that the weight is finally shifting!! Mary – Thanks for your input will defo try and walk to more places rather than drive. Good luck with your 1st week too 🙂
    I am hoping to up the exercise even more this week and try and get at least another 6lbs off.
    I haven’t even craved chocolate once sinc I started!!
    Keep up the gtood work and will be back next Monday with further updates.

  272. Mary says:

    Hi Ladies!
    I’ve got a good feeling about this diet – have got food delivery arriving first thing monday morning and am starting my health kick – need to loose around 1.5 – 2 stone. Haz – I reckon you can lose a stone definitely – and if you up your exercise – as in the intensity of the sessions – you could well loose another half stone on top of that – you have to try adding in some other forms exercise into your day too – like walking places when you’d normally take the car – little trips soon add up! Then don’t slide back into bad habits and the weight should stay off! Good luck everyone! Hopefully in a few weeks time I’ll be writing that I’ve only got half a stone or so to go!!!

  273. Haz says:

    Hi Ladies,
    Hope that someone can advise me – I have tried this diet before and lost a few pounds and inches. however I found it so difficult not to want a drink at the weekends. I am going on holiday in Septemeber and would like to lose a stone to a stone and a half by then. I currently weigh 9st and am 5ft 3 and exercise 3 to 4 times a week. Do you think that I can acheive may goal and keep the weight off??

  274. maria says:

    i was a size 16, and doing this diet, along with Jordan’s workout dvd , i got to a size 10 in 5 months.
    if you drink the juice slowly, it does fill you up, but you have to have the determination to stick to it.
    having said that, its not as hard as it sounds to stick to, as it makes you feel so good that you want to carry on.
    and although the juice sounds revolting, it actually does taste nice once you get used to it.

  275. Danni says:

    im going to start the diet 2moro morning, im rle excited, im size, 8 & 6 but i constintly eat rubbish and feel bloated so im excited to feel good:) ..good luck evry1 :):):)


  276. kinz says:

    hey all,
    everyone is doing well initially for starting this and having the incentintive to do something.i put 4 stone on at uni and want 2 lose it all now, going away in 5 n half week and losing anything is a bonus as my new bf will be coming over in the 2nd week. then we are planning to go to oz.need 2 look hot in those bikinis lol ! i love fruit and veg so hopefully wiil do well. probably try those husk things as i have an insatiable appetite and it might get the better of me. going to try and start in next few days coz im ill atm. pay day on fri so defo starting then. Working in a kitchen, helps coz wont need 2 buy all the fruit coz my meals are provided so il use theres, but also comes with alot of temptation.wish me luck and il keep you informed. xxxx we can all do it because we want to 🙂 xxxx

  277. amy says:

    Pregnant at the moment so no diet allowed!!
    However only 2 weeks left befour i can go back on the katie price juice diet. Worked for me i had lots of energy. But does anyone know any exercise plans to stripe you of body fat ?

  278. helen says:

    hiiii 😀
    im starting this diet plan tomorrow, as i have to loose weight for my prom in 2 weeks, i really hope it works and i can stick to it,
    can anyone tell me how its going for them?

    good luck to everyone who is doing the diet,
    stick at it!

  279. L says:

    hi rachel,
    i have just brought the 7lb in 7days book as suggested. i only lost 3lb in my first week and 1lb in my second week on the juice diet which was not great so i am trying healty eating and exercise this week. im quite interested in the psyllium husk powder. what does it do? where do you get it? how much is it? and what quantity do you take it in?

    thanks x

  280. Rachel says:

    Hi everyone,
    Thought I’d come back and let you know how I am getting on. I’m on Day 4 and have lost 8lbs already (2lb a day on average). Just a few tips for you all as I’ve found they really help:

    1. Use psyllium husks. I tried to do the psyllium and bentonite shakes but the bentonite was disgusting so I just use the psyllium husk powder in a glass of water (make sure you drink a few glasses of water after as it’s dangerous not to) in the morning around 6am when I get up and I find I can not get hungry until around 1pm. I then have a glass or two of a drink I’d prepared. Before I go to bed I have juiced apples with cinammon to settle my stomach. That’s all I generally feel I need because I’m not as hungry as I thought I’d be (and I used to eat like a horse).

    2. A few of you are asking what kind of meals you are allowed to have. I suggest you get the actual ‘7lbs in 7 days’ book. It’s only a quid or so on ebay and it says to stick to juices only to feel the full effects, and believe me it works. I haven’t had any side effects from having JUST juice and water. Having a can of coke isn’t going to do you any favours. You’re effectively starving yourself of fat and sugars whilst on the juice diet but then you feed your body them with a can of coke or whatever. Your body thinks you’re starving it so when you have a can of coke or a fatty evening meal your body clings onto it making it even harder to get rid of when you go back to the juices.

    3. Only weigh yourself first thing in the morning before doing anything. No clothes, no breakfast. Make a note of it. You lose a lot of weight over night (I woke up one morning to have lost 1kg) and it’s a major incentive to keep you going. Don’t weigh yourself during the day because you sometimes get heavier and I found it quite upsetting and it put a downer on my day.

    4. When you come off the juice diet the worst thing you can do is throw yourself into eating heavy foods like Jacket Potatoes. Remember, you haven’t eaten proper food for at least 7 days so your body needs to get used to digesting again and you’ll only end up constipated, bloated and heavy. One big meal will easily put all the weight back on because the majority of what you lose in the first few days is your WATER WEIGHT, not actual fat.

    Most of what I’ve said is repeated in the book ‘7lbs in 7 days’ by Jason Vale, but I really do recommend it. Good luck girls. Keep it up. You’re all doing SO well.
    I’m only on day 4 but I can see myself going for a while yet.

    Take care

  281. L says:

    hi everyone,
    ive been on the diet since tuesday and i weighed myself this morning and i have lost 3lb already. im really pleased and it has given me a push to carry on and loss a 1 stone for my holiday. im not feeling so hungry now and i have found the juice tastes alot better if you leave out the celery. i hope everybody else here is doing well!!
    L x

  282. Hayley says:

    Hi all,

    Ive been doing the juice diet for a while and now i have developed an allergy to pinapple. Anyone know of a substitute?

    thanks x

  283. melissia says:

    I just want to say how good this forum is for motivation. It’s great all you guys come back with feedback about how you got on too! I’ve been doing the juice diet but haven’t been very well (totally unrelated) so I came off the diet for a short while… I didn’t put any of the weight I’d lost back on and am starting back at it today with some gentle exercise to ease me back in.

    As well as my own wedding I have another wedding to go to soon and have a beautiful dress to wear that is a little tight. It’s good motivation as I’ll look a pretty lady minus the back fat! haha! 😉

    Good luck, and massive congratulations to evryone, especially our lady who lost 4 stone! Well done!

    Mel x

  284. Jo says:

    Hi Jemma i basically just had wholemeal pasta in low fat tomato sauce most nights – didnt get bored as its one of my fave foods! Also had jacket potato with tuna and salad but without my usual huge blob of butter lol. I dont really eat meat so chicken and veg wasnt really an option but so far this seems to work for me. Seem to be craving chocolate now though. I started taking psyllium husks a couple of days ago – got them off ebay 2.99 – and they seem to make me feel really full up which is a good thing as i wont want to snack on stuff then!

  285. L says:

    i have started the juice diet today. it was a bit of a rush juicing and blender all the ingredients before work but i did it. i have to say the colour of the juice really put me off but it doesn’t taste too bad apart from the celery after taste. can you just have the juice for breakfast and two healthy meals as im not sure i can face it for lunch as well so i am going to have a plain salad today. i hope this wont affect my weight loss at the end of the week to much.
    does anyone have any other recipes i could use?
    p.s im starving hungry

  286. Adele says:

    Hi Guys,

    well istarted yesterday and tho the juice tastes ok, i find it hard to drink, i’ve try’d lots of diets but i dont know if i’ll be able to stick to this one, i’ll give it a few more days and see if i lose anything.

    Also can you have low fat salad cream on ya salad?

  287. micheala says:

    yh sure u can start eating normally when u have reached yr target . as long as u stick to ya healthy foods u shud be fine

  288. Adele says:

    Hi Gayle, Thanks for that, i ended uop getting 1 from tesco it was their own makebut was half price £39 down to £20 it is a whole fruit one, i try’d it this morning and it seems fine,

    So i started the diet today i weighed myself and i was 9st 5lb, i’m 5ft 2.5″ so would like to be at least 8st 4lb, Does anyone know when you do come off this diet and start eating normally (healthy Eating Tho) does the weight go back on, i’ve just lost 7lb in 5days on a different diet, ad the weekend off to go to a wedding and gained 4lbwhen i weighed myself this morning.so i hope this one’s not the same,

    Hope everyones doin well

    i’ll let you know how i get on

  289. micheala says:

    well i have lost 4 stone and have only been doing the diet 10 week i feel great thoe as my kids have been making me go to the park after tea i also have a tip dont eat after eight i read that in my book and i gotta say i am a real katie fan i have read all the books and am so ready i am hoping to lose abother stone thoe b4 my big holiday to america when i have finished the diet i should hopefully be 8 stone

  290. Jemma says:

    jo. your mango, p’apple strawberry thing sounds lovely! when u say proper meal at night what do you mean exactly ? i’ve been trying to keep of the complex carbs, red meat, alcohol and cigarettes altogether but now i’m feeling a little bored of chicken and veg and i’m dying to a drink!! giving up smoking was not so bad! x

  291. gayle says:

    hi adel i have a juicer that was given by a friend as i didn’t want to fork out incase i didnt manage juicer. The best ones are the ones you can add whole fruit too as less messy. However the one i have i have to chop everything up the make is moulinex which does the job. There is a one in argos which has cow print which is both blender and juicer also comes with portable cups, which i’m thinking of getting think its about thirty pound. Hope this helps and good lick Gayle x

  292. ashlea says:

    wat other foods can you eat with the use instead of fish, can you eat pasta

  293. Jo says:

    Hi everyone, i read these posts last week and thought id give it a go starting last saturday, i was 12 stone 8lb. By second day i was gagging at the thought of drinking the ingredients above as to me it tasted rank lol so i switched it to 1 mango 1/2 pineapple 1 peach and 8 strawberries blended with 3/4 pint of water, i have veg as a snack if im hungry and a proper meal at night. After first few days i stopped feeling so hungry. I rarely drink tea and coffee anyway and just drink water now and after 6 days ive lost 10lb. Ive hardly done any excercise as i dont have time being a single mum and working full time but Im well happy with what ive lost so far and i dont have any side effects (yet!?) Not sure what weight i want to get down to yet but enough to look good in my bikini in tenerife in july!

  294. Adele says:

    Hi, when i’ve read through all this no one actually replys to which juicer they have, can someone please help, i’ve read alot of review that their juicers are good for 1st few week, then they break down, as i dont want to waste money can anyone tell me a good juicer to buy, i dont really want to spend loads of money on 1 but dont want to get a cheap 1 that i will have to replace soon,

    please help,

    Adele x

  295. gayle says:

    i spoke to my friend and she said not to worry too much so i have had diet soda and a cup of tea with splenda in. I had bad head too and thought i cant do this on pure water too hardcore. going to do it like this for a week and see what weight like if not working then i may cut out soda. My friend also said in a jordan interview she stated nearly impossible to sustaine this diet for more than three days with out having an odd snack of fruit. Hope this helps and good luck xxx

  296. Becca says:

    Hi gayle..I was also wondering the same thing..I started this today and have felt sick all day and now have a really bad headache..am gagging for a cuppa..helllllppppp x

  297. Adele says:

    hi, i’m thinking of trying this diet, i have a smoothy maker, but will buy a juicer since that seems better, but did you all buy a expensive juicer over £100 or are the £50 just as good, I’m 9st 3lb and want to be 8st 4lb….

    hope everyone else is doin well xx

  298. gayle says:

    Hi does anyone know if you can eat unlimited fruit too on this diet and what drinks can you have. Dont want to do it for a few weeks and discover my diet sodas and cups of tea are going against me . cheers x

  299. Becca says:

    Hi all,
    I have read all the comments and am looking forward to trying this diet tomorrow..I am going to do as Jordan and just have the ingredients above for breakfast and lunch and a healthy dinner..along with excercising everyday..I am 10stone today (size 10)…am aiming to get to 8.5stone(size 8 ) so will let you know how I get on…xxxx

  300. Jem says:

    Hey guys!
    i just started this juicing diet yesterday so i’m not really feeling the effects of it but it seems good and preparing the drinks in the evening fits in so well with work for me.
    i’m exercising everyday, but only 3 times at the gym doing cardio and then the other 4 times at home doing exercise videos in the attempt to tone up and ‘shrink’ my big ass and muffin tops!! ha!

    Annie – i’ve only just started this, but with any detox type diet headaches are normal. they suck, but they are normal. its all the nasty chemicals and toxins being released now that your eating simple clean food again. so although it hurts its a good sign and so should make you smile! 🙂

    Kirsty – how’s it going??


  301. kirsty says:

    didnt like it at all, was horrible, colour of it knocked me off b4 even tryin it, it went in the bin, waste of time but i am carryin on wd smoothies just not that 1 above, good luck 2 rest of yaz x x

  302. AnnieA says:

    Just started this diet three days ago and was wondering how long is it safe to do it and if I should take any vitamin tablets for calcium etc. Had really bad headache the first two days as well – is that normal? Have lost a few pounds already so will let you know how I get on.

  303. kirsty says:

    can any1 let me no were to get a juicer from and whats best 1 2 use? i only got a smoothie maker n didnt know i have to juice sum of the ingredients above xx

  304. kirsty says:

    i have been havin smoothies for breakfast and dinner for a couple of days now and finding i am full till tea time then which im aving a chicken salad or jacket potatoe with salad which keeps me goin then till morning no eating inbetween apart from a orange or bannana around 2oclock at work, i am tryin jorands jucie out in the morning see how i get on. i have put weight on since having the contriceptive implant in my arm in january which is a big mistake! and since leavin skool 2 i have pilled the pounds on! let you no how get on

  305. sarah says:

    Hi all,

    I did this juicing plan and lost 9pounds in two weeks..

    The first two days were the hardest but because you see results you want to stick to it!!

    I had no head aches, I felt great… I really believe it could work for everyone.

    I wasnt massively over weight to start… 9 stone and 5ft 3” but id put on some winter weight.
    Im going restart juicing tomorrow after a two week break..

    I’ll let you know if a cotinue to lose..

    Sarah x

  306. melissia says:

    hi guys,
    I’m in to my second week now. The first week i lost 5lbs and I was naughty a couple of times and didn’t have chance to exercise much due to work commitments. I find my stomach has shrunk now and I can’t manage a large evening meal (I’m usually a little piglet and love a big meal). I’m exercising more this week so I’ll let you know the difference it makes. I’m enjoying the juices (I’ve varied a few juices so as not to waste my other fruit in the fruit bowl) and I’m not hungry at all in the day.

    Amelie R – I too am a huge chocoholic and I’ve found after a few days the natural sugar from the fruit is enough, have lost my craving, and the weight coming off is a huge incentive.

    Dan – the only cons I’ve found is the occassional headache. No lack of energy I’ve had a nutritional meal in the eve which has worked for me.

    Good luck guys! Mel x

  307. Danielle says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Starting the diet in the morning, after weighing up the pros and cons, decided to start tomorrow as im off work, going away in four weeks so want to feel much lighter and less bloated.
    Will update on how its going etc as it did help reading the comments above. Will get on the scales in the morning!
    Dan x

  308. Jo says:

    Hello Ladies! I’ve just started the juicing diet yesterday so i’ve nearly completed two full days. I actually like the taste alot so thats a good thing, i’m a bridesmaid abroad later this year so i’m hoping to shift at least a stone, hope it works, gonna really try to stick to it! Good luck to everyone else 🙂

  309. Amelie R says:

    i want to try this diet but i’m not sure about how much it will cost me per week or day or whatever and i don’t have a juicer….how much are they normally and finally i’m a HUGE chocaholic and wondered if anyone here was as well and whether they had any tips to cut back on it somehow….
    cheers x

  310. Melissia says:

    Oh sharon, thanks for the tip about the blender! The spinach doesn’t juice well either so I might wack that in the blender too! That’s a big help!

    I’m on my 3rd day and I’m not feeling so hungry now… day one and two I could have eaten my own arm.

    Louise C – looking forward to hearing how the weighing goes.

    Thanks everyone!
    Mel xxx

  311. Louise C says:

    Ok finished the 7lb in 7 days juice diet. Fellt pretty rubbish through most of it actuallly but I’ve done it…whoop! As of Monday I started with the juices for brekkie and lunch and then healthy protein packed dinner. Feeling much better for this and got loads more energy for the exercises.
    Haven’t weighted myself yet though. Know I’ve lost weight and my bf commentted on how much slimmer I look after just one week but think I might wait until the start of next week to check for how much I’ve lost, hopefully we be more of a nice surpise then.

  312. Sharon says:

    Hi, I started the juice diet yesterday, but I have used it before and it definitely works.
    I drink peppermint or lemon and ginger tea to keep me going through out the day, it works for me!

    Mel – You should be juicing all ingrediants apart from the avacado and 1 apple. Once you have juiced everything you put the juice in a blender with the avacado, the remaining apple and some ice. Blend together for 45 sec.

    Good luck and be strong! Once you see the weight coming off, it becomes much easier.

  313. Melissia says:

    Hiya! I’ve started the juice diet today after finding the info and recipe on another website. I didn’t realise the receipe was to last you for brekkie and lunch so I drank it all for brekkie (oops!). Now I don’t know what to do for lunch as I’m getting hungry! I hope the hunger disappears after a few days as I’m not one to sit and be hungry for long!

    I’m getting married soon so I’m trying to slim and tone for that and my honeymoon. I’ve got a gorg bikini that doesn’t fit me yet! haha!

    I’ve done juice diets before and they give you lovely skin. I’ve also packed in smoking so I look more radiant for my big day. I’m spending my cig money on fruit now though! haha!

    Good luck ladies. Will get weighed tomorrow and then post back results if I lose any.

    Oh, and I’m using a juicer but it doesn’t juice the advacado very well, it just mushed it up and it stays in the machine.. are you using blenders instead?

    Mel xxx

  314. lynz says:

    Hi ya,

    Have decided to start the diet today,im going to make up my own recepies though aswel as use the one above.Starting weight is 10st 3p and i would like to be 8st 10p so we shall see!!I will keep everyone posted as to how im doing…

  315. Samantha says:

    Hi Everyone, your storys sound great… I weigh 13.7 and will be startng jucing on the 2 of May (pay day) can anyone recommed a good juicer??
    Thanks Sam

  316. Louise C says:

    Started the 7lb in 7 days juice programme again today. Got time of work so determined to stick with it.

    Rachel – I think the Psyllium Husks are pretty important as they help keep things moving if you get my drift!
    The Spirulina and Wheatgrass I think are helpful in giving you nutrients but perhaps not essential, really not sure. However you can get them at a reasonable price from http://www.bodykind.com.
    The deliver really quickly as well.

    Will report back on progress – hoping to loose 21lbs over the next months.

  317. Rachel says:

    Hi everyone, I’ve just bought the book 7lbs in 7 days and am really looking forward to starting this diet. I’m hoping to lose 4 stone – it’ll take a while but I really feel I can do do it this time.

    Was just wondering if everyone who tried the diet bought all the expensive supplements too, or did you just leave it out?

    Would appreciate a reply.

  318. Issie says:

    Hiya ladies.. please can I have all ure opinions?
    i am going on goliday in about 7 weeks, do u think i could lose two dress sizes by the time i go if i stick to this diet until i go? plus afew hours of excersice a week which im dreading! please write back

  319. Hayley says:

    I am finding this diet so hard to stick too – I did it fr a week and a half and lost 5lbs but am finding it increasingly hard to stick too – any advice would be greatly receievd!

  320. jeanne says:

    going to give this a go, i just had a baby two months ago, but i put on a load of weight during my pregnancy. I have lost 30lbs already, but i still would like to lose another fifty to reach my goal weight. I have currently started a no carb diet, but im going to give this juicing a go. i will keep you posted..
    wish me luck!

  321. Jan says:

    Juicers bought and all the fruit and veg and am ready to start first thing tomorrow need to shift 3 stone would be nice if it was of for the start of the summer. Can anyone tell me what their average weekly weight loss is.

  322. Katie says:

    Hi all!it sounds like you girls are all doing so well on this!well done!
    I have started it today so far had one smoothie for breakfast and one for lunch but have had a coffee in between..is this ok?
    I am not sure what to snack on between times either but i do need somethin so any suggestions would be gladly appreciated!!!
    my start weight is 10stone 12 and i am hoping to loose a bit by may because im off on holiday and wanna look good in my bikini again!
    hope it works for me..going to buy katie price fitness video today hopefully!!! best wishes everyone..will keep you updated on how i am doing.xxxx

  323. natts says:

    SHELL hiya dolly my mum started just after me think it was 21 jan but she stuck to it without any snacking or whine lol etc but yer she doing relly well she lost all in all 3stone 9 pounds she not doing it as much now but still eating healthy and does have the bottle of wine lol im still jucing on one week off the next god i pray for the week im not lol but it does give you something to look forwad too and as my mum says to me its not the diet that lets you down its your will power so girls remember when you reach for cupboard just say no no no and have an apple rivita or even a pack of quavers good look to all xxxxxxx

  324. catie says:

    This looks like a great diet to try I personally should lose 2 stone according to my BMI. But more importantly than that i want to reduce my cholesterol level at the moment it is slightly elevated, but still under 5 What I didnt realise until reading it the other day was that with high cholesterol you have a 50/50 chance of having a heart attack. Thats too big a deal to ignore. Plus my skin is really having a tough time and I want to nourish it more. Not going to start until next week. I need to get everything prepared or I will fail.
    Wish me luck

  325. Emma says:

    Do anyone else feel sick when they drink the juices? Just stopped for a couple of days and gone onto solid food and now feel fine. When i was on the juices kept feeling sick all the time.

  326. leigh says:

    hi id like to loose atleast 2 and a half stone and i just want sum tips. w/b leigh

  327. tina says:

    hi i really want to lose at least 2 stone, and with the bikini weather coming up i want to lose it as as fast as poss it, theres some jeans i brought and would love to get back in them.

  328. Tracey says:

    Hi all, Starting the diet today and raring to go. Have tried just about every other diet under the sun having piled on 2 1/5 stone before being diagnosed with underactive thyroid. Been told that the majority of people with this problem will find it virtually impossible to lose weight. Have an important function at the end of June and am determined to shift the weight.

    Will update but has anyone with an underactive thyroid been successful on the diet plan?

  329. elle says:

    hi all is it only me or what but the juices taste horrible managed two but then felt sick at the smell of them could i just have fruit juices instead of veg/fruit combined. desperate for any help and advice please.

  330. Hayley says:

    Hi all, I just wanted to say keep going it’s worth it. I’ve lost 1 1/2 stone is 6 weeks. 🙂

  331. elle says:

    got the book 7lb in 7 days going to get the juicer tomorrow will let u know how i get on. fingers crossed it works for me too

  332. elle says:

    hi ive been reading all the comments on here and have decided to give it a go. i am desperate to lose at least half a stone before my holiday to cuba in three week ideally more but anything will be a blessing cos at the moment im going up the scales with stressing about being fat for holiday. everyone seems to have good results from it so heres hoping, i already go to the gym 5 times a week but i struggle with dieting as im always hungary,

  333. sami says:

    hi everyone starting the diet to day want to lose two stone get to size 8 again. hopefully a stone by the end of april. so lets see. so ill weigh my self next week and tell you all.

  334. julie ling says:

    just read about this diet, will get ingredients tomorrow. I am desperate to lose some weight as I am off to the Dom Rep in 4 weeks, hope it works.

  335. Hayley Snell says:

    Hi Agnes, Thanks for the tips – i have measured and have lost 1/2 inch around my waist and an inch of my thighs.

    Feeling a bit better now about it all!
    I am training hard and have been down the gym 5 times this week. I really want to lose a stone by April!!
    Thanks Again Agnes and keep up the good work everyone

  336. steph says:

    hiya everyone just been reading your comments since i bought a smoothie maker the other day and they have really encouraged me to start this diet! 🙂 im currently 13 stone 7 and a size 16 would love to get to a size 12 before my hols in sept!! im planning to have a smoothie for breakfast one for lunch then a healthy dinner at night. i work in retail so constantly on ma feet running around a shop for 7 hrs a day and im gonna start doing my stepper as well when i get home from work. gonan hav a weigh in every sun so wish me luck please:)

  337. clarissa says:

    This detox sounds fab. Im so gunna give it a shot. I think every1 has dne so well, and it has encouraged me 2 give it a shot. After having my 2nd child 2 years ago, ive found it so hard to shift the weight, and with sitting on my butt at uni all day, and eating rubbish, i have bloomed to 10 stone, and only being 5 foot 1,so its not a good look for me, and i feel so uncomfy with myself. So today is the day, im going to buy all that i need and start 2moz with a goal of reaching 8 stone ( my pre baby weight ). So yes i will keep posted how i get on. And a big well done to every1 who has done so well, and good luck to all thoes who are starting. xx

  338. Agnes says:

    hi Hayley:)you training a lot, remember that muscles weigh more than fat so you may weigh more but you can have less fat. maybe instead of weighing yourself start measuring parts of your body like tummy, hips and tights.take care:)

  339. Janet says:

    hiya ladies couldnt help but notice all ure great succsess im going to try this myself shortly!

    is everyone excersicing along with this diet?

  340. Hayley Snell says:

    Please help – I have managed to put 1lb on since I started the diet (Tuesday) and am feeling really down. I have been going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week for the last month and since starting this diet. What am I doing wrong??!! I havent cheated once and cant understand why!!
    Feeling crappy 🙁

  341. Agnes says:

    hiya Anna, thanks for answer. well today is my second day. i cant change my meal so that i have it for lunch cus then im starving in the evening ang smoothie wont help, no way:(((i hope this hunger will pass… what about u? how long uv been on a diet? how much did u loose?thnks a lot,take care:)

  342. Hayley Snell says:

    Hello Ladies,

    I started this diet on Tuesday after reading all your positive comments – seems like you have all done really well and I am hoping to follow in your footsteps!!
    Wish me luck – my weigh in is on Tuesday so will let you know how I’ve done!

  343. Sarah says:

    im STILL not losing any weight! ive been stickin to this for one week then had abit too much vodka on the weekend so ive started over and have been good for aatleast 4 days. where am i goin wrong?

    is everybody doing lots of excersice? please get back im losing the will to live 🙁

  344. Anna says:

    hi agnes, it seems fine what your doing so far,i usually bake salmon or chicken for the evening meal with steam veg if you want to try something different. How long you been doing it?i noticed in a previous post that you finish work after 8pm and thats when you have your meal, if you can try and change it so you have the meal for lunch and the juice in the evening as it will be lighter on your stomach. Keep going!! 🙂

  345. Agnes says:

    iam hungry girls:(and can anyone help cus i dont know if iam doing it ok? thats my first day of this diet.i had a juice in the morning and then one for lunch and then in the evening rice, garlic kiev and salad.is that ok? please help please please…

  346. Anna says:

    hi ladies,
    firstly good luck to mrspinkno1 it will be worth it in the end, and dont give up cus then you have done so much for nothing, keeps me motivated as the amount of ingredients i get through, its money i could be spending on other things so thats why i’ll stick to it!
    took some measurements this morning as i didnt start yesterday as i planned so had my first lot of juice this morning, on my lunch break now so about to have second lot of juice and then this evening i have salmon and steamed veg to look forward to.
    Good luck everyone xx

  347. Shell says:

    Natt your doing amazing, I stated the diet in Jan stuck to it for about a week lost 7lbs, but kinda slipped off the diet now. But summer is soon approaching and I want to loose 2st for my big 30.
    how long was your mum on it for. HELP!LOL

  348. mrspinkno1 says:

    Hi everyone, i’m a huge 19 st 5 lbs and want to get down to a size 16. I’m going to start the juicing diet tomorrow, have tried it a few times but loss my willpower. So please every other juicer out there please wish me LUCK, will get back to you soon on how i’m doing. Feeling FAT and unhealthy at the moment. xx

  349. Anna says:

    Well i am about to start this diet tomorrow, i did do it for a week previously which was more of a detox as i wanted to look bit better for my birthday and in that week i didnt weigh myself but had a lot of good comments so from tomorrow im back on it untill ive slimmed down to my ideal weight.
    I was going to diet through weightwatchers and had set myself a target of half stone (7lb) a month so i am trying not to expect unrealistic results, i’ll be happy to of lost 3 stone by christmas – but going by some of your comments that might happen sooner! A tip of how your progeress is going if you want to see the results is to take a photo of yourself in underwear sideways and front facing then take same pics again in 2 weeks, 4 weeks etc then place the pics side by side to compare your difference in shape – a real boost if the scales stay same!
    Good luck to everyone – shall post tomorrow when weighed myself!

  350. Emma says:

    Hi there i am all prepared. I need to lose baby weight. I have 15 and a half weeks to my holiday and need to lose 28lbs is this do-able or is it too much?
    Wish me luck!

  351. Agnes says:

    hi everyone!!!hope ur going ok on this diet:)i would like to know if i understood that the wright way.i have to drink this juice for breakfast and lunch and then in the evening sth light like chicken and veg yes? and can i have my last meal after 8 pm as i finish my work at that time? please help!!!waiting for response:)many thanks:)

  352. emma says:

    im on day 4 now! i couldnt help it soo i had to go on the scales, and ive lost half a stone already!! im soo happy x keep it up girls its soo worth the hard work!

  353. Sarah says:

    I am on day 4 of this diet and so far i have lost nothing! i am havin a 300-400 calorie healthy dinner before 6 oclock and excersising for half an hour daily. why isnt it workin 🙁 ! maybe i am being a bit impatient because i am only on my fourth day but i thought i would of lost atleast 3lbs by now.

  354. Cindy says:

    Have been reading a few of the comments about this diet, seems like it is a good thing to do. cant believe it is 4:30 and i am searching for a diet….suppose i am desperate! right going to give this one a go-need some motivation so keep up the support! I have about 2 stone to lose so will keep the updates coming. bring it on!

  355. emma says:

    i’m on day 3 of the detox, some of the drinks i found quite discusting and couldnt false myself to drink them, so i just stuck to the ones i can just about manage.. im scared im not going to lose to weight! my goal is to lose 3 stone at least, i havent had a slip up yet (using my teeth) soo im gonna carry on. is anyone else having troubles on the juicing detox stage? i haven’t had any headaches or been to the loo either i need support! x x x

  356. NATTS says:

    oh niamh i forgot to say thats wit 40 mins exersice on a morning on the mini trampoline and situps and dancing any dancing lol i must look rite funny if anyone was to look trough my window and i take my 2 little ones to school by walking when im not jucing and i do the rosemary connaly dvd 3 times a week aswell as the 40 mins exersice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  357. lola says:

    Ive just started this today. I have successfully lost 10lbs in one month by counting calories (1200) and doing tae bo 6 x per week. I feel like I need something to help me continue to lose. Im going to try what Natts said about being on this diet for a week and then off a week. I think anything that your body gets used to is not good becuase it will make you loose slower or even come to the dreaded “plataeu” ! I will let you guys know how Im doing in a few weeks. The most important thing to weight loss though, is not the diet in my opinion…its in your head! you absolutely HAVE TO cut out ALL negative thought. You have to think like a winner. You have to believe with all that you are, that you are ALREADY thin but you just have to mold your body. Its like thinking that inside you, there is a treasure hiding. That treasure is the thin you. You cant see it now but its there…you need to carve it out by eating right and excerising. That thought motivates me everytime !

  358. NATTS says:


  359. Niamh says:

    Wow thats amazing Natts..can I ask how long you’ve been on the diet???

    Thanks Emma.. Going for dinner 2nite so just wondered. I’ll stick to chicken n rice so..hope they have that on the menu 🙂 I’ve had headaches since I started but they’re supposed to fade after the first few days..its just your body getting used to it. xxx

  360. NATTS says:


  361. emma says:

    i’m doing the 7 day detox first, you drink nothing but juice! only on my first day so far and its hard to avoid food i will admit! have a slight headache too. they recommend chicken and fish mainly. you should stay away from red meats. but rice and steamed vegetabes are vital. hope i helped! x

  362. Niamh says:

    Day 2 and feeling less hungry today.. here’s a question that someone might be able to answer for me. Instead of having chicken and salad every evening would it be ok to have a steak and salad sometimes for variation seeing as thats even higher in protein than chicken! Anyone tried this and still losing weight?? or you just sticking to chicken?? Thanks.. xx

  363. sami jones says:

    and what the best juicer out there

  364. sami jones says:

    hi iam thinking of starting the diet but is it expensive buying all the ingredients. let me no asap

  365. louise says:

    hi started this juice diet today its better than what i thought it will be didnt feel to hungry only in the evening just have to drink plenty of water will be doing it for about 3-4 months want to get into shape for the summer will let you know how i get on.

  366. Niamh says:

    Hi all.. after reading ur comments last Friday I was inspired to start this diet!! So thankyou!! Bought a juicer yesterday n started this morning..am feeling quite hungry but determined to stick to it!! Surprised at how nice the juice tastes.. keep ye updated xx

  367. megan says:

    hi every1 i started the diet last mon n it seems 2 b goin ok, does any boby have any other juices or smoothes they hav bn using as well as the 1 above

  368. Hayley says:

    Hi all.

    I have been juicing for a couple of weeks now and have lost 9 pounds. I don’t seem to be loosing anymore. Anyone hadthe same thing?

  369. Amy.S. says:

    hi every 1 i realy want 2 get in2 a size 8 i am only a size 12 but want to lose the weight 4 my weddin im starting it monday and hopefully it will work xx

  370. Lucie says:

    Hey honeys! I saw Katie’s diet in a mag & looked it up on here. She looks amazing, not only has she lost baby weight quickly her skin glows too. Wow some really impressive success stories. Its been a year since I had my daughter & I think it is about time I did something about my jelly belly, by hearing your results I am thinking this is the step forward. I am eleven stone & want to be nine & a half, I am going to start tommorow so I will let you know how things go.. wish me luck girlies X X X

  371. Laura says:

    Hi vist Jasons website http://www.juicemaster.com it has recipes and other usefull things
    all the best

  372. megan says:

    hi evety 1 i jst started the diet 2 day so hopefully ill mange 2 saty n there has anybody got any other reciepes for juices or smoothes??

  373. emma says:

    hi ya, i have just spent about an hour reading everyones comments and am feeling very encouraged! plus ive just ordered my juicer and i cant wait to get started! i am aiming to loose ALOT! ill keep you all informed each week! x

  374. not t3llin says:

    ive tried evrey thin to loose weight i hope dis helps

  375. holly says:

    im going to be starting this diet in a few days and i would really like to know if the juices are smooth or if they have lumpy bits in. x x

  376. Laura says:

    hows every one doing???

  377. julie says:

    My daughter Kim has just started this diet and has lost an amazing 9lbs in under a week!

    Kim only has a stone to lose anyway so this has been a quick easy and successful start.

    Im going to try it myself starting today.

    If anyone’s intersted have found Jason Vale’s book “Slim 4 life” which has great recipes for juice’s.

    Going to try a few of those too for variety.

  378. kerry says:

    hi all, iv just had my second baby at the beginning of febuary 2008 and was so upset to learn i was 12st 9ib after giving birth so i decided to try the jordan diet. the first two days were hell but i was determained to stick to it. after the second day the headaches went and i start to have loads more energy. iv just weighted my self on day 7 and cant believe wot im seeing, iv lost a whole 12ib. wee hee…. im finding it a bit expenive but the results are worth it.

  379. Laura says:

    hi all…how is everyone getting on??
    i doing fine, was gettin bored doing exercise at home on my own so i joined the gym with a mate and its great fun going with someone..

  380. miss d says:

    first thing in the morning then usualy dnt feel like a juice then if i get hunger pangs x

  381. Laura says:

    ok thanks miss d…also when do you take them?? like b4 juice or after, b4 bed??

  382. miss d says:

    hey laura yea i take 1-2 3 times a day tried 3 and was sick! do work when you drink loads of water theres only natural stuff in them so 3 3 times a day would b okxx

  383. Laura says:

    Miss d…How many of the physllium husks pills do you take daily??
    ive jusy brought some of ebay too, it said take 2-3 pills 3 times a day, that sounds alot.

  384. Laura says:

    hi Guys,
    How is everyone getting on??

  385. miss d says:

    well after 2 faild attempts at this diet think ive cracked it!! with reading ur tips above. i got the physllium husk pills from ebay find these good as they swell in your stomach so you feel full!!as laura said i feel sick after my first juice so have a piece of dry toast for breakfast 2 juices in the day and for tea home made soup. have been drinking loads of water and green tea am hoping i have lost will keep you updated. also if i feel hungry have found having a couple of french toast helps and theres not many cals in it. any more tips are much welcome!!keep it up girlysxxx

  386. Laura says:

    thx natts…felt sick this morning so had juice and 1 slice of plain toast after i felt fine 🙂

  387. jem says:

    hi katie firstly i think your stunning and i would like some tips on toning my stomach and bum as after 3 kids im loosing shape,im a size 10 but dont feel nice anymore. any help would be great thankyou.

  388. natts says:

    hi laura keep it up my girl!!!!! 3lb is brilliant my mar is on the weight wathchers diet she diets all the time up and down she goes ter rekon a pound a week is the best way as ten yer keep it off so yer done bloody gr8 dolly!!!!! iv lost 1lb so its coming off still so im kushti wit tat and i dont feel hungry tats ter worst feeling in ter world and make a weelend a treat day fri or sat i had a curry wit nan bread and rice on sat and ten it gives yer summet to look forward to and never gained anyting also iv stopped the musli and i have a bowl of shreddies i love tem lol didnt know i did untill i try some of my girls she was having for supper and ter really do fill you up and yer dont need suger on tem too anyways speak soon and keep up ter good work dolly god bless natts xxxxx

  389. Laura says:

    how is everyone doing?

  390. Jess says:

    Hiya Katie Price
    Have you got any tips on toning the body because im already a size 6 or size 8. I just want a toned body now. What foods do i eat for this or what do i need to? Or how many times do i need to do this? Please help 🙂

    Thank you x

  391. Laura says:

    Natts…thanks for the info, i did what you say your doing by having a snack and i too still lost weight not as fast as some people but im happy its coming off still lost 3lb in 5 days 🙂

  392. natts says:

    hiya emma yes i did i wasnt acually sick just felt it try and have a rivita with sliced banna on it i found that this helped or something low fat snac a jacks are good too!!!! im still losing weight by doing this but not as fast iv lost another 1and a half lbs i in 2 days and i dont feel as hungry by doing it this way and im still losing and not gaining hope this helps you dolly xxx

  393. emma says:

    I started this diet on monday 21st January, i started being sick today (5 days into it), has anyone else had this happen? I cant stop the hunger pains.

  394. natts says:

    hi all been weighed this morning cudnt resist iv lost 6ibs in six day thats a pound a day im cuffed to bits i found that day one and two were really hard and had really bad head (caffine withdraw) i guess but after that gr8 i still have a alpen bar with chocolate coating when if got in from picking the kids up with a cup of tea with silver spoon low fat suger and semi skimmed milk and 1 square of dark chocolate befor bed if i feel hungry after my tea i have a bowl of muslli and it fills me up for the night i have been dowing half and hour exersice on a morning and the same befor i go to bed but hey it really works im going to keep it up and try to get to 10 stone oh and im going to make a saturday night a treat night as i will sicken myself so rool on saturday lol ill keep you all posted and good look to you all xxxxx

  395. Laura says:

    hi all, diet is going well..its my second week but coz i messed up the 1st week by having a really bad day..i have started over again so really this is my 1st week if you see what im saying lol….
    this might sound really strange knowing the juices fill me up after about an hour i do eat an apple after that i go hours before my next juice..
    is it ok to eat fruit in between juices??

  396. BECCA says:

    Hi started diet monday felt ill 2day and really hungry so just had kfc and feel really sick and bloated will start over 2mora .

  397. BECCA says:

    hi ya im starting diet monday can it be frozen?

  398. natts says:

    good morning all. iv started the diet this morning this is the first ever diet iv been on iv always weighed betweeen 10 stone and 11 stone size 14 and its never botherd me before now. BUT!!!! i started to drive 5 months ago and iv gone upto 12 stone and the 14 jeans a a little tight well lets say my tummy hangs over then at the lol so all wish me look as im also a chocaholic sine having my first child 8 years ago and then with my second the chocolate was even moe lol!!!! so all wish me luck ill let you all know in a weeks time hoe im doing and well done to you all xxxxxxx

  399. Laura says:

    im really angry with myself, Yesterday was one of those days on time to breeth…didnt have any juice, grabed food as when i could and feeling really tierd today for it…all is good again got up went back on the juice..
    Im wanting to join the gym trying to find a gym buddy to go with is harder than i thought.
    How is every1 else doing??

  400. ANYA says:

    I am on day four on the jason Vale juice diet, haven’t weighed myself yet and I won’t until the end.
    I feel terribly hungry all the time and have a sick feeling as well, been having constant headaches for the past two days.Hoping it will pass.
    I don’t have cravings for bad food but I do want something solid to fill me up and stop me with the hunger feeling.
    Once it’s over I will implement the juices in my normal diet and do like Jordan does, have a chicken or fish salad/veg.But I do like brown rice or pasta, so occasionally will add that to my diet too.That, combined with regular exercise should keep my weight at the way I want it.

  401. Maiu says:

    Hey, i am going to start this diet tomorrow, i have a questoin to those who has lost a lot with this diet. How late do you eat your dinner? I have been reading from books that it is not good to eat after 18.00, is this right?

  402. Laura says:

    Thank you Sally Webb, i will post on monday after i have weighed myself fingers crossed i lose something 🙂

  403. SALLY WEBB says:

    This is my second week and i now weigh 14st 3lb so lost another 3lb this week! 11 in total now!!!!!! stone here i come.
    Laura u sound the same as me i have two juices a day and a main meal with my family two kids also. I was really hungry the first two days then it passed, i fill up on drinking loads of water and evey night i treat my self to a small funsize choc or a glassof wine, it worked 4 me so far!!!!!! Keep it up Laura dont give up

  404. Laura says:

    hi first day on this and already caved in on a choc bar (i feel angry with myself) can only help me on this?? ive been told about crave controll patches is there any other way..im a big choco fan..
    I have to children so im only having 2 juices a day so im still eating dinner as a family.
    Also i like a can of larger one a night is this ok or should i cut down or stop??

  405. Lauren says:

    Hey everyone. Just reading all your comments. I started this diet 4 days ago and have already lost 5lbs. I wasn’t going to check until the end of the week but I could feel the difference straight away. Its pretty touch for the first few days and I did feel quite sick but it is well worth it as I now feel super. Stick in at it.

  406. Shell says:

    Want to start this diet, will on Monday.
    How has Dawn Hall got on?

  407. saz says:

    im doing ok, kind of lol there are some lovely fruit based smoothies and shakes in Jasons Keeping it Simple book, which are very satisfying, however if the majority of your food intake is through the juices/ smoothies, id suggest making sure you have at least 2 veg based ones a day to ensure you are getting all the required nutrients etc. Im not a big fan of the veg based ones but they provide you with necessary extras that complete a healthy diet

  408. Louise C says:

    Day 4 and not felt too good today either. Felt really sick at the thought of having to drink more of those juices so in the end I made two of the yoghurt juices…..feel much better after those, YUM!

  409. Sam says:

    Ive only done the shake at the top of the page and had a fish salad for tea but ive just got juicer and got jason’s book free so i’ll now try some more shakes .How you doing ?

  410. SAZ says:

    which programme are you following?

  411. Sam says:

    3rd day today, feeling gr8 stood on scales this morning i know i shouldnt have but ive lost 3lb in 2 day’s so hope more come’s off this week but if not 3 is gr8 eh ?
    I too would like to know donna if i could have a wine so if anyone know’s please let us know ?

  412. Summer says:

    Im on day 3 and im startin to get feed up drinkin the juice, i feel like am gona be sick just before i drink it.. not doin gd at all!!

  413. Louise C says:

    Was planning to start this before Christmas but came down with a cold…so here we go, take 2!

    Started on Monday and not feeling too bad so far, although I haven’t managed to have all the juices for each day as I’m feeling really full and finding the though of drinking more a bit nauseating – has anyone else experienced this?

    Just coming to the end of day 3 and feeling really tired after my gym workout. However I did feel pretty good throughout the day so think it’s just the exercise that does that!

    Will keep you posted on my progress

  414. donna says:

    Hello there just me again i went and got my smoothie maker today im going to start it on monday, but it’s my friends birthday the sat after and just wanted to know if you can drink while doing the diet because drinking wine is not really good for losing weight and i dont know if to start it this week or the week after. the jucies dont sound to good but ill keep them in the fridge at work so they aint warm, i hope i can do this coz i want to be a size 8 for when i go on holiday im a 10 now so got a while to loss a bit

  415. SAZ says:

    well 2nd day now.

    The 7lb book is very good if you sit at home all day and dont work.

    The fact is you need a juice every 2 hours and having to take them to work they warm up and taste totally vile, which is strange as they are quite palletable ice cold.

    So i have found myself having a small pasta salad at work in the day, i know its against the programme but oh well everyones lifestyles are different and i realise if i could remain at home for 7 days it would be easy enough to follow the programme religiously!

    I do however feel fantastic, much more awake and having bought a rebounder as the author recomends in the book, im also enjoying excercise, ive got a good feeling about this!!

  416. Paula H says:

    WELL DONE SALLY WEBB….keep it up and your dream weight/size will be there soon 🙂

  417. SALLY WEBB says:

    Hallo everyone! I started the juicing plan last Tuesday the 2nd of January, I have just weighed myself after a week and i have lost 8lb!!! I feel great, the first two days were hard but got used to it now i really like the taste. My weight to start off was 15stone exactly and im 14st 6lb so im chuffed to bits!!!!!!!!!!

  418. Laura says:

    hi Guys
    Just got 7lbs in 7 days book from ebay for a fiver 🙂
    Going to read that and start the diet on Sat.
    My friend is doing this and has lost 16lbs in 5 weeks hope i can do as well as she has.

    LACEY….If your half of Katies age you are about 14ish? Ive just joined the Gym they said to me the younger the person the easier it is to lose weight, if you stick to this or any diet and try to do 30 mins excerise a day even if its walking faster or going up and down stairs it will all help…your’ll feel tierd out of breathe hot even sweat…good keep on going that means its working. All the best keep us all up dated.

  419. Summer says:

    Hey every1, well i just started the juice diet 2day, one in the morning an one for lunch and gona have steamed chicken an veg for dinner. I have made the smoothie that Jordan used as above, fink i used a tad to much cucumber cause thats all i can taste. Its gd don’t get me wrong but don’t fink i cud drink the same one every day.

    My weight in the morning was 185lbs, looking to lose 59lbs so wish me luck.

    Will let every1 no how im gettin on 🙂

  420. Sam says:

    Starting tomorrow but already made it up as got very little time on a morning, taste’s lovely so just hope it’s filling ? How is everyone else doing on this ? Xx

  421. SAZ says:

    Hi guys

    Im starting the 7ib in 7 days juice diet and im dreading it tbh. Im currently just under 10 stone and i want to get down to eight, its constant juice and no food for seven days.

    As a food addict with an unbearable hunger problem i really worried but nothing ventured nothing gained!!

    Some of the juices/ smoothies sound revolting however nothing ventured nothing gained!

  422. donna says:

    Hello There Everyone,

    Hope you are all doing well with your diet’s,
    I want to start doing the smoothie diet just reading up on it at the moment but it sounds cool i just want to get a bit toned up for the summer and tho this would help me do this i want to loss about 4-5 inch’s off my waist so maybe a few smoothies for a week or two and exersise will do this for me, has anyone got any tips for me coz this really does sound hard ive been doing that drop a jeans size 2 bowls of Crunchy Nut and 2 meals for 2 weeks and i feel abit weak so this is going to be even harder


  423. lacey says:

    i need to lose weight fast my thighs are huge will this diet lose the weight of my thighs

  424. lacey says:

    i am a big fan of katies and think she looks great i am half her age and look terrible plz help me lose weight

  425. zoe g says:

    Hi no prob ask away

    beet is beetroot , and i made smoothies and juice fresh every day, apart from ma big jug of carrot juice to drink throughout the day to keep hunger away , the pills are called psyllium husks and i bought it at holland and barrets for about 7-8 pound for 200 pills

    they are very good take 2 in the morning 30 mins before eating and last thing when you go to bed it really makes you full and helps with eth diet

    yep 2 weeks no solid food , and after the 2 weeks i have a solid meal in teh evenings , but something light

    like a salad etc , hope this helps xx

  426. Laura says:

    ZOE….thx for all the info…..just to check i got it right

    you had juice for 2 weeks no solid food??

    Beet is Beetroot??

    Holland and Barrets – you said about pills do you know what theyre called?? are they expensive??

    One more question, when do you make the juice fresh every time you have one, or make all night before ect??

    Sorry about all questions, going to my local market to buy all i need.

  427. zoe g says:

    one more thing , dont know if i mentioned this before , if your hungry have a juice , to satisfy your craving for food

    if you go hungry youll find that all you think about is eating , and thats when you cave in and binge , so as soon as you feel hunger have a juice

    I usually have a huge jug of carrot juice and drink that throughout the day ,


  428. zoe g says:


    if your craving something warm as a change , try making a alkaline broth carrot tops potatoe skins beet tops , simmer together strain and drink

    also blended linseed (holland and barrets again ) is brill as an added extra to smoothies and juice



  429. zoe g says:

    fruit leather or fruit roll

    use pulp from juicer , put your oven to the lowest temp
    spread the pulp onto a baking tray , ie apple and orange etc , and bake for about 3 hrs or until sticky , THIS WILL SATISFY YOUR SWEET TOOTH

    1 BEET


    1 BANANA

    1 ORANGE
    1 PEAR
    1 APPLE

  430. zoe g says:

    Hi everyone , ok this is how i did it , i completley cleansed myself ,

    i had as much juice as i wanted , or only when i was hungry but only veg , ie avo cucumber celery beet and maybe some ginger , then if i felt peckish later on id have carrot and apple obviously drank loads of water throughout the day and in the evening i had a smoothie (veg)for dinner

    A good thing is aswell psylium husk (not sure if its spelt correctly) i bought a bag of the stuff in a health food shop its absolutley fowl to drink (you mix it with water and its like drinking paste) but it fills you up and eliminates toxins in the colon

    i found a better on at holland and barrets in pil form so you just take 2 in the morning drink 2 glasses of water (on an empty stomach ) thn warm lemon water , then if im still hungry a smoothie

    To the ladies who are just starting hang in there coz you will honestly feel awefull the first few days , dizzy headaches etc youll also be very snappy , and you will prob think of nothing else but food

    HONESTLY though it does get better

    ill post some more recepes in a while , also for those of you who have a sweet tooth , like me

    May i suggest fruit leather , its like a home made fruit roll use all the pulp from the juicer to make it ..

  431. Summer says:

    Hey every1 i bought my juicer there before xmas and haven’t started the diet as yet, goin out for a friends birthday on sat all day so gona start the diet on Monday. Im so excited can’t wait to start it an start losing weight. I used to weight 154lb but since giving up the fags April last year i have put on a 28lbs now weighting 182lbs the heaviest ive ever been.

    I was online browsing and found this page http://www.harpercollins.co.uk/Resources/extracts/ex_loose_7lbs_juice_master.pdf it gaves u recipes for the juices. Hope this helps.

    Will let every1 no how i get on.

  432. Laura says:

    hi Zoe, you have done so well…..

    Do you have another Juice recipie you could post please? other than the one posted at top of this page….

    When you said you been juicing for 2 weeks is that 3 juices a day? did you snack on fruit or anything?

  433. SALLY WEBB says:

    To Zoe, u know when u only did juice for two weeks did u stick to the one abovethat jordan did or another one and how many did u have a day?

  434. Lisa B says:

    Hi, Have been thinking of doing this diet for a while. Bought a juicer today with my xmas money and am going to start tomorrow. Have 2 and a half stone to loose and would like to be able to wear a bikini this summer. Hoping to feel better and have morre energy. Will let you know how I get on !

  435. holly says:

    im going to start this diet on monday, does any one have any good tips for sticking to it as i have tried every diet but i get bored so easy. I have got about 4 stone to loose by april/may and i just want to know if i can reach this goal on this diet. Also, do you do the dvd every day? x x x

  436. zoe g says:

    Hi everyone , just been reading all your comments , and wanted to add my 2 cents

    Ive been juicing for about 2 years now , im 24 and couldnt feel healthier, sounds odd but my blood feels cleaner if you know what i mean , when i started , i weight about 13 stone , got on the juice diet , cut out carbs , red meat and only had juice for about 2 weeks , but introduced solids after that and carried on i with it

    in 2 months i lost 43 LBS , but put 3LBS back on after that

    So in totall i lost about 40 LBS APROX 3 STONE

    anyway ive been pigging out over xmas and new year and am now back on to fully juicing

    ps , ive also cut out meat completly and dont have dairy , i feel much healthier and alot lighter for it


  437. sara says:

    Hi all i’ve been reading all our comments over the last few weeks and decided now is the time for me to give it a try! 😉 Have bought myself a new juicer, and just been out to but all the ingredients, i’m going to start it tommorrow and see how it goes! I will keep you all posted…I am going to give up smoking tomorrow at the same time, so thought i’d jump in head first and go for it all at same time! Wish me luck!!
    Any recipe ideas or tips on snackin etc would really be appreciated!
    Good luck everyone, and happy new year!! 😉 xx

  438. dawn says:

    hey all…just got the jason vale book loose 7lb in 7 days for £1 in asda. it has loads of recipes in there just thout let u know noticed a few of you wanted more ideas. im starting on tue keep u informed hav a fab new yrx

  439. SALLY WEBB says:

    Hallo everyone, just been reading all the comments. Im going to start 2nd of January want to loose about 3 stone. You have inspired me Paula reading ur entries. Im 15 stone im 28 with two children and need to do something!! will let u knw how i get on!!!

  440. lisa says:

    i’m going on this diet after new years but i just wanted to know ,if i get hungry in between my juice’s can i snack on fruit

  441. prescilla says:

    ok thanks, i think im going to start this tomorrow, so how long did u do the juice for lunch and breakfast for? 6 weeks?

    merry christmas to you too!
    would u mind writing out a few sample day menus for me please, im a bit confused if and when carbs i.e. sweet potato, pasta are allowed and when?

  442. Paula H says:

    hi all…How is everyone doing??
    Merry Christmas 🙂

  443. Paula H says:

    prescilla……I do 30 mins a day, i also ride my bike when i pick my youngest up from school i have a seat on back for him that makes it harder to ride
    im joining the gym after christmas but for now i do things at home

  444. prescilla says:

    paula how much exercise did u do on a daily basis and how many times a week??

  445. Laura says:

    Hey every1 ive been lookin to try this diet ever since i heard about it. Eventually ordered a juicer y’day woohoo 1st step.Only thing is it anit ere til 19/12/07 so gona stuff my face over xmas and then start it after xmas.

    My weight always goes up an down all the time, i was 154lbs before i stopped the fags and now being off them since April this yr my weight has shot up to 182lbs… im soo depressed all the time. Pls gave me help and support rly need it 🙂 thanks.

  446. Dawn says:

    Hey after reading how well paula has done on this im going to start tomorrow!! im 24 and have a lot to loose!! does anyone have the odd drink with this diet? would just once a week do any harm? x

  447. evie says:

    hi…i started the jordan juice diet 2 weeks ago, have a weddin next week and set my self a target, at the beginning i weighed 10 stone 2 lb, now after 2 weeks i have lot 9lb and am weighing 9stone 7lb and am hopin to get down to 9stone. one piece of dvice…stick to it!! the first 3 days are hard, aftr tht its fine!!

  448. kelly says:

    Hi, i’am thinkin about startin jardon’s juice diet ,and want to lose about 4 stone , i dont eat big meals i’m just always hurgy is there anyone else like me ! if so have you done this diet and how did you cope ? also can you have soup ? with this diet , i think jorden is great and sure does look it lol.

  449. Louise C says:

    Hey everyone,

    I’m starting this diet this week and fingers crossed will get me into this lovley dress hanging in my cupoboard in time for mine and my boyfriends anniversary.

    For more recipies and information check out the Daily Mail website:


    Good Luck

  450. Paula H says:

    i do have bad days….i have a sweet tooth aswell….i do keep a some fun size choc in the house for those days.

  451. Kelly says:

    I have just started this diet and it’s OK but really need to loose well over a stone. Kim hows it going.

  452. zoe says:

    ok ill try that thanks
    ive had such a bad day 2day eat loads of chocolate etc i feel horrible now :(… do you have alot of bad days?


  453. tan says:

    hi there everybody, have been reading your blogs on the diet and started myself yesterday. thought it tasted great was thinking it would be horrble, i like the diet andi dont find myself too hungry its quit filling in it. wow cant believe how much some of u have lost and gonna try hard myself.

  454. Paula H says:

    i like to lose another 6lb…
    yeah i have found it has costed me alot more, i try to go down to my local market for fruit its abit cheaper there.

  455. zoe says:

    thanks for tht i wil try it 🙂

    omg thats great so are u carrying on wit it then? how much more you hoping to loose?.. do you feel it cost alot beause i have spent about £15 in just four days because you need so much in it?

  456. Lou says:

    Hey there. Gave it an honest go. No cheats at all, after 7 days did not loose even one lb! Oh well, not all diets are for everyone. I started low carb again and lost 3 lbs in 2 days….this worked for me before so I will just stick with this. Good luck to all of you!!
    if you wish …..u will find me at http://www.lowcarbfriends.com

  457. Paula H says:

    hi Zoe….

    i sauce i make is a tomato sauce i use

    tin chopped tomatoes
    dried pasta shells
    tbsp olive oil
    cloves garlic
    shallots, finely chopped
    red chilli (optional)
    tomato purée
    sprigs fresh thyme
    salt and pepper

    Sometimes i snack if i do it be fruit, small salad, nuts or yogurt (have a sweet tooth)

    I have lost 40lbs in 11 weeks

  458. zoe says:

    hi paula..

    thanks yeh that is a good help what kind of sauce do you have with your pasta? do you snack in between like fruit and nuts or do you just drink two juices and a meal?

    I am doing good so far this is my second day and i am enjoying it the juice is really nice 😀

    if you dont mind me asking how much have you lost so far?

  459. Paula H says:

    Zoe..hi and welcome 🙂
    i have been doing this juice diet for a while and it does work as long as you stick to it 100%….
    As for dinner thats bit hard as you dont like veg and salad, hope this might help you i eat chicken,fish,pasta (i make my own sauce or you can use a low fat sauce) jacket potatoes with either tuna,beans and cheese.

  460. zoe says:

    hi im thinking of atrting this juicing diet tomoro does it really work has any1 been doing it for a while. what do u reccommend for dinner i dont like veg or salad so its hard for me that y i want to juice i so i get my nutrients i really want to loose a stone for christmas?

    any comments would be fab

  461. lou says:

    thanks…..altho the scale says different…my clothes are looser and my tummy looks flatter. Only had one coffee today, no pop. 🙂

  462. Paula H says:

    Yeah cut down on the coffee and coke…. i use to drink alot of them, i now have 2 – 3 coffees a day and coke maybe 2 – 3 times a week (cans), i found i lost more after i cut down.

  463. lou says:

    I do the 5-day abs video everyday and another one for butt and legs. About 30 mins in total. I should start running again. I was so hoping to wear my bikini in Cuba in 4 weeks. 🙁
    I have been drinking coffee tho and diet coke. Maybe I will just ditch those and stick to water?

  464. Paula H says:

    Lou, you will get there…give it few more days for your body to get use to it, also if youve used banana that will take little bit longer…..
    are you doing any exercise??
    I do 30 mins a day, i also ride my bike when i pick my youngest up from school i have a seat on back for him that makes it harder to ride 🙂
    im joining the gym after christmas but for now i do things at home.

  465. lou says:

    day 3 and I have not lost a lb. 🙁

  466. Lou says:

    I am using the katie price diet ingredients…I just tried it with a banana, tastes good but weight won’t come off as fast so I wont’ be doing it again. It still tastes fresh in the morning and I do put in in a cup with a lid. I just don’t have the time in the morning for this….lol

  467. Paula H says:

    Lou….i agree the shakes are better juiced….

    you said you used a banana what recipe are you using??

    Also you make the shake at night ready for the next morning, does it still taste fresh? do u put it in tub with lid? also do you blend it in morning or just stir it?

    sorry about all questions sounds like a good idea to do at night, im rushing around in morning to get kids to school ect.

  468. lou says:

    Vicky, they say to have a serving (palm of your hand size) of veggies and some protein with it….chicken or fish.

  469. lou says:

    I bought a juicer!! It is so worth it!! Shakes taste soooo much better! You still have to use the blender however at the end so a lot more to clean up but I do my shakes at night so they are ready for the next day. I snuck in a banana today because I was out of cukes…..sooooo gooooood!

  470. vicky says:

    hi i am planning on starting the diet as from monday , where can u go to find more recipies and please can any one say what u r allowed to eat for evening meals

  471. Lou says:

    Ok, I know Katie Price is 5’9, but does anyone know how much she weighs?

  472. Lou says:

    can anyone recommend a good juicer….there are so many out there!

  473. Lou says:

    sorry Paula…should have read before responding….36 lbs in 10 weeks is awesome….I was using a blender and was finding it hard to juice …..swallowing bits of celery stands….yuck…felt like hair.

  474. Lou says:

    Hi Paula!
    How much have you lost? What was your starting weight? I don’t know if I should give it another go or go back to low carb…..so confused.

  475. Paula H says:

    Hi Lou…ive been doing this for 10 weeks now. For dinner i would have chicken and veg or salad, Jacket Potatos with either tuna, cheese or beans sometimes with salad, fish salad or home made chips, home made chicken nuggets, pasta, …once a week i would still have a take away.
    sometimes im hungry in between if i am i would have some fruit or small bowl of salad or sometimes 2 biscuits.
    i use a juicer.
    Hope this is helpful to you (and anyone else) hope all goes well for you. 🙂

  476. lou says:

    one more question….are you using a juicer or blender?

  477. lou says:

    Paula, how long did it take to lose 36lbs? And what do you eat for dinner? Are you hungry in between shakes?

  478. Paula H says:

    Hi..i just wanted to let you guys know….. i found the smoothie thick and for me it was to hard to drink (as i dont like thick drinks/milkshakes) so i left out the avocado still taste great, was thiner more like a juice plus i still lost 7lb in a week on it… for those who find it hard to drink or just fancy a change.
    All together ive lost 36lb 🙂

  479. Lou says:

    kim, how are you doing so far?

  480. Lou says:

    7 lbs in a week?? May I ask what your starting weight was? I am finding myself starving in between shakes….:(

  481. Lou says:

    Just started this today. The shake is delish! Can’t wait for lunch!! I am going to Cuba in 5 weeks!! Need to look better in my bikini!

  482. Amy says:

    Hi Jane and Kim (and anyone else that wants to read!!!
    Jason Vale is the guy that helped Katie on her DVD and it is his receipt!! He has several other books that have loads of other juicing receipts in it!!! I do not know if you are into myspace at all but here is the URL to his page:
    Or if you are not you could go to a Barnes and Nobel (or any other book store) and they should have some of his books!! You could buy one or Im sure that you could just write down a couple receipts…if your cheap like me hahaha!!!! Just thought that I would let you guys know. I have yet to start the diet…I have to save the money to buy a juicer! I cannot wait to start it though!!!! Hope that helped you guys!!!


  483. Jane says:

    Hi Kim,
    I started a week and a half ago and weighed myself after one week and i had lost 7 pounds 🙂
    But like yourself i wouldlove to know if there are other recipes to try as i think i may get bored with the same thing all the time.
    Please post here on how your getting on.
    Jane 🙂

  484. Kim says:

    Hi Iv’e been on the diet since Monday and i find it ok but very hungry and by dinner time im starving and after ive eaten my dinner i still find i still pick at food. Does any one have any other recipes other than the green one as it would be nice to vary it a bit. Not sure if i’ve lost anything yet but will weigh myself next week. Be nice to hear how anyone else is doing x

  485. chelsea says:

    hi i had a baby 6mnths ago and have lost 3stone on this smoothie since,i really reccommend it but do suggest you stick to it for quite a while as my friend found as soon as she stopped it she just put the weight back on,ill defo be sticking to it as im getting married in june and have to keep the weight off,best of luck to all who do it..

  486. Jane says:

    Hi All 🙂

    I did try ther diet a while ago but i did not stick to it 🙁
    I am going to start it again tomorrow as i did feel fantastic when i did it before and this time i have to stick to it as i am gettting married in May 2008 and want to look good 🙂
    Does anyone know if there are other recipes that you can use than the normal green one!!!! did try looking at the link above but it would not display and i cannot seem to find a copy of closer 20th June 2006 for other recipes.

    Hope to catch up again soon.


  487. Kim says:


    Has anyone used a blender instead of a juicer? Does it work? I want to start the diet next week as have one and a half stones to lose of baby weight – my son is now two!!

  488. serena says:

    also is it any different if you use a blender

  489. serena says:

    hi, i am looking at doing katie prices juice diet, but does anybody where to get her 7 day juice plan x

  490. Becky says:

    I’ve recently had a baby and am desperate to lose the jelly belly and feel like a yummy mummy! I’m starting the Juice Diet tomorrow, it sounds like it really works!
    Good Luck everyone x

  491. martine says:

    i started the katie prices smootie diet today. i have a smoothie maker and found it quite hard to mix everything as i havent got a juicer, but also didnt like the thickness, so what i did was add a glass of juice( i used tropical from asda) along with the ice etc etc and not only was it easier to mix but alot easier to drink. i also am around 14 stone, i comfort eat and due to recently splitting up with my husband turned to my downfall, cakes and chocolate…so today, as much as i thought it would kill me i had my 1st smootie 4 brekkie, then 1 at dinner…………at 5pm when i normally cook dinner for me and the children, i was full i cudnt eat a thing!!!!! im going to go back to the gym next monday and hopefully get rid of this fatness. im not to keen on the toliet trips at the moment though, but dont mind, im hoping i get good results, would love to keep in contact with others to see how they get on too.x

  492. Paula H says:

    andrea – yeah this really works ive been doing this diet for about 4 weeks now and have lost 21lb but you should try and do at least 30mins a day excerise if you cant every day do more on the days you can….stick to it..it really does work. all the best keep us up dated we love to hear how you get on 🙂

  493. andrea says:

    hey i want to be a model just like katie n for that i need to lose a little weight does the juice plan actully work?

  494. Summer says:

    Hey every1 i wud luv to start Jordans diet, but don’t have a juicer I have a blender instead, wud that do the same??

    Pls reply bck??

  495. Alison says:

    me and my fiance not long moved into our first house and we have take aways 5 times a week it’s just so easy. We’ve just joined the gym but were still eating junk im going on katie’s diet tomorrow as i’ve tried everything else. the above comments mostly say great things got to lose 3st so wish me luck. x

  496. Paula.H. says:

    this is going well, it took awhile to to get use to the flovour but i stayed with it glad i did i lost 8lb in the first 7 days. i felt full up after each one. keep it up girls it does work 🙂

  497. jessica says:

    hi evryone ive recently had a baby n since then i cnt stop eating its getting me rly down ive tried excersing n cutting out all the junk food but its getting me no where i just give in can anyone tell me howi can stick to it plus im a very fussy wen it cums to fruit n veg so dast doesnt help but i drink alot of fresh orange juicen cranberry juice is dat any good for me pls post bk

  498. sophie says:

    hi i got hold of the closer diet page where they showed jordons diet


    hope it helps

    happy juicing

  499. sophie says:

    really want to lose a stone got no motivation, going to start this diet from monday as im starting a new job and will feel more willing to try! please post recipies and btw the gym does nothing for me! makes my legs bigger or thats where im comfort eating!

  500. Nette says:

    Hi SHaz, did u manage to get dwn to 7.7lb,? that is what i am aiming for and wondered if this diet worked for u ?

  501. Kara says:

    First day to try Katie’s smoothie recipe from above – thick and very filling. Need to get a juicer I guess. I used the liquify and blend on my blender. Can’t wait to hear how everyone else is doing. Will try other recipes mentioned here. I prefer a Little less tart or sour and more sweet.

  502. claire says:

    got told today ’bout katies juice diet off a freind, shes lost just under a stone in 4 days, so im going to try it, starting date 1st october cos i,m off that week from work-i run a kitchen- so it should be easier for me to do when im not at work, less temptation, ill keep you posted

  503. Amelia says:

    i’m not really fat but i have really bad cellulite does anyone have a cure?
    Also i am starting the juice diet tomorrow wish me luck!

  504. Hayley says:


    Im thinking of starting this diet!!

    Would you say it’s definately recommended?

  505. i had my son two months ago by c-section and i have not lost any weight at all. i have a jelly belly and currently a size 14, i need to got down to a size 10. the diet sounds fab, will start tomorrow and i hope to successfull in two months time. wish me luck.

  506. kellie says:

    hi girls, started this diet on tuesday i want to loose a stone and feel healthier ive been eating to much food and drinking to much cider. after 2 days i started getting bad tummy ache and felt rotten but friday and 2 day i feel fantastic and ive lost 3Ib. i think all the fruit and veg drink was getting all the crap out of my insides. its worth trying and if you do get tummy ache dont worry it will pass. good luck

  507. Paula.H. says:

    hi this sounds great just what i need, i will start diet on sat 8th sept, i need a kick start of a diet fingers crossed this will work (sounds like it will) im 25 married mum of 2 boys, around 15 stone size 18-20 clothes (not happy at all) all school life was size 16 i be happy any size 14 or under. my oldest son who is 7 in 4 wks came home from school and said his mate asked if i was having a baby coz i got big tummy, that was it for me i got to do this for my sons. can you one give me recipes for dinner please. will post how i get on weekly 🙂

  508. charlene says:

    hi want to look better in my bikkini in 7 wks size 8 to 10 my questions are will any juicer do or do i need a certain make and recipes for diner diner please help.

    kind regards

  509. mel says:

    Hi i’m going to start this diet tommorrow sounds great just hope it works ,the old will powers not that great but i’ll keep you posted.

  510. Gemma F says:

    Started this morning! Went out to buy a juicer and all the ingredients last night. Having my first cup now for breakfast – very green and sloppy! Weighed myself this morning so starting weight is 11st 10lbs! Will weigh again next week and then after the two weeks. Mmm I could eat some chocolate!!…

  511. Gemma F says:

    I’m going to start this diet tomorrow morning – I’m off to buy a blender and my fruit and veg after work tonight. I’ll weigh myself tonight too and let you all know my starting point tomo!! Wish me luck! I’ll keep a daily update too!

  512. Laura says:

    How is the diet going for everyone. A lot of people posted they started it… how is it turning out?

  513. Sara says:

    I have been reading about this diet alot. My biggest thing is, am I going to feel hungry. My husband and I are both going to try it, I am not fat by any means, however I feel fat. We are going to start tomorrow, Sunday Sept 2nd and try it for a couple of weeks. I want to get back into a two piece. I will come back on to let you know my results.

  514. Shaz says:

    Hi im goin to start the diet tomorrow. im currently 8stone 3 pounds and want to get dwn to 7stone 7pounds for my holidays. i will get back and tell you how i get on. I have a smoothie maker so does it mean i can use this or should i make it as it shows above. anyways gud luk 4 the diet every1.

  515. Natalie says:

    hi i am starting the diet today wish me luck x

  516. maz says:

    Hi diet going well feeling good not hungry at all doing lots of exercise so will hopefully feel the benefit soon.

  517. michelle says:

    whats the egg diet???bet that has sum side effects :S
    going to try this diet…1st holiday with the bf in oct n want to look nice in my bikini…hoping to lose half a stone to a stone.at 5ft 8 i should be 10/10 n a half stone. weighing in now at 11stone 2.keep u posted!x x

  518. maz says:

    Going to have a go at the diet have done an egg diet and lost 10ib in just under 5 days hopefully can lose a good amount again with this ever so good sounding diet.wish me luckxx

  519. danielle says:

    hi i am goiing to start the smoothie diet after my boyfriends 21st party wish i had started it a month before. cant wait to see theresults will keep you updated. good luck to you all xxxx

  520. zoe says:

    just started the juice diet got a wedding to go to soon and am very down with my weight, the recipe above tastes much better than it sounds lol ill right n give the results in a couple of days xxx

  521. Fontaine says:

    Hi Shar.Just read your comment above..im going to be starting Katies Juicing diet tommorrow.21st August,would love to know how u are getting on as im starting at nearly the same time.I am currently 13st and have 2 children.Have put on alot of weight during the school holidays as I was unable to get to the gym.But im starting back tommorrow and going to start diet too..best of luck,let me kno how ur getting on!

  522. sammy says:

    hi just tryed this one its so tastey i loved it 2 apples, 200g fat free bio live youghut, 1tsbp honey and bannana. juice apples, blend juice from apples and blend with other items serve over ice

  523. sammy says:

    hi all hope ur all getting on well with diet. im starting diet today but can i also use the other smoothies on web site as i love the sound of the love tonic 1/2 med pieapple, 1 handfull raspberries, i handfull of strawberrys and 4 ice cubes. is it only the smoothie above that works or not any help would b greatfull. any one had any good results yet??

  524. shar says:

    I’m not hugely over weight but I’m at my wits end trying to lose 12lbs. I work out regularly but seem to eat so much as a result. Am going to start the diet on Monday 20th August initially for 7 days. Does anyone know if you can have an entra juice in between main meals to replace a snack? will post again nxt wk to let you know how I’ve faired. Blessings

  525. Gemma says:

    i’ve been on the diet for nearly 10 days now and using Katies exercise dvd, but forgot to weigh myself (ok i didn’t want to weigh myself!!!!) so not sure how much weight i had lost, but my fiancee commented ‘your love handles are a bit smaller!’ so i must be onto a winner. full of enegy, don’t feel hungry and my skin is FAB!!

  526. connie says:

    I started this diet yesterday as have been constantly overeating. felt i had no energy throughout the day…but am really hoping i can stick with it to shed those pounds!

  527. lisa says:

    hi all,
    i am going to try katies juice diet as she looks amazing.hoping to loose 2 stone.bring it on. il keep you posted.

  528. tracy says:

    hi im going on jordons jucie diet on monday 6th Aug for 6 weeks doing mainly fruit jucie and then having a main meal for dinner ie. salad, veg, quorn will get back when finished

  529. SANDY says:

    Im going to give katies diet a go im away for a few days so whaen i get back i exercise any way will let you no how it goes

  530. clare whelan says:

    i have lost nearly eleven stone doing the juice diet i was twenty four stone but i stopped and put three stone back on so today i went and brought my fruit and veg it works the exercise is tough but the more you loose the easier it becomes please try it is all i can say and thank you katie i would love to say you were my inspiration oh and congratulations on your daughter

  531. Sophie Oliver says:

    Hi, just started jordans juice diet today, I’ve had a glass for breakfast and one for lunch..I am getting a bit hungry though!!
    Has anyone any suggestions on what to eat for dinner? what is a balanced dinner? can you have bread or is that a no!!!?
    Any suggestions would be great!!

  532. alison says:

    hi ive just had a baby by c- section,its been six weeks and ive still got half a stone i would like to shift before we go on holiday in 6 weeks time,i will let you know how i get on.xx

  533. hollie says:

    hi im going to give jordans smoothie ago looks grate. Her work out is the best 🙂 lets see what happens will keep you informed.

    many thanks hol xxxxxx

  534. stacey A says:

    i am wanting 2 loose weight before my boyfriend comes home from Afgahnistan. iv put 2 stone on in 6 months becuase of comfort eating. does it really work???

  535. jade says:

    i have done this diet and after doing this diet for one day i had a very bad stomache and a lot of pain i also brought the jason vale turbo charge your life book i would like to do this diet because after the first few days im sure the bad stomache side effects would go i supose its just the bodys way of geting rid of all the rubbish thats been there from eating junk food but the only thing is i would have to have a week where i wasnt going out to do this diet

  536. jem says:

    hi, im trying to loose 1 stone after having my daughter in jan 06 and only lost a little so far as i had a c section and it was so sore for 12 weeks.is this the diet for me??? going to try it. wont do me any harm. will let u know how i get on. will start tomorrrow 24th july

  537. PAM says:




  538. Dawn Hall says:

    I am going to start Katie Price’s Juice plan from Monday and am looking for some low fat evening meals as i intend to have the juice for breakfast and lunch, i know she had a trainer too, i am going to exercise 5 times a week at home ( trampoline and stepper mostly)

    i will post how I get on


  539. kel says:

    Im about to try the juice diet- mainly as a way to replenish my body with vitamins and NOT to lose weight…I never eat healthy and will experiment with this instead.

  540. charlie says:

    hey i’ve been on the juicing diet, best not to have liquids all the time, every day. You should include some solid food- like chicken, rice. I found with experiementing that juicing alone caused me feeling a little bloated and tired and also I felt sick not to mention it gave me digestive problems. Body needs some solid food.
    Other then that Veggie/fruit juices are really really good, I don’t think I’ve ever felt to cleansed on the inside and outside. My skin glows, I feel full of energy and I’m never hungry. I particularly have them in the summer.

  541. selena says:

    out of interest did the juicing diet cause any unwanted affects? with all that fruit and good stuff does it not give you a bad stomach? i’m thinking about doing it but haven’t eaten a lot of fruit since having my daughter as i became allergic to alot of foods and some fruit and veg doesnt agree with me, is there anyone who’s done the jucing who was’nt a fit size 8 anyway ?

  542. Lsol says:

    I made a bottle full this morning (didn’t have the pineapples, so I replaced with carrots) it is absolutely delicious and I feel really good. The avocado gives it a lovely texture, like a fluffy shake. One glass is very satisfying and I’m not hungry. Will have my second for lunch. (Will also try with the Pineapple)

  543. Lilly says:

    i am a teenager n i need some diet tips jordan is my inspiration if you do know any tips for me please tell me i have a prom in 6 weeks n i want too loose at least a stone 🙁 please please help me someone

  544. bernionline says:

    Hi I recently bought closer magazine dated 24th-30 june 06 it contains a 7 day juice plan from the same guy that advised jordan, it contains the reciepe above and loads more and is fantastic, if you can get hold of a copy i would recommend you give it a go

  545. KIKIDEE says:

    Tried this juice diet myself and its fab. Its a bit difficult to start with, but once you get a few days in (and a few pounds off the scales) then its much easier to stick to .

    Does anyone else know of any juice recipes other than the one above?

    Must admit that Jordan looks great!

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