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How Janet Jackson lost 60lbs

How Janet Jackson lost 60lbs How Janet Jackson lost 60lbs

Why did Janet Jackson gain weight?

Fans were shocked when the 40 year old star, who virtually disappeared after her performance at the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, appeared in November barely recognizable with 60 new pounds packed on her five foot four frame.

Since then she has managed to melt away almost all of it, but her dramatic yo-yoing still poses some big questions: Why did she get so heavy in the first place? and how did she turn it around?

Janet talks about weighing 180lbs and how she got back into shape!

Why did you gain all this weight?

“Before I started singing, my first passion was acting. I put the weight on for a film I was to do with Lee Daniels. They wanted to see me in a different light, as a heavier woman. They really wanted to make it a statement in the film. I was excited about it! We were supposed to shoot right after Jermaine’s birthday party in September 2005, but they had to push the film back. The timing didn’t quite work with trying to finish my album, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to do the film. I found myself having to take this weight off alot quicker than I had planned.”

And how did you gain it?

“Oh. God, just eating whatever I desired! “Ooh, that looks good, give me that whole slice of cake!” That was the fun part. I would look in the mirror and I wouldn’t recognise myself.”

What was the biggest change that you noticed?

“My thighs got really healthy and hefty and I got this really big stomach….It was very different being in that skin. I had a hard time doing things that you’re normally used to doing. Getting around was tougher. My shoes were tough and my ankles would bother me; they’d ache at times. Certain rings would not fit my fingers and watches would not fit my wrist, so i stopped wearing jewellry.”

How long did it take you to lose the weight?

“Four months. It came off fairly quick- but I hit a plateau for two months. Talk about freaking out! Usually my body is pretty quick at responding. But this time, a month had passed and then a second month had passed, and I said, “OK, is this it for me? I know they say it’s a little harder when you get older- is this what they were talking about?” Then suddenly, out of nowhere it just kicked back in and it started melting off again. That’s what made it harder. It made me a little bit nervous, especially gaining the amount of weight that I did. I’ve never been that size before.”

What diet plan did you follow?

“We don’t call it a diet plan. It’s a way of life- good portions, nice, balanced meals. My Nutritionist, David Allen found a dining company and they brought my food every evening for the following day. So I actually ate four or five times a day, depending on how late I stayed up working.”

How quickly did you see the results?

“I didn’t notice at first. Everyone else around me did. They noticed it immediately when I got on my regime. The first week, they said “You’ve lost weight already.” And then I started to notice that my clothes fit a little differently.


Her Nutritionist David Allen, is the one who pulled it all together for her. Janet tells us of her weight loss regime.”The diet was very strict….It was all about discipline.” She shares top tips from the plan and 1 day in her diet.

Watch your portions

David had Janet eat four meals a day, totalling between 1,150 and 1,450 calories. “They were small portions but enough to satisfy your palate and keep you moving” says the singer. David adds “Janet is extremely dedicated and focused.”

Eat Regularly

“I tend to miss meals , and that’s not good” she says. “You will hold on to weight and body fat if you miss meals.”

Get some Shut-eye

“Sleep is very important to weight loss” Janet says. (Several studies show that lack of sleep increases appetite)

Omit the Junk

“We cut out processed foods, white sugar and white flour, alcohol, sodas, and she drank about 2-3 litres of Water a day.”



  • 6 Egg Whites
  • 1/3 cup of Oatmeal


  • 4 ounces of Chicken breast
  • Organic mixed salad


  • 3 ounces of grilled shrimp
  • 1 cup of mixed vegetables


  • 4 ounces of grilled salmon
  • 15 grilled asparagus spears

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20 Jun
slimming solutions product range

73 thoughts on “How Janet Jackson lost 60lbs”

  1. mauritza maingot says:

    Hi janet jackson,
    i am mauritza from trinidad and i read your article. i am so proud of u. i am trying to lose that weight like you i want to lose 65lbs . please if u can send me some tips to my email that wil be nice.i already wrote down your one day plan.

  2. sannnna says:

    could i get a copy of janet jacksons diet plan….

  3. Mel says:

    I saw a pic of Janet Jackson in the papers the other day and she is looking really thin now.

  4. elanna says:

    please could i also have a copy of the janet jackson diet plan

  5. tonya says:

    janet i ‘m a big fan of you. and please help me send me a copy.

  6. Sandy says:

    I’ll be getting married in May, please can you send me a copy of Janet Jackson life change and eating plan. PLEASE!!! I NEED HELP!!!!

  7. terri aaron says:

    please send me a copy of that amazeing diet plan. thanks

  8. sarah says:

    please could i also have a copy of the janet jackson diet plan as i am desperate to lose a few pounds,
    p.s love you janet jackson <3

  9. emma says:

    Think this is a wicked plan ! gonna try it to see if it works xxxx love you janet jackson !

  10. Tracy says:

    Can someone please send me a copy of Janet Jackson’s life changing workout eating plan. recca32@bellsouth.net

  11. Yudora says:

    Hey Janet,

    May I have a copy of your way of life eating habits that allow you to lose the weight in 4 months. I think I eat healthy. I have lost inches but not pounds. Help please.

  12. Kerry says:

    I’m going to research this Janet Jackson way of life weight loss plan and will post it to this site in a day or 2

  13. Lynda says:

    I’m really pleased janet got herself back together. has anyone actually tried it if so could you please send me the plan please. Cheers!

  14. Jackie says:

    I would also like the plan.

  15. Sarah says:

    Can someone please send me a copy of Janets way of life weight loss plan?

    arch.student@hotmail.com …thank you

  16. Diane says:

    Can someone please send me a copy of janet jackson’s life changing workout and eating plan. Thank you.

  17. Sheri says:

    Someone please send me janet jackson life changing workout and eating plan.

  18. Tangi says:

    Im going to do this diet sounds fun and I already workout at the gym all i need is the right way to eat and i think that i will do fine im down for thelosing 35lbs in 7 weeks

  19. Slimmer says:

    Many models/flight attendants/dancers do this type of janet jackson type of diet outlined as in day 1.
    I would like to find a group who would like to lose 35lbs in the next 7 weeks? let’s post here for encourgement.
    Anyone out there that wants to try it.

  20. Tonja says:

    could i please have a copy of this diet

  21. stephanie says:

    Pls send me janet jackson life changing workout and eating plan

  22. jenna says:

    I’m getting married in October!!! Somebody help me and send me this diet. 🙂

  23. christine says:

    hey, i was wondering if this works if you only have that last 20lbs to lose. the closer you get to your goal wait the harder it is. can someone send me this meal plan of janet jackson. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. i’ve been stuck at this plateau for way too long. thanks

  24. Harvey says:

    Pls pls pls can you send me janet jackson diet plan
    thank you.

  25. michelle wallis says:


  26. michelle wallis says:


  27. Nakia says:

    As someone mentioned a few months ago, Hollywood is just catching on to what bodybuilders and figure competitors have been doing for decades. It is a method of losing a lot of body fat in short period of time while holding on to hard-earned muscle. The only thing I would warn is that the only source of complex carbohydrates from the sample menu is a 1/3 cup of oatmeal. With a vigorous regimen of weight training, you need to have the mental focus and determination to push through this, because you may often find yourself running out of energy. I see a lot of women afraid to work hard in the weight room in fear of developing masculine figures. Well, this is oftentimes physiologically impossible! Furthermore, Janet did not get her body by doing 100 reps of arm curls with 3 lb dumbbells. Especially pertaining to your lower body, it takes work to sculpt nice legs and glutes! You would also need a good multivitamin and maybe, although not mandatory, supplementation with a good thermogenic product. Nevertheless, as I have told others in the past, what and when you eat are the strongest fat burners on the market. By the way, I am not just a fit woman who has never struggled with her weight. I’ve been overweight, and I’ve utilized weight training and nutrition to maintain a lean and fit figure. For those who do not want to wait for her book, you can always go on a site like bodybuilding.com to find free nutrition and training articles from female figure competitors, personal trainers, and novists. You can also check out information by Tom Venuto or Lee Labrada.

  28. jay says:

    could someone please send me thejanet jackson diet plan. iam 5’5 and i weigh 250lbs. need to loe weight i have 4 kids and not enough energy to keep up with them. would be ever so greaatful

  29. Chica says:

    Yep, If you stick to it for a about a month not a day or just a week you will lose the weight.. Basically omitting all the junk food you will for sure lose the weight…I think it is a good diet if your really overweight, Then when the weight is down you can eat smaller potions of junk I mean small. We are so spoil in our eating we need some discipline sometimes. And this diet is very discipline. LOL

  30. Cheryl says:

    Janet Jackson’s diet sounds exactly like Michael Thurmond’s
    Six Week Body Makeover Plan. You can find it on the internet.

  31. L says:

    I am looking for the meal plan and exercise routine that was used for Janet Jackson, if anyone could please let me know this I would really appreciate it! Thanks

  32. rhonda says:

    I really want to try this diet. I am going to be starting off at the same weight as Ms. Jackson however I am only 5′ 0″. I have been to the doctor and he says that I am well enough to start an exercise program. I would like to try this life changing meal plan because I don’t want to develop diabetes like most of my family members. Could someone please email more of the daily meal plans so I too can get started on my life changing weight loss plan. Also, my question is when Ms. Jackson lost the weight did she have to get any surgery done for the excess fat after the weight loss. Please be honest with the answers.

  33. Brenda says:

    im only 20 and i realy want to lose weight…i weight 155lbs but 2 years ago i weight 105 lbs.i gain weight in last year of high school and this year, first year of college.i want to lose 30lbs in 3-4 months so please send me janet jackson’s diet and training program.thank you!!!

  34. jamila kmansur says:

    i tried to lose weight by not eating but igot more fatter when i eat alot of fruit & vegetables i fell that i am losing little of weight but sometimes i don’t feel like eating and don’t know why i get more bigger

  35. Candance says:

    I just had a baby and i am really looking for a way to shed some pounds. The only thing is that i don’t want to lose in some areas like my legs, butt, and brest. Can anyone tell me how?

  36. June says:

    Too much protein can be a bad thing, especially on your kidneys. Beware the protein overload, and as with anything, keep it balanced! To all those consuming protein shakes almost hourly, have your doc do a BMP and urinalysis to check your serum creatine and protein in urine.

  37. Kel says:

    Help! I’ve packed on 40 pounds since giving up smoking four years ago and can’t move it. Please could someone send me Janet Jackson’s diet and training program. Thanks 🙂

  38. Malin says:

    Hi. can someone please send me Janet jackson’s diet and trainingprogram? eveybody says that I have to loose some weight and I really think that this is something I would like.

  39. mommy says:

    my husband just bought me an ab roller and I went on a diet. I lost 5 lbs in a week. Eat 6 meals a day but small ones. At night only eat 6oz of chicken, fish, or 6 shrimp and boiled veggies. OR you could eat a chicken salad.

  40. Annelie says:

    Please! If someone out there can give me a diet that really works I would really appreciate it!

    I have to loose some weight for my upcoming wedding.


  41. Crista says:

    Could someone please send me a copy of this “life change” thanx 🙂

  42. neek dug says:

    does this actally work

  43. Nadia says:

    I definitely need to start pursuing my new life. Being over 200lbs is something that I feel has ruined my life. My relationship is down the drain, along with my confidence and self esteem. I am not happy at all with what I see in the mirror. Nothing seems to work and I’ve tried everything, instead of loosing, I think I’m gaining. I hate shopping to discover either nothing is carried in my size or that I’ve went up another dress size. I don’t know what works or how to eat correctly. I would love to learn more about Janet’s plan……..Please send me the new life plan in detail….what times should i eat…..as far as portion size is concerned,what is an oz of this or an oz of that…..how exactly should the chicken be prepared……

  44. patricia says:

    Can someone please send me Janet’s life plan?
    Thanks so much!!!!

  45. patricia says:

    Can someone please send me Janet’s life plan? Thanks so much!!!!

  46. Crystal says:

    can you please send me more information on Janet Jackson diet.

  47. Jana says:

    I would love to take on the new way of life……can someone please send me Janet’s life plan? Thanks so much!!!!

  48. carmen daniels says:

    I have been a size 11 most of my adult life.After I had my daughter @ 30 y.o. I gained a spare tire. my body never really looked fat because it well portioned. But then I gained 40 pounds and was 190 pounds. We had a weight lose contest @ work and I won, losing 40lbs. I am now 150lbs. but man I would love to get that 6pack. and tone it up. maybe even get that J.Jackson bod.I have change my eating habits. I don’t want to lose it and then gain it back. For some reason I have been staying @ 150lbs. and It’s becoming very fustrating and I’m almost ready to throw in the towel. I know I have another body under this layer of fat, but dam,,,,,, where is it? I wish it would stop playing and come out, come out where ever you are. I have the motivaion, but I really can’t afford a P.T. right now. I must be doing something wrong, I’ve been working my ass off in the gym, cooking seperate meals every day (1 for my family/ 1 for me) staying away from ” bad foods”, getting plenty of rest and not even a 2 pack has come to visit me. Need help bad. If anyone has any ideas, please, do tell. “It ain’t easy being greasy”………..

  49. nazley sage says:

    please send me janet jackson’s diet plan.thanks!

  50. foxielady says:

    “Kristal | June 21st, 2007 at 3:49 am” you left a coment on this day can you please forward my what you are doing to lose i am ready 4 a new way of life and plan.

  51. shnrod0 says:

    I have been yo-yoing since high school. And I had once dropped 40lbs doing Atkins. I gained all that back when I got in a relationship. Well I joined LA Weightloss last November adn i was 210lbs. I managed to get down to 175lbs by April which was not my goal. I was suppose to go to 150lbs. my problem is carbs and sugar. i love sweets and rice. I am an emotional eater too. I was going to go back to Atkins but then I realized how quickly the weight came back and I how sick I was feeling afterwards because of all the meat and cheese. I won’t go back to that body. I have made the decision to just eat differently and excercise for 30 minutes or more5- 6 day a week. That includes walking and going to the gym. I will commiti to doing weight training twice a week and eventually moving up to 3 days. I have started today with 1 slice of Turkey Bacon, ! slice of whole wheat toast, and 1/2 of egg beater, that’s under 300 claories and under 20 carbs. I had A low carb smoothie with 1/2/ of banana. I aim to stay on the right track. If anyone has any tips that can help me along the way please email me. Thank You!

  52. luisa says:

    yes because its carbs free and you only consume protein…so thats how you lose weight so fast

  53. Sheila Smith says:

    II am 45 and will be celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary next year. I would love to renew my vows and fit into my wedding dress again. Sister’s help me out and send me Janet’s plan only plz…..

  54. Judy says:

    Could someone send me Janet Jackson Diet

  55. Tene says:

    I have actually been on a diet similar to this for about a week now… The plan goes like this

    2 eggs and wheat toast

    Protien Shake

    Turkey or chicken with sweet potatoes or lettuce

    Protein Shake

    Red Meat and veggies

    Protien Shake

    I havent weighed myself this time.. I always weight, get excited over the loss and never continue the plan. I have already noticed the weight loss and want to continues. Im sleeping better and more often, and my body just feels alot better. I dont think the protein shakes are necessary, but it gives you what you need for your motabolism to really get going. This was given to my by a friend who is married to a personal trainer, its the same plan he gives to his clients, with exercise of course.

    Its very true, you cant call this a diet, you have to make it a life change or you will never stick with it. And all this crap about no carbs… your brain, not your body needs carbs. The key is not mixing carbs with the wrong foods and not eating carbs at night. With that and exercise anyone can overcome anything, but you have to WANT to do it. Not just know that you need to, or being pressursed because someone around you is doing it. And people, remember that cheating only hurts you. Dont make this life change and be upset when you dont get the results you want, because you DIDNT follow the plan the way it was suppose to be done… 🙂

  56. Leisa McCorkle says:

    I just started my diet last week, I’ve cut out beef all together, and no white foods, like breat, rice, etc. I exercise everyday at a local gym, and do some laps in the pool afterwords, and so far have lost 5 pounds. I know that’s not alot but it’s a start. Loosing weight has always been really hard for me ever since I have twins and everyone is right by just changing your mind set and the way you eat you will loose weight. I have exactly 2 months before my 10 year high school reunion, and I plan on looking good! Thanks Janet and fellow commenters!!!

  57. Diane says:

    It sounds like the South Beach Diet which takes out all carbs in the begining. I’m thinking of doing South Beach again because I’ve hit a plateau in my weight loss. I remember losing like 8 lbs the first week I tried it a couple years ago. The first week of South Beach you cut out all processed foods: sugar, carbs, alcohol. It’s tough the first 2 days then you get over it.

  58. Gilly says:

    I don’t set out to emulate the Stars but I have to honest, as a person who has struggled with being overweight most of my life, I am impressed with Janets weight loss and transformation. It is amazing. She must be healthy to be able to carry on such an intense schedule. The sample menu, looks just like the food my husbands doctor recommends, since he has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I would be greatful if someone could forward the eating plan to me too. This will do us both good.

  59. yvonne says:

    plz can someone give me details on this weightloss program,i need to lose 4stone by dec plz!

  60. Yvette Scott says:

    Please could someone send me the eating plan

  61. sandra smithson says:

    Please send me a menu or the foods to eat like janets diet.She looks great. And how much exercising to do.

    Thanks Sandra

  62. chris says:

    I want to try this change of life but and i know there shouldnt be a BUT in this but i have 3 kids who wont eat many veggies and a husband who wants meat and potatoes, my family is over often or im there and they eat like piggys, lots of country style food with lots of grease. I dont go out so i dont have many friends so therefor i dont have motivators and no support. My kiddos are only 5, 2, and 1, lol and youd think id lose weight from chasing them, but i am 255lbs and would love to look and feel so much smaller by thanksgiving. I guess i just need some support. If your trying this change of life and you need some support and feel like giving some support and tips along the way please email me, my name is christina also i live in va in case any of you are close by.

  63. Meme says:

    I am ready to start this plan is there a book I can read up on Catherine M apart from the detox raw food?

    I would lkie to lose 3 stone by the end of Oct 2007 as my b;ood pressure is tooo high!

  64. Mavis .L says:

    Im going to try, I guess if this diet is so true then i’ll go for it i have never been serious about changing my eating habits. This will be my very 1st time ,however I am lookig for love in all the right places, so that i will someday soon be dating and not be 273lb,so prayerfully i,ll be writeing back soon with excellent news.P.S Geting started on my new ‘ Life Change ‘

  65. Maria says:

    I’m going to try this ‘Life Change’ I like the way that sound. Everything on this menu I like and it sounds yummy. I just started going back to the gym for some Cardio and it felt “”GREAT”” but my eat habbits are bad; I know i can’t help it, sometimes i have a very hard time but I can do this…>>>> I need to stay focus just like Ms.Jackson and most of all Determined. Ms. Jackson looks Great,so if she can do this well so can I.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the menu Mr. Allen.
    Must go shopping tomorrow God Bless all..

  66. Catherine M says:

    i’m not aware of this plan but I am aware of starting out with fruits in the morning…and salads for lunch…and meat/protein for dinner w/ cooked veggies. I don’t combine meats or beans with potatoes or rice…no starches. Fresh veggies/salads can be eaten with any starch..or cooked veggeis. Yes keep away from any white products, rice, flour, potatoes. Sweet potatoes is better. YOu don’t need to drink so much water with the fresh fruits in the morning you will have plenty of water to relwease. Eating 4-5x a day is great and you can eat as much fruits and veggies you want. Just remember not to mix the starches with meats or other starches. You should start to drink water later in the day..and you can have grains like brown rice…quiona…couscous. there are many recipes for these items. If you like breads try the health food stores or a trader joe’s market for some low carb breads. and pastas! REad your labels for sugar contents, Many of the process product us American eat or being on the ‘American diet’ is full of filles and money is being made on you being fat. My exeercise as I was always a walker for fund raising was to walk 60 mins each day…or do cardio machines at the 20$ a month gym…4 days a week …at least 30mins a day is all you need. and do if u like to build some muscle or tone them…sure going to the gym is great …just alternate the gym one day..cardio the next day. or like me…cardio all the time with 2 days off! im athletic already. i took the weight off slowiy with diet and exercise and lost 20lbs one year. Then I jump started to do the plan i mentioned above which takes you to the stages of being a vegetarian…not me but the book helped…The Raw Food Detox Diet…Amaazon.com by Natalie Rose.I lost 16lbs in like a month! but I don’t like losing that fast so I didn’t always eat fruit in the morning..keeping your system clean and working order is great.I had no gas after the first few days…and my body runs like a clock. According to the book I was a stage 3 and will as I get older get to a 2 but no hurry. I sitll lvoe all types of food and I do it in moderation. You will enjoy the new you at any age. I am 44 years old. And I lost 73lbs Just believe and you will do it. Consistence and sleep is a good thing

  67. winnie nansu says:

    can any body kindly please send me the any information about this diet (way of eating) as i would like to do it asap i have 4st in three months thank you.

  68. susan lynn says:

    i just can’t seem to lose the weight. i am trying but it just will not go away. i guess i’ll just learn to be happy fat!

  69. Kristal says:

    I have started following the same life change and dropped like 20lbs in about 5 weeks just by changing my eating habits and no exercise at first except a little bit of walking a few nights a week. I have since hit a plateau on the weight but I started exercising a little more. With the motivation I got with seeing the scale move I thought “hey, I can lose a lot more weight if I exercise more consistently” I started all this in the beginning of April and have lost 23lbs (most of it in the first 30days) and a total of 10inches off my body especially my arms and thighs 🙂 so those who don’t believe that Ms. Jackson can lose the weight naturally by changing her eating habits and exercise should not speak ill of her because I know first hand it does work. I had help from my holistic doctor who has encouraged me the whole way. Yes Janet has a trainer and someone who cooked her meals…. so what!! If you want to lose the weight then you have to make some sacrifices. BOTTOM LINE!! I tried all the “fade” diets and nothing worked until I changed my mind set, my eating habits and added an exercise plan to my week. Please stop the insanity on Ms. Jackson. You can do it too if you simply try. I don’t have a trainer, I downloaded different exercises from a well know fitness centers website (free of charge) and I follow the more veggies and fruits philosophy along with LOTS OF WATER. I went from a size 18 and am now in a 14 in 2 months. I must admit I tried to cheat once, not only did the doctor give me an ear full but my body let me know it didn’t want “that” in it! So good luck to all who have the self discipline and who really want to lose weight and not complain about us who can stick to a life change and actually see results fast! IT CAN BE DONE BUT FIRST YOU HAVE TO STOP CALLING IT A “DIET”AND BE READY FOR A “LIFE CHANGE”!

  70. Denise says:

    I tried this diet plan before and I began to loose weight immediately. I began to build muscle in the toughest areas( arms) and I also had more energy. But after a while I began to crave those fatty foods again and stopped. This will be my second attempt, and this time I’ll treat myself to one junk food item a week. That way my body won’t go into shock when I quit completely.

  71. Sara Thompson says:

    To add further comment the reason this diet works is because you are following a high protein low carb low fat diet, people do not realise even when dieting that carbs are the major cause of not being able to lose the weight, for instance we are told that pulses i.e lentils, beans, chick peas etc, are high in protein so therefore we would probably eat these with a portion of rice but unfortunately to the unsuspecting dieter they are actually overloading on carbs because these beans are not only high in protein they are also high in carbs so you shouldn’t really be adding the rice at all. also these weightwatchers and other diet products yes they are low in fat but just look at the carb content in some cases it is actually sky high and unless you’re working those extra carbs off they will store as fat,look at it this way if you’re exercising quite frequently but you’re overloading on carbs your body will be burning the carbs and leaving the fat where it is therefore defeating the object so my point is when dieting don’t just look for low fat products look for low carb produsts as well and the weight will melt away!

  72. Sara Thompson says:

    I have done many bodybuilding competitions years ago and this is the diet i followed and i kooked amazing i now weigh 13 stone through being geedy and gorging on food but i am back on this diet again at the age of 45 and again the weight is comming off it will take me approx til august and i know i will look great again so it definately does work!

  73. Krystal says:

    I just wanted to know if ANYONE followed this type of diet, would they lose the weight that dramatically?

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