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Elle Macpherson: ‘I love my food too much to diet’

Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson has revealed that she loves food too much to go on a diet.

The stunning 47-year-old and Britain’s Next Top Model host has stated that she would rather burn off the calories of the food she eats with exercise rather than restricting herself on a diet.

“I enjoy eating too much to give up on my favourite foods”, Macpherson said. “I’m naturally the curvy type and I’m more concerned with feeling fit and healthy than looking super slim”.

The Friends actress who has two sons, Arpad Flynn Alexander and Aurelius Cy Andrea with ex-fiancé Arpad Busson rose to fame at the young age of 19 and has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine a record five times, has reportedly disclosed of one of her bad habits.

“My worst habit is eating too much – I eat like it’s going out of fashion really. But I stay active with things like water skiing and horse riding and I guess that keeps the weight off”.

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16 Aug
slimming solutions product range

4 thoughts on “Elle Macpherson: ‘I love my food too much to diet’”

  1. Knut Holt says:

    Good enough so far, but if she does not eat intelligently, she will sonn find herself in a situation with too much curves at the wrong places.

  2. Danielle Jones says:

    Elle is just FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. katieee says:

    i adore elle, shes by far my fav model. love her on bntm and i will be happy if i look half as good as her when i am 47

  4. Aysla says:

    I agree that if I want food that is “naughty” then I will work harder at the gym to burn it off. I would rather do that then crave it and be moody because I can’t have it.

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