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slimming solutions product range

Diet products ‘do help to tackle obesity’

Diet products such as those offered by Weight Watchers and Slim-Fast do help those tackling obesity and others just trying to lose weight, according to the UK Medical Research Council (MRC).

Dr Susan Jebb, nutrition scientist at MRC, which is based in Cambridge, said that such diet foods provide a structure to a person’s diet and, as they are not cooking their own meals, they are not adding in unhealthy ingredients.

“The whole concept of structure and choice and variety seem to be very important in helping people to control their weight,” she added.

Her comments follow research published by mySupermarket.co.uk last week which found that sales of some diet food products have risen by a third since 2008, despite prices of such goods also rising.

Some of the biggest slimming brands increased their prices by as much as 28% over the same two year period.

However, this has not put dieters off, especially not those in the north-west of England who were found to spend more on slimming products than any other region in the UK.

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26 May
slimming solutions product range

2 thoughts on “Diet products ‘do help to tackle obesity’”

  1. Hannah says:

    Ive also found that these diet products don’t taste very nice, good old dieting (salads etc) works for me, I saw that you guys have loads of products, do you have anything like this- everythings always worth a try when your desperate lol.

  2. Wendy says:

    I used the slim fast milkshakes to help me lose weight a few year back. i have since then had a child and have a bit of baby weight to lose so i might try something different like the Adios slimming pill, ive seen that advertised and it looks like a good pill to use tp help me shift that weight that just wont move!!!

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