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Consistent exercise ‘maintains metabolic health following weight loss’

Consistent exercise 'maintains metabolic health following weight loss'People who have lost weight can find it hard to keep it off, but exercising regularly will help these slimmers to maintain the health benefits they gained by shedding the pounds, a study has suggested.

Losing weight can reduce metabolic syndrome – a cluster of risk factors related to diabetes and heart disease – and researchers at the University of Missouri have found that even people regaining weight can maintain this benefit by taking part in resistance training.

"Our research indicates that following a consistent exercise programme can help maintain certain aspects of metabolic health, even in those who experience weight regain," clarified Shana Warner, a doctoral student in the University of Missouri's Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.

One person who has recently lost an impressive amount of weight is Anthony Hopkins.

The Silence of the Lambs actor lost 5st by reducing his calorie intake to 1,800 a day and embarking on a strict exercise routine.

Are you struggling to keep your weight off?

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27 Sep
slimming solutions product range