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Communal exercise ‘might help with weight loss’

Communal exercise might offer a solution to people who are looking to lower their weight, according to one firm.

Women who follow exercise regimes with friends could lose as much as ten pounds on average, according to survey results published by Diamond.

However, no pounds are lost by 20 per cent of those who exercise solo, the firm’s research also suggested.

“The research shows those women who exercise with a friend have more luck at maintaining a healthy weight, even losing a few pounds in the process,” stated Sian Lewis, Diamond’s managing director.

Women can improve their friendships with each other by exercising together, according to 56 per cent of those queried by the company.

When it comes to healthy eating, people were recently encouraged to focus on the importance of a good diet by Loughborough University professor of sport and exercise nutrition, Ron Maughan, despite the World Cup.

Could you lose weight by working out with friends?

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14 Jun
slimming solutions product range

3 thoughts on “Communal exercise ‘might help with weight loss’”

  1. Ella says:

    I find that when I do exercise with friends they help me reach my targets. I’ve been out for a few jogs with my friends and when I feel I want to give up my friends are there to push through the feeling.

  2. lilly says:

    i sort of disagree with this as i find when i exercise with others i get easily distracted and do not do half the amount of exercise i could do on my own.

  3. Maria says:

    I go to the gym with a few of my friends and we talk about different things and time seems to fly by. Its definately worth working out with a friend as you can push yourself to work harder and they can give you support if you find your struggling or just have the urge to give up!!!

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