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Average BBQ meal ‘contains more than 2,500 calories’

Average BBQ meal 'contains more than 2,500 calories'Women hoping to lose weight quickly should steer clear of the barbeque, as the average meal produced at these events contains more than 2,500 calories, recent research has revealed.

A study conducted by the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Programme and Boots found that men consume even more at the average BBQ, eating as many as 3,500 calories.

It also discovered that most families will hold four BBQs each summer, which hints at why many people find that they gain weight at this time of year.

Sarah Battishall, nutritionist for the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Programme, said that people use summer social occasions as an excuse to indulge.

"Every once in a while this is okay, but this year Britain has been very fortunate with the hot weather making BBQs a more regular occasion," she added.

A separate study, conducted on behalf of Yakult, recently revealed that 14 per cent of people consumed more food and drink than normal this summer due to the World Cup tournament.

How many BBQs have you attend this summer and did you overindulge?

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24 Aug
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5 thoughts on “Average BBQ meal ‘contains more than 2,500 calories’”

  1. Mum2billie says:

    me too aamm, had my own this summer, we had 60 guests and all I did from 1pm til midnight was run around like an idiot, looking after people. I didnt get an alcoholic drink until 9pm. BBQ was good though and we went through loads of food – so someone was consuming all the calories 🙂

  2. Carol says:

    I love BBQ’s and everyone always seems to eat and drink to much, its a good way of getting together and having a good time, who cares that its the odd once or twice every summer.

  3. aamm says:

    Only had one BBQ this year which was my own, not been to any others. Didn’t indulge at all, if anything I barely ate a thing, too busy chatting lol

  4. Amy says:

    I love BBQ’s and we have to make the most of them while there is sunshine!!

  5. Annie says:

    I’ve been to around 6 BBQ’s this year. I thought that because the food was cooked on a BBQ then all the fat would drip out of it and that would be healthier?

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