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Aerobic and resistance training ‘reduces waistlines of diabetics’

Aerobic and resistance training 'reduces waistlines of diabetics'Taking part in aerobic exercise and resistance training can help diabetics to lose weight, a recent study has shown.

Conducted by researchers at Louisiana State University, the study involved patients with type 2 diabetes and aimed to assess the effects of aerobic exercise and resistance training when combined and performed separately.

They found that a combination of the two exercises helped to improve glycemic levels more than inactivity or when the exercises were performed on their own.

“Only the combination exercise group improved maximum oxygen consumption compared with the control group. All exercise groups reduced waist circumference … compared with the control group,” the authors wrote.

The study has been published in the November 24th issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Earlier this month, a report published by the Health Supplements Information Service suggested that many Brits are not getting the recommended levels of vitamins and nutrients in their diets, which can put them at risk of developing diabetes.

What kind of exercise do you do?

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26 Nov
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