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A poor diet ‘can reduce life expectancy’

Eating a poor diet cannot only scupper weight loss but can reduce life expectancy, a recent study has shown.

The United Kingdom Health and Lifestyle Survey found that people who did not exercise enough, ate badly, smoked and drank alcohol were more likely to die before those who did none or fewer of these poor health behaviours.

Researchers concluded that modest, but sustained, improvements to diet and lifestyle could have significant public health benefits.

Commenting on these findings, Ellen Mason, senior cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation, said: “Improving your lifestyle choices one by one, rather than trying to do them all at once, is an easier way to improve your chances of avoiding … illnesses.”

She went on to suggest that adopting healthy diet including fruit and vegetables could reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and an early death.

According to the NHS, getting five 80g portions of fruit and vegetables every day can reduce the risks of bowel cancer but can also help with weight loss, as they are low in fat and calories.

Do you eat enough fruit and veg?

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29 Apr
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2 thoughts on “A poor diet ‘can reduce life expectancy’”

  1. penny says:

    isn’t it obvious that eating a poor diet will not be good for you!! you can eat the odd “treat” but make sure to do some exercise after so that you burn it off.

  2. Dreamgirl says:

    It’s my biggest downfall. Not eating enough fruit and veg. Well, I probably eat 3 portions of veg each day, just not fruit. I’m always weary of it being off or not ripe enough. If you buy a bar of chocolate from the shop you know exactly what its going to taste like. If you buy a piece of fruit, then you can never be sure of exactly how its going to taste.

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