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Best Of You: Pre Workout, Post Workout, Whey Protein and Super Greens

Woman survives on extreme crisp diet!

A woman has claimed to have survived on a diet of crisps for the past 10 years!

31-year-old Debbie Taylor has said she eats two large bags of beef flavoured crisps on a daily basis combining those with drinks of tea and coca cola.

“The idea of eating anything else is repellent; I don’t like being full and bloated, which is how ‘proper food’ makes me feel”, Debbie told the Guardian Newspaper.

“I don’t get ravenous because my body is used to it after all these years”, she added.

The crisp eater has said that she has always been fussy when it comes to choosing foods and has disclosed how she has always struggled with her weight since she was a child. Debbie has battled with anorexia, bulimia and has had an exercise addiction, plus as a teenager she was hospitalized due to her low body weight.

Now Ms Taylor states she generally feels fine, however her nails are becoming weak and her gums bleed often when she brushes her teeth.

Debbie has beeen diagnosed as anemic by a doctor but has not been forced to change her diet and currently wears a 12-14 dress size.

Single food diets often appear in the media, but such diets can sometimes lead to short term weight loss as a single food lowers your daily calorie intake. You also lack the vitamins, minerals, protein and fibres that your body needs and not involving those in your diet can be considered as harmful.

Debbie Taylor is not attempting to lose weight but her eating habits show the latest example of a dysfunctional eater.

Could you survive on a diet just of crisps?

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15 Feb
Best Of You for Men and Women: Pre Workout, Post Workout, Whey Protein and Super Greens

  • Regina

    Grade A stuff. I’m uunqetisonably in your debt.

  • fiona

    its disgusting, what is she doing?! DISGUSTING!!!!!

  • Hetty the hoover

    This is VERY extreme and I love my proper food too much to just eat crisps all the time!

  • Sarah

    As much as I love crisps, this does seem very extreme, I’m very surprised she’s still alive!!