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skinny coffee

Woman loses 5 stone on the Lemon Detox Diet

As published in The Times Magazine on Saturday 29th January 2011, a 41 year old businesswoman almost lost an astounding five stone following the lemon detox diet plan.

Carol Lucking from St Annes-on-Sea decided to lose weight after the horror of being approached by a recruiter of the local ladies’ rugby team.

The Lemon Detox Diet Plan Carol followed consisted of replacing her evening meal with a lemon drink made from Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, fizzy water, fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper.

The results from the extreme diet certainly made all the hard work worth it. Carol now wears a fabulous size 10 which is a drastic change from a dress size 20 she was wearing three years ago!

The mother-of-two describes herself as “far happier, more creative and more confident” since losing weight.

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3 Feb
skinny coffee

  • Jack Pomroy

    Replacing all your meals in this way is not healthy nor sustainable. The only real way to effective fat loss is correct exercise and nutrition. If you are eating the same thing every day your body is missing out on many many key nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Sounds like a yo-yo diet to me. Of course if you starve yourself only having something low fat every day you’re gunna lose weight! But this is not healthy, & will most likely lead to binge eating within the following months if a balanced and varied diet is not adhered to.

  • Julie

    Cazza, I think you can use the Lemon Detox either way. It says above that she just replaced her evening meal but I’m pretty sure you can replace all meals 🙂 x

  • Cazza

    She looks amazing, but did the lady replace all her meals as in the programme or just her evening meal?

  • Iphone Queen

    All I can say is WOW!