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skinny coffee

Try buying organic or growing your own for healthy recipes

Try buying organic or growing your own for healthy recipesPeople interested in recipe ideas to help them stay healthy and lose weight could consider buying organic vegetables or starting up a patch to grow their own.

Nutritionist and author Suzi Grant said it is a good idea to find and use a local greengrocer, butcher and farmer's market to get fresh produce that will be healthier and save you money over going to the supermarket.

However, she added that it is quite simple to have a go at growing fruit and vegetables in your own garden or yard.

"You can even do it on a balcony or a little patio – I've got lettuce and beetroot," Ms Grant suggested.

Eating whatever you buy or grow raw may be a good way to gain extra vitamins and minerals, the expert said.

A recent poll by Santander discovered that 12 per cent of Brits have already had a go at growing their own produce.

Do you fancy trying out your own vegetable patch?

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4 Oct
skinny coffee