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Best Of You: Pre Workout, Post Workout, Whey Protein and Super Greens

Lose half a stone with this easy weight loss diet plan

Follow this easy plan and you could lose up to half a stone in a fortnight, and get slim, sexy legs.

This 1,250-calories-a-day plan will trim your pins by cutting out booze, caffiene and fatty, sugary junk foods. It will also help to improve your cellulite. What’s more, by including more water (6-8 glasses a day) and fluid rich fruit and veg, skin will be glowing on no time. So what are you waiting for? Following it for a fortnight and you could drop a dress size.










Toasted wholegrain bagel with 1tbso peanut butter, 1 small banana and strawberries.




100-calorie cereal bar, 1 fat-free fruit yoghurt and 1 nectarine.



1 slice wholegrain toast, 1 poached egg and tomatoes. 1 glass pomegranate juice.



6tbsp branflakes with skimmed milk and 1 small banana.



Porridge made from 2tbsp oats and 150ml each of skimmed milk and water. Top with 1tsp honey, 4 dried apricots and 12 chopped almonds.




2 slices wholegrain toast with 2tsp each of low-fat spread and marmalade. 1 small glass orange juice.



Bowl of mixed berries with 1 pot low-fat natural yoghurt and 2tbsp oats.



½ carton tomato soup, 2 slices wholegrain toast. 1 fat-free yoghurt.


Jacket potato, 2 slices lean ham and salad.


1 wrap with ½ small avocado, ½ ball reduced-fat mozzarella and rocket 1 fat-free yoghurt.



2 slices wholegrain bread filled with 2tsp low-fat spread, 1 slice lean roast beef, tomato and 1tsp horseradish sauce. 1kiwi and 1 pot fat-free yoghurt.



2 slices rye bread topped with 2 hard-boiled eggs mashed with 1tbsp reduced-fat mayo and cress. 1 orange.


1 can tuna in water with salad and 1 wholemeal pitta bread. 1 apple.


Greek salad made from tomatoes, cucumber, ½ green pepper, 1 small red onion, 50g feta and 10 olives with 1 wholegrain roll.



1 slice melon & berries.




2tbso sunflower seeds.



1 banana, 1 orange.



1 small packet of vegetable crisps.




1 nectarine.



Shake made from 150ml skimmed milk, 1 pot fat-free yoghurt and fresh strawberries.




2 slices wholegrain toast with 2tso low-fat spread and honey.



Jacket potato with prawns, 1tbsp low-fat crème fraiche, lemon juice, salad. 1 kiwi.




Grilled tuna steak spread with 1tbs pesto, 5 new potatoes and veg. Strawberries and 1 scoop low-fat ice cream.




Spaghetti Bolognese made from 100g lean minced beef, onions, mushrooms, carrot, 1 small can tomatoes, tomato puree, mixed herbs and stock. Serve with 150g cooked wholewheat spaghetti and salad.




Lamb and pepper kebabs made from 100g lean lamb, cubed and grilled with 1 red and green pepper and 1tsp olive oil. Serve with 6tbsp cooked brown rice, 3tbsp tzatziki and salad.



1 small grilled lean rump steak with wedges made from 1 potato cut into chunks brushed with olive oil and roasted. Salad.



1 grilled skinless chicken breast filled with 1tbsp low-fat soft cheese with garlic and herbs and sliced cherry tomatoes, with 1 large jacket potato and salad.



3 slices lean roast pork, 2 medium roast potatoes, veg and fat-free gravy.


Perfect your pins

Here our top tips and tricks to tone your legs – you’ll see results in just two weeks.

Take the stairs Walk up the stairs whenever you can – at work or at the train station. You’ll soon notice the difference!

Daily squats These will tone your thighs and bum. Stand your feet shoulder-width apart, arms by your side, and slowly bend at the knee, keeping your back straight and taking your arms out in front of you as you go lower. Once your thighs are parallel to the ground, come back up to the starting position, dropping your arms back to your sides. Start with three sets of ten and build up as your legs get stronger.

Start skipping Aim to spend 10-15 minutes a day using a skipping rope on the spot. Mix up your skips by either landing on both feet together or two skips on the left then the right foot. But make sure you’re wearing trainers and a sports bra!

Fake it There’s a reason the celebs love their fake tan, it makes skin look smoother and slimmer. Lose inches instantly by smoothing some on.

Credit: Closer Magazine

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26 Jun
Best Of You for Men and Women: Pre Workout, Post Workout, Whey Protein and Super Greens

  • Lianne

    Kate moss looks fab. I’ll be trying the exercises as well as the food plan, it all sounds quite reasonable to do. 🙂

  • Tamara

    Will definately be trying the tips to tone my legs for the summer! Not sure about the diet plan but il give it a go though and see how i progress!!!!

  • amy

    i agree with kerry im not sure about the diet plan!!

  • Kerry

    good luck! I liked the leg info bit but not sure about the diet plan – however I would be willing to give it a go to look half as good as Kate Moss!

  • Ruby F

    Big fan of Kate and she has fantastic legs! i am going to follow these tips and see how i get on and i will be doin the calorie plan aswell so wish me luck!