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Best Of You: Pre Workout, Post Workout, Whey Protein and Super Greens

Scientists use technology to encourage weight loss

Scientists use technology to encourage weight lossAmerican researchers are using technology to try to get young adults to lose weight in a study.

The scientists at the University of Pittsburgh Physical Activity and Weight Management Research Center have been using technologies such as text messaging, online social networking and Bluetooth-enabled scales as part of their efforts to get the study's participants to exercise and adopt a healthy diet.

"We're really excited about using technology to enhance our weight-loss and physical-activity studies," said John Jakicic, director of the Center. 

"We think these technology enhancements will significantly improve this age group's overall health," added Mr Jakicic, who is also professor and chair of the Department of Health and Physical Activity in Pitt's School of Education.

Last month, Sue Baic, senior lecturer at the department of exercise, nutrition and health sciences at the University of Bristol, said that giving people access to affordable healthy foods would encourage them to lose weight.

Do you think text messages encouraging you to exercise would help you to lose weight?

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3 Dec
Best Of You for Men and Women: Pre Workout, Post Workout, Whey Protein and Super Greens

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    Actually, I do. I think that any constant reminder is a good thing.