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Jessica Simpson loses half of her baby weight in only 4 months!

New mum Jessica Simpson put on nearly 5 stone whilst pregnant but is releived to be approaching the halfway mark of her weight loss.

The 5ft 2 singer went from being 8 ½ stone to nearly 13 stone  during her pregnancy, but in only 4 months since the birth of her daughter Maxwell, Jessica is halfway back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

“Jessica is just happy to be near the halfway mark. She’s keeping a food diary and making healthy choices”, disclosed a source.

The actress who is engaged to American footballer Eric Johnson, has lost 2 ½ stone by sticking to a healthy, balanced Weight Watchers Weight Loss plan.

A friend of Miss Simpson added, “She has one day off a week, but she’s back doing cardio and toning with her trainer. She hates being away from Maxwell for any length of time, though”.

Have you struggled to lose stubborn baby weight?

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17 Sep
skinny coffee