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Honey in healthy recipes could give your body a boost

Honey in healthy recipes could give your body a boostAdding honey to healthy recipes may help with your slimming regime, it has been suggested.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Britain's Olympic canoeing hopefuls Jon Schofield, Liam Heath and Rachel Cawthorn have been advised to eat a spoonful of the natural product each night before they go to bed.

Their nutritionists believe the fructose contained within it may assist the body's natural recovery and repair mechanisms, which could lead to it burning off more energy during the first few hours of sleep.

"We are always keen to try any new physical or dietary technique to help us in this process and a tablespoon of honey each day is hardly an additional chore," commented Mr Schofield.

Not only may honey help with slimming, but it could also act as an antimicrobial and antioxidant when added to everyday foods such as porridge, WHFoods.com states.

It is also a good alternative to ordinary sugar.

Do you enjoy the benefits of honey?

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25 Nov