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skinny coffee

Government’s action plan on obesity urges people to eat less and be honest

Government's action plan on obesity urges people to eat less and be honestA new action plan has been revealed by the government that is aimed at encouraging people to consume fewer calories if they want to lose weight.

According to health secretary Andrew Lansley, Brits will need to cut a collective five billion calories off their intake each day if they are to win the battle against obesity

He called for employers to get involved too, by offering more activities to get workforces moving and better food in staff canteens.

Mr Lansley added: “It can happen if we continue action to reduce calories in everyday foods and drinks and if all of us who are overweight take simple steps to reduce our calorie intake.”

Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer, said it is vital that people are honest with themselves about how much food they really eat, as most of us routinely consume ten per cent more than we need each day.

Although the government’s move has been praised by Dr Mike Knapton from the British Heart Foundation, he said more onus needs to be put on the food industry to make healthy choices easier for consumers.

Are you honest about how much you eat on a day-to-day basis?

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14 Oct
skinny coffee

  • Claire

    erm, I tend to ‘forget about all the biscuits and snacks i eat throughout the day. However, to rectify this, I’ve started a weight loss journal via my iphone and I log everything I eat. Also just ordered some of your pu erh slimming tea