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skinny coffee

Fruit juice drinkers ‘have a higher intake of essential nutrients’

Fruit juice drinkers 'have a higher intake of essential nutrients'People who drink fruit juice as part of their diet are more likely to meet the recommended levels of certain key nutrients than those who do not consume these beverages.

This is according to research conducted by experts at the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center and Baylor College of Medicine.

After studying a nationally-representative sample of people aged 19 or older, they found that drinking 100 per cent fruit juice was closely linked to improved nutrient intake.

"This study supports the role of fruit juice as a nutrient-dense beverage and a source of valuable vitamins and minerals," said lead researcher Dr Carol O'Neil.

She went on to suggest that drinking 100 per cent fruit juice should be promoted as a way for people to gain some of the essential nutrients that are currently under-consumed by many.

Last week, researchers from Wake Forest University claimed that regularly consuming beetroot juice can promote brain health in older adults.

Do you drink fruit or vegetable juice on a regular basis? 

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10 Nov
skinny coffee

  • Rach

    I was visiting family in Portugal and I had a drink which was Carrot, Tomato and Orange juice. It was the best juice I have ever tasted but I have never saw it in this country. Now whenever I or someone I know goes to Portugal I make them bring a few bottles of it back for me. haha