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Best Of You: Pre Workout, Post Workout, Whey Protein and Super Greens

Fad diets ‘do not work’

Fad diets 'do not work'People who are trying to lose weight should steer clear of diets that claim to banish those extra pounds in mere days, a personal trainer has claimed.

Gina Hemmings, who is also a Pilates teacher and beauty therapist, said that such diets are not sustainable and, while they might help people to lose weight in the short term, the pounds usually pile back on afterwards.

She advised people to "go back to basics" and make sure they stick to a good, old fashioned, nutritionally-balanced diet.

Ms Hemmings added that exercise should be a key part of any weight loss regime.

"Build exercise into your weekly routine along with balancing proper food instead of keeping going on these stupid diets," she concluded.

Her comments follow the publication of research commissioned by Slimming World, which found that more than one in five women have been on at least five diets and then regained the weight they have lost.

Which diet are you currently trying?

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31 May
Best Of You for Men and Women: Pre Workout, Post Workout, Whey Protein and Super Greens