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skinny coffee

Exercise and healthy eating ‘are easy habits to get into’

Exercise and healthy eating 'are easy habits to get into'Doing more exercise and eating healthily are easy habits to get into, even with a young family to look after.

This is according to Alison Wetton, chief executive of All About Weight, who said many people assume they do not have time to work out a physical activity regime and prepare nutritious meals each night.

However, she insisted that it should be easy if they use time they already have.

"Walk or cycle to school with them at least some of the way if you can't do the whole journey," Ms Wetton recommended.

The expert also said it is a good idea to stop buying junk food to remove the temptation of eating it and to get into the habit of cooking with the kids each evening to ensure they appreciate the benefits of home-cooked meals.

This comes after a study by Ohio State University found that women often start to put on weight once they get married and settle down.

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30 Aug
skinny coffee