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skinny coffee

Eating healthy foods often should make slimming easier

Eating healthy foods often should make slimming easierSlimming could be easier for people who snack on healthy foods often throughout the day than those who deprive themselves.

This is the advice of Barbara Schmidt, a nutrition lifestyle specialist from Norwalk Hospital, who told the Wilton Villager that skipping meals and cutting portion sizes dramatically will just result in cravings later on.

On the other hand, eating properly should not only help dieters to slim down, but also reduce their stress levels and boost energy.

"A tiny bowl of cereal for breakfast and a salad for lunch sets the stage for raging hunger by 16:00 and you want to eat everything in sight," she warned.

Similar slimming advice was recently given by Dr Alice Lichtenstein from Tufts University in Boston, who explained that people could be likely to fall off the wagon if they are constantly dieting.

However, eating sensibly and moderately should prevent this from happening, she said.

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12 Sep
skinny coffee