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Could a high protein, high dairy diet help you lose weight?

Could a high protein, high dairy diet help you lose weight?Eating more protein and dairy foods could help people to lose weight, particularly in the troublesome tummy area.

This is the claim of a new study from McMaster University in Canada, published in the Journal of Nutrition, which put a number of female subjects into groups and asked them to follow specific diets.

While all of the women did the same exercise – four days of aerobics and two days of weightlifting per week – some were required to eat significantly more protein-rich foods and dairy produce than others.

It was found that these people lost twice as much fat from their stomachs and generally became slimmer all over, even though everyone lost a similar amount of weight statistically.

Lead author Andrea Josse said: "According to what we found in this study, increasing calcium and protein in the diet may help to further promote loss of fat from the worst storage area in the body."

This comes after a study from the Duke University Medical Centre in America stated that aerobic exercise is best for shifting stubborn stomach fat as it burns lots of calories.

Are you willing to try eating more protein and dairy after this?

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31 Aug
skinny coffee