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skinny coffee

Carly Cole reveals diet techniques

Carly Cole has revealed one of the methods she uses to keep her body in good shape.

According to the Daily Mail, the celebrity feels that having a treat every now and then does not distract her from her otherwise healthy diet.

By giving herself the occasional treat, Carly believes she retains her motivation to eat well.

The news provider reports her as saying: “Having something you enjoy in moderation makes you less likely to binge on junk and you’ll feel more motivated to stick to eating healthily and exercising the rest of the time.”

Such treats could include a cappuccino, the celebrity revealed.

Carly is married to Joe Cole, the Chelsea football star.

When it comes to celebrity weight loss, rapper 50 Cent revealed last month just how committed he is to his film career.

The singer lost almost four stone in order to appear in a new movie called Things Fall Apart.

Have you got any diet secrets?

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2 Jun
skinny coffee

  • Anna Boyce

    I agree too, however I do not believe a cappuccino is a good enough treat, maybe a bar of chocolate or two 😉

  • Claire

    I tend to snack on so much during the day and can never be bothered to eat at night, not only am I shattered from work but I can never decide what to have, also I wouldnt say I was a whiz in the kitchen. Ive started to eat healthily but I really need to start cutting out the snacks during the day.

  • anna

    I totally agree with Carly about if you allow yourself the odd treat every now and then, you won’t feel like binging on chocolate or take aways at weekends.